Nemiga dota and command Nemiga Gaming

The most important information about a team is its performance statistics. Therefore, it is worth bringing the key performance indicators of Nemiga Gaming.

Nemiga Gaming highlights in recent games

Number of wins in the last 5 matches: (). Number of victories in the last 10 matches: ().

In the last 3 months Nemiga Gaming played matches and won matches — .In the last year Nemiga Gaming played matches and won matches — .

Nemiga Gaming’s next game is scheduled for The International 2023 — Eastern Europe Qualifier. The opponent will be the team, and the match will take place.

Recall that the last match between Nemiga Gaming and the team took place at the BetBoom Dacha — Online Stage tournament.

In the indicated match, the players of the team turned out to be stronger, who defeated the opponent with a score of .

Based on the statistics of victories in the last 5 matches — victories (s, a) (), we can conclude that they are far from the maximum game form.

Level Up turned out to be stronger today! We leave the closed qualifier for BetBoom Dacha taking the final third place!

Next stop is The International 2023 Closed Qualifier starting August 22!

Thank you all for your support!

The grid has been known for a long time, but the schedule became known only today!

Our first game in the closed qualifiers for The International 2023 will take place on August 22 at 12:00 Moscow time. The first opponent will be

❓ You have a great opportunity to ask your question to the Nemiga Gaming roster, the answers to which we will record in the near future in the video interview format!

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🔥 Nemiga Gaming’s Dota 2 roster passed the electric test today!

Soon on our YouTube channel!

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There are always bugs in DotA, it’s just that some of them haven’t been found yet😕

The same thing happened with Spirit Breaker’s shield from the level 25 talent, which reduces all damage taken without losing durability.

Less usable than aganim sk, but still worth knowing.

The legendary map Italy has been added to Counter-Strike 2!

Counter Strike 2 has new hostage models — among them there is a woman

According to a recent study by Royal Panda, mobile gamers have the lowest IQ among the rest — 99.4 points on average.

The PC boyars turned out to be the smartest. The average IQ of the subjects was at the level of 112 units, and PlayStation users settled between them — 110.7; Xbox — 103.8 and Nintendo Switch — 101.3.

Congratulations to everyone’s favorite Dota 2 game on its 10th anniversary and wish it further prosperity!

Already logged into the game today? What is the most interesting and iconic item in the history of the game in your opinion?

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