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Puck Hero Guide

Approx. Total Winnings:

PuckChamp is a Dota 2 team formed in early 2021. The team initially competed in Eastern Europe, then later in Western Europe.

  • 2021
  • 2022
  • 2023

Puck, the Faerie Dragon

While Puck seems at first glance a mischievous, childish character, this quality masks an alien personality. The juvenile form of a Faerie Dragon, a creature that lives for eons, Puck spends countless millennia in its childish form. So while it is technically true that Puck is juvenile, it will continue to be so when the cities of the present age have sloughed away into dust. Its motives are therefore inscrutable, and what appears to be play may in fact hide a darker purpose. Its endless fondness for mischief is the true indicator of Puck’s true nature.

Puck has a talent for confounding its enemies with playfully elusive mischief. By teleporting to its damaging orb in order to hop short distances, it attacks foes with bursts of silencing dust. By the time its enemies can react, Puck has long since escaped.

Puck launches a magic orb that floats in a straight path, damaging enemy units along the way. At any point, Puck may teleport to the orb’s location using .

Cast Range 3000

Cast Point 0.1

Cast Backswing 0.27

The playful Faerie Dragon delights in confusing others, vanishing and reappearing where unexpected.

Puck teleports to the target location and releases a burst of faerie dust that deals damage and silences enemy units nearby.

Cast Range Global

With a mischievous grin, Puck spreads its enchanted powder which disrupts magical flow.

Puck briefly shifts into another dimension where it is immune from harm.

With a quip and flash, Puck returns to the alien dimension from whence it came.

Creates a coil of volatile magic that latches onto enemy Heroes, damaging and leashing them. If the enemy hero stretches the coil by moving too far away, it snaps, stunning and dealing additional damage.

Cast Range 750

The Faerie Dragon sows confusion by forcing its enemies to vividly dream about their own mortality.

Dota 2 — Puck Hero Guide

Puck Hero Guide

is one of the best teamfight heroes and can also be a great ganker. In addition, due to his unique set of abilities, the hero is very mobile and hard to kill. Thanks to the same abilities, Pak very often acts as the initiator of the fight and can easily fit into various strategies.


— a magic ball is both a good skill for dealing damage and a means for fast teleportation. The maximum distance the ball flies is 1950, while the speed of the ball is 650. Thus, the ball will cover its maximum distance in 3 seconds. It goes without saying that it will be very difficult to hit the enemy with a ball from a long distance, since the enemy can easily run away to the side, but it is worth noting that in general the ball has a good radius of destruction and at long distances it is usually used to teleport or cause damage to a group of enemies, who have received any control from your allies. In general, if you’re using an ability to deal damage, it’s best to try to launch the ball while standing as close to the enemies as possible. The fast casting animation allows you to use the ability very accurately in this case. It should be understood that this ability is essentially the main tool for escaping in the event of a gank. In other words, if you just used an ability, it’s best to wait a bit on cooldown and play it safe. The cooldown of the ability is relatively small, so you can wait a bit. This ability can be used to deal damage and escape at the same time. For example, you quickly teleport to enemies with the help of Dagger and use your silence. After that, you use a magic ball to deal damage, but do it in such a way that the ball flies towards your allies or towards the allied tower (in any safe direction) and teleport to a safe distance accordingly. This is the simplest, but at the same time the most effective combination. The ability’s long cast range also allows the magic orb to be used as an effective anti-push tool. You can safely launch the ball and at the same time not take risks once again, being too close to the enemies. A very important feature of the magic ball is that it gives vision while flying. In this way, you can find out the location of the enemy in advance or, for example, safely scout the respawn of Roshan. Of course, this method of illumination can be used to see wards on high ground or to catch enemies hiding in the forest. During the flight, the balloon ignores all obstacles, that is, it flies through trees and rocks. This allows for a significant increase in Pak’s mobility and provides a good tactical advantage. It is also worth noting that at the moment when Puck teleports to his ball, he can dodge a flying projectile with this action. Be sure to remember this. Magic ball has a very good combination with . First you launch the ball, and then become invulnerable and then teleport to the ball, which has flown a decent distance. This very simple and extremely effective combination will save your life more than once. Despite the fact that it will be very difficult for enemies to catch you because of the fast casting of abilities. Unfortunately, the magic ball does not deal damage to magic immune enemies.

— Puck’s magic dust is at the same time an AOE skill that deals good magic damage and, what is very important, imposes a silent effect on enemies, that is, enemies cannot use their abilities. Timely activation of the ability at the beginning of the battle allows Puck to avoid the fact that the enemies react to his attack and, for example, use any control skills. It is worth noting that at the maximum level of pumping, the skill gives a 3 second silence, and for DotA this is a lot. In addition, the ability has a 16 second cooldown, and in fact, you can use the ability again after a while, when you let’s say you catch up with fleeing enemies. The ability will not damage spell immune enemies and can be broken with Purification.

— this ability allows Puck to become invulnerable for a while. An important advantage of the skill is that it does not consume mana and has only a 6 second cooldown. It is important to understand that you decide when to activate an ability and when to cancel it. It is not at all necessary to wait 3 seconds for Puck to return from another dimension. Sometimes only a fraction of a second is enough to dodge the projectile and immediately move on. This ability has a good combo with . We have already talked about this above. Here I just want to point out one more combination with the subject. At the maximum level, Puck can stay in another dimension for 3.25 seconds, and Dagger needs 3 seconds to recharge. This way you can take damage, then hide in another dimension, wait for the Dagger to recharge and calmly jump off somewhere to the side. When Puck goes to another dimension, then enemies cannot pass through him, as is the case with invisibility. It is also worth noting that if Puck was hung with some kind of skill that deals periodic damage, then while Puck is in another dimension, he will not receive damage. It’s important to note that Puck cannot use this ability while under the effect of an enemy’s immobilizing effects, such as Naga’s Grid or Crystal’s Flask.

— Puck’s ult is primarily the main control tool. Of course the ability does damage, but that’s not the point. The advantages of the ability should immediately include a large range of application and a good radius of destruction. In general, the mechanics of the ult are very simple. You use it on a group of enemies and immediately deal a small amount of damage and briefly stun, but after that, the enemies seem to be associated with an area that exists for 6 seconds (8 seconds with Aghanim) and if they try to run out of this area, they will receive more magic damage and more importantly a very powerful stun. All these pluses make this ability ideal for initiating combat. The enemy hit by the skill almost always tries to stay inside the field so as not to get a new, more powerful stun, and you, along with your allies, can safely kill him. Of course, the enemy can attack or use their skills and even run inside the area, but usually this does not help much. Firstly, in combination with the ult, it is often used and the enemy will also not be able to use skills for 3 seconds. Of course, even if the enemy tries to jump out of the area of ​​the ability, he will also receive a stun. has a relatively low cooldown for the ult, which allows you to use it very often. Of course, in team battles, you need to try to catch as many enemies as possible in the ult. In the case when, for example, you are catching up with the enemy, you can use the ult in such a way that it hits the enemy by the very edge. Thus, the enemy will instantly receive the maximum stun and it will be easier for you to kill him. It is important to note that the ult works on invisible enemies and even on illusions. The damage and stun are blocked by spell immunity, but with Aghanim you can stun enemies that try to break out of the ult’s area of ​​effect. I would like to say a few words about improving the ult with the help of . The main and significant improvement of the ult with the help of Aghanim is that the stun that the enemies receive when they leave the ult’s area of ​​effect begins to work through immunity to magic and the duration of this stun itself increases. At max level, Puck is able to stun enemies for over 4 seconds, which is a very, very long time for teamfights. Despite the fact that this is a massive ability with a good damage radius. The damage and the duration of the field also increase, but this is not so important what was described above.

Puck can benefit the most from allies, which will be combined with his control and initiatory potential. Overall, Puck is a very flexible hero and can fit into most strategies with ease.

Below we will look at various situations when it is worth picking Puck.


Thanks to his silence and of course his ultimate, Puck can hold a group of enemies in place well. Thus, he gives his allied carry heroes the opportunity to calmly kill enemies and are not afraid that the enemy will run away somewhere. For example, heroes such as: , , , , or . In other words, Puck can make up for the lack of control his allies have.


Puck is a very mobile hero, especially if he has , and having good combat skills makes him a good ganker. It follows from this that Puck will pair well with other gankers: , , , or . is on this list for the simple reason that he can get into Puck with his ult and thus attack with him.

Heroes with good AOE damage and control

With good fight initiation potential and a great controller ult, Puck can pair well with other heroes who are also good initiators and are excellent teamfight fighters. Here it is worth highlighting such heroes as:,,,,, or.


Below we will look at some of the heroes against which it makes sense to take Puck.

Heroes who are very vulnerable to Puck’s silence

In Pak’s arsenal there is a very wonderful ability, which at the maximum level gives a 3 second silence. The correct and timely use of this ability allows you to finish such heroes as, for example: Queen of Pain, , , , , , or .

In general, Puck is not some kind of hard counter to any heroes. This is due to a more or less balanced set of abilities, without any distortions in damage, mobility or control.

Pack has a number of disadvantages that enemies can take advantage of. Below we will look at the most dangerous heroes that Paku can meet.

Heroes with instant control (stun or silence)

In terms of survivability, Puck relies primarily on his abilities and if he gains control very early, he can instantly die due to a small supply of health. Thus, any heroes with very fast-acting control skills will pose a threat to Puck. For example, Pak will have a hard time against heroes such as: , , , , or .

Strong lane heroes

In most cases, Park plays in a solo lane and in this case he can meet very serious opponents. Even if you play well and the enemy cannot kill you, then a clear advantage on the part of the enemy can lead to the enemy starting to slow down your development and this can greatly affect the future game. Of the strong liners, it is worth noting:,,, and. Of course, Puck can play against these enemies and even win the lane, but if the level of play of your opponent is at the same level, then a small advantage will still be on his side.

Initial purchase

No matter how well you use your abilities or dodge the skills of the enemy, you will receive damage anyway, so when you start buying, you should take care of healing consumables, such as and . Pak has good attack range and fast animation. In this regard, when starting a purchase, it is good to use Mantle of Intelligence or. The rest of the money can be spent on.

Main subjects

Below we will look at the main items that Pak uses most often and which will be very effective for this hero.

— Definitely the first item on the list is Dagger, as this item fits perfectly with the style of the game and goes well with Pak’s abilities. Thanks to the Dagger, Pak not only gains additional mobility, but also the ability to start the fight with the use of a blink, and then move to a safe distance with the help of his magic ball.

— these boots are best suited for Puck, as they allow you to switch stats. For example, in combat, you can use the strength bonus and thereby increase your maximum health, but in non-combat, boots can be switched to intelligence and thereby increase damage and mana regen.

— Considering that Pak most often plays on the mid lane, buying a bottle is a very right decision for him. Due to his good mobility, Pak can easily control the runes and take them every time. This will give you the ability to constantly restore health and mana, play more aggressively in the lane and not spend gold on healing consumables.

— Puck specializes in team battles and starts moving around the map very early. This makes it possible to quickly charge the wand and use it frequently to restore health and mana.

Eul’s Scepter of Divinity — Of all the items for mobility, I would like Eul first of all. First of all, this item pairs very well with the Dagger that Pak buys most of the time. For example, if you just used , but the enemies are still chasing you and do not allow you to activate the Dagger, then you can simply lift yourself into the air, and then safely use the jump. Also, Eul is essentially an additional control tool, and also gives additional movement speed, which will not be superfluous for Pak.

— An important improvement to Aghanim’s ult is that your ult starts to stun enemies even with magic immunity, but only in cases when the enemy tries to escape from the area, and not on the first use. This upgrade is very important for Puck, since all of his skills do not pierce spell immunity and a large amount of BKB can be a big problem.

Situational Items

— these boots can be a good solution if your team needs an additional source of mana. Buying these boots just to restore Pak’s mana would not be the right decision.

Boots of Travel — these boots are rarely bought by Paku and mostly only in those cases when you, for example, play on the hard lane. The extra movement speed and damage can allow Puck to take the lead and dominate the lane.

— if you want to increase Puck’s nuke potential and become even more effective during ganks, then buying Dagon can be a good solution. The artifact is especially good against a large number of heroes with a small supply of health. It should be understood that the artifact does not provide any bonuses to survivability, and by buying it in the first place, you thereby risk in a sense.

— if you had to face a team with a lot of physical damage, then buying Shiva can not only increase your survivability, but also help the whole team due to its frosty aura and an activated ring of cold.

Scythe of Vyse — from the control skills, Puck, in fact, has only an ult. If you are playing against mobile heroes or you need a tool to control some very dangerous enemy, then buying this artifact will be a great solution.

— Linka will come in handy when you have to deal with enemies with fast control skills. In other words, you simply do not have time to squeeze or use any other methods. In such a situation, Link will come in very handy, as it will significantly increase your survivability and allow you to avoid unpleasant enemy abilities.

— Ghost can be an ideal solution when you have to play against enemies with very good physical attack and who mainly specialize in normal auto attacks. If necessary, the artifact can later be improved in .

— this artifact not only allows you to increase survivability, but also gives you a great regen, especially if you don’t die and constantly stack new charges. It is also worth noting that with a large number of charges in the event of death, you have the opportunity to instantly resurrect, and if before that you, for example, released your magic ball, you can have time to teleport to it and thereby back into battle. By the way, the same thing can be done with the usual ransom.

Hand of Midas — buying Midas is quite a situational decision. If, for example, you see that there can be no talk of any ganks in the near future and both teams are playing very passively, then it might make sense to buy Midas and start farming more actively. Buying Midas automatically means that you will later buy Dagger and will be able to participate in battles much later too.

— Refresher can be a good final item in your build. The item will fit especially well if your ult is really of key importance and its additional use will really change the outcome of the battle. Of course, recharging abilities is not the only use of the artifact, but rather even a secondary one. First of all, you should pay attention to the fact that the refresher allows you to recharge your artifacts and thus, it is profitable to buy it if you have it, and for example Scythe of Vyse.

Examples of consecutive purchases of items

I want to note right away that there is no universal purchase for Pak. There are a few items that he simply needs and they are usually bought in most cases ( , and ), but all other artifacts are taken solely depending on the situation.

Option 1

The second option is more focused on team battles, and early ones, therefore it contains such items as Arcana and Meka.

Starting purchase

The third option can make your Puck the perfect solo killer during ganks. In other words, we get a Puck with a very high Nuke potential. It goes without saying that this is a fairly situational build and it will only work if you are sure that you will constantly kill enemies in the minimum time and thereby give your team a big advantage.

Game start

Farming with Puck in the early game is actually not hard. The hero has good base damage and a fast attack animation. This makes it easy to finish off aliens and own creeps. Even if the normal attack is not enough for you to farm comfortably, then you must remember that you have two whole skills and , which can also be used for farming. If, for example, you play on the mid lane and quickly bring a bottle, then you can use these same abilities quite often. If you see a rune appear somewhere, you can quickly kill the creeps with two combat skills and pick up the rune. This will allow you to constantly keep your maximum health and mana high and farm well at the same time. It is worth remembering that excessive use of abilities can lead to the fact that you start pushing the lane and this can be disadvantageous and dangerous for you. It is also worth understanding that it is one of your main escape tools in case of a gank, so when you use it for farming, you need to play more carefully during cooldown and not expose yourself to unnecessary risks.

Puck can very effectively harass the enemy in lane. Firstly, he has a good auto attack, and secondly, he can dodge enemy attacks and skills with . In fact, even a simple exchange of auto-attacks with the enemy is always beneficial for Puck, since he can dodge a flying projectile without spending mana and calmly move to a safe distance. For example, if you play against Queen of Pain, who in turn is a very strong midlaner, you can dodge the enemy’s poisonous dagger over and over again and thus greatly simplify your life in the lane. The most important thing is to use the ability exactly at the moment of the projectile’s flight, and not at the moment of the swing, since the enemy can simply deceive you. In addition to normal auto-attacks and the ability to dodge projectiles, Puck can very effectively harass the enemy with the help of skills and . Of course, the magic ball does not fly fast, but it has a very fast cast animation and a good damage radius, so it will not be difficult for them to hit at close range. For example, you can use it to finish off several creeps and deal damage to the enemy at the same time. In this case, it will be more difficult for the enemy to dodge the flying magic ball, as he will be busy farming. The skill will be very effective for harassing against heroes that rely heavily on their abilities. You can, for example, make a couple of attacks, and then use silence at the moment when the enemy is about to counterattack you. Thus, you simultaneously deal damage and deprive the enemy of the opportunity to answer you with something significant.

Until you reach level 6 and have an ult, it will be extremely difficult to kill someone in solo. Puck’s main problem is that he doesn’t have good control skills and you can only kill an enemy before level 6 if he makes serious mistakes. For example, if you managed to harass the enemy well and his health reserve reached half, then you can try to use it in order to deal damage and fly into the enemy hill. Next, you use it to prevent the enemy from using your skills and calmly start auto-attacking him. It is likely that this will be enough to kill the enemy. If some ally comes to your aid, it is best to wait until he starts his attack, for example, by using some kind of control skill and you will definitely hit with your magic ball, which at the initial stage of the game is your main source of damage. Of course, when you have an ult, Puck’s potential as a killer increases significantly. Firstly, you will have good control, which does not allow enemies to quickly run away from you, and secondly, due to the ult, Pak can use his abilities more accurately, since the enemies will be located in a small area of ​​the ult.

The first important moment for Puck is of course level 6 when he gets his ult. Further, as a rule, the key point will be level 10, since at this level you will already have your combat abilities maxed out and you will be able to quickly kill heroes with a small supply of health. Well, the last step at the initial stage of the game will be the purchase, as this item will give good mobility and significantly increase your potential during ganks.

Central line (1v1 solo)

You can also learn more about the mid lane from the article «Dota 2 — How to play solo in the mid lane (Solo Mid)».

In general, of course, Park can play any lane, but it is very important for him to get as much experience as possible at the beginning of the game. In this case, the center line is simply ideal. Firstly, here you can farm well and gain experience, and secondly, Pak has good skills that allow him to avoid almost any enemy gang. Also, the central lane allows you to use very effectively, and Puck’s good mobility and the ability to quickly kill creeps in the lane give him the opportunity to almost always take runes. The main tasks for the central line will be the following:

In the mid lane, Puck is very well protected from ganks due to his set of abilities. Just being on the line, you just need to use it in order to dodge enemy attacks. If you see other enemies appearing from the fog of war, then the first thing to do is to immediately use (unless you are sure that you can just step back) and then, at the moment when the enemy tries to control you, use . After that, you can safely teleport in a magic ball, which will already fly off to a safe distance to your tower. This combination is simple but very effective. In fact, you only need to react quickly and look at the map. Be sure to remember that in Dota 2 there are control skills that work very quickly and you may simply not have time to use your abilities. If the enemy team, for example, has such heroes as or and you don’t see them on the map, then you should stay close to your tower and not give the enemy the opportunity to gank and kill you.

You should definitely remember that Puck is in the mid lane not just to gain experience, but also to farm. It is imperative that by level 10 you already have a Dagger and boots, so you can start moving around the map efficiently and create favorable conditions for your team. Farming in the mid lane is very easy for Pak. You just need to get used to the hero a little and correctly evaluate your attack.

Finally, I would like to say that Puck has good gank potential when he has an ult. That is, even at level 6-7 you have the opportunity to walk to one of the lanes and try to gank the enemies there. Of course, you must evaluate your strengths and understand whether you have enough damage and control, or whether your campaign will be a waste of time. Otherwise, it is better to try to implement the ult on the mid lane. If one of your allies helps you, then it will not be difficult to kill the enemy.

Difficult line (1 vs 2 or 1 vs 3)

In the case of the hard lane, Paku will certainly not be as sweet as the mid lane, but you still have a good opportunity to get a lot of experience and start ganking other lanes early. Priority tasks will look like this:

Puck’s unique set of abilities allows him to survive in the most difficult situations, and in general, Puck can stand in a difficult lane and gain experience. More is not required of you. If, for example, the lane starts to push or the enemy supports go somewhere, then due to your auto-attack you can even farm a little. Or you can use it to farm and harass enemies at the same time. It should be understood that Puck absolutely cannot control the lane and the movement of creeps, so he can not stand against any triple. If you overestimate your strength and start playing against a strong trilane, then everything can end up with the fact that due to the constant withdrawals of the enemy, you will receive minimal experience and the whole point of your presence in the lane will be lost. You also cannot move far away from your own tower, in order to, for example, gain experience in the forest, since you have too little health and one successful control skill will lead to the fact that you will die very quickly. In other words, if you are going to a hard lane, you should know for sure that you will at least gain experience. Your primary task is to get to level 6, since from that moment on you have the opportunity to start ganking different lanes and earn experience and gold from this. It makes no sense to stay on the line for too long. Yes, Pak as a whole is not very dependent on artifacts, but he also has a minimum of items. When in lane, try to start last hitting your creeps as soon as their health reaches half. It’s okay if you don’t last hit your creeps, it’s important to at least attack them, as this will allow you to pull the lane a little closer to your tower and you will have the opportunity to farm a little and gain experience more easily. If the enemy begins to actively use pulls, then you can use it to prevent at least double pulls or, for example, block the appearance of neutrals. The good range (1800) of the magic ball allows you to do this more or less safely. Be sure to remember that you should only use it when you are sure that the enemy will not attack you, as this is your main tool for escaping in case of danger. If you are playing in the hard lane for the light side, then you can also use a large neutral camp to aggro the monsters and call them to the lane. This way you will change the position of the creeps in the lane and you will have an additional opportunity to get a little more experience. Once again, the difficult lane for Puck is not the best solution and in most cases the hero plays on the mid lane. But still, there are situations when Puck can normally stand in the lane and give his other ally the opportunity to calmly farm and gain experience in the mid lane.

There are situations when Pak also plays on the safe lane or with one ally, but these are very special cases, which usually involve a pre-planned plan, so we will not consider them.

Mid and late game

Puck has a very good potential for teamfights, as he has an ult that can control a group of enemies and a massive silence. Even if at the beginning of the game you did not have the opportunity to realize your full potential, then in the middle of the game there will be many favorable situations.

The main tasks for Pak will be the following:

Early ganks and team fights are caused by the fact that Puck doesn’t need so many artifacts, literally Dagger, boots and some little things. This way the hero doesn’t need to spend time farming and can start moving around the map very early and create good conditions for the team. The fast cooldown of skills and even the ult allows you to gank the lanes very often and in general they are not afraid to take risks due to good mobility and survivability. Feel free to even use your ult on a single target if you’re sure you’ll kill them. The fast reload of the ult allows this. Your main task is to play as aggressively as possible and realize your potential. The middle of the game is the most interesting moment for Pak, since you no longer stand stupidly on the lane and the future outcome of the match depends on your actions.

For Puck, the mid game starts around level 10 and spawns . From that moment on, Pak can calmly and most importantly quickly move around the map and constantly impose battles that are unfavorable for him to the enemy. Puck’s aggressive play gives the whole team an advantage. You and your allies not only get a lot of gold and experience, but every successful battle can smoothly transition to pushing the lane from the nose of the towers. All subsequent key points for Pak will already relate to the purchase of any artifacts, such as Scythe of Vyse or even Black King Bar. It should be understood that Puck can safely gank enemies even in solo, and the help of an ally only simplifies this process and gives them gold.

I would like to say a few words about pushing. In those moments when your team starts to actively push the lane and break the tower, it is better for Puck to stay behind his allies and wait for the moment. You still won’t deal much physical damage, and in the event of an enemy attack, you can die very quickly. It’s best to take a position and just wait for the moments to attack. Due to his set of abilities, Puck can even be a good split-pusher. Firstly, he can kill creeps very quickly due to the abilities and . Secondly, the hero has good mobility, especially with the presence of a Dagger. Of course, split-pushing is best when, for example, your ult is on cooldown or if your presence in the fight is no longer helpful. In other cases, the priority will be fights as part of your team. Also due to his abilities and especially due to the long range of the magic ball, Puck can fight very effectively against the push of the enemy and at the same time stay at a safe distance. Also (more dangerous) you can for example jump into a crowd of enemies and creeps with a dagger, release a magic ball in a safe direction and become invulnerable with . After that, you can already teleport to the ball, which will fly off to a safe distance. This method allows you to deal a lot of damage and quickly kill a crowd of creeps and summoned creatures. Of course, this method is not always applicable and is very dangerous.

With the help of the ability, Puck can highlight an area of ​​the map at a great distance. This will be especially true in the mid and late game, when you need to safely check Roshan or find out what is happening on the enemy high ground near the third tower. Be sure to remember this.

In team fights, Puck can be a very effective initiator or even counter-initiator, but it’s worth noting right away that Puck is not a tank and you can’t burst into the crowd and stay in it. Puck is the type of hero that quickly jumps, performs some action, and then returns to a safe distance. One of the most effective and commonly used combos for Puck is to use the Dagger ( ) to charge into the crowd, then use the ult and , and then move to a safe distance with and . This combination allows you to deal good damage, control a group of enemies and at the same time return to the starting position with minimal losses. In the future, you can already use your combat abilities, artifacts or auto-attack, but it is best to start the battle with just such a combination. In this combination, you have a small choice of what to use first after the jump: and . If there is little threat from the enemy, then it is best to use the ult first, until the enemies have scattered and are more crowded. If the enemy has some powerful control skills, then it is best to first deprive the enemy of the ability to use abilities with help and then calmly use the ult. If you have some specific artifacts, like Scythe of Vyse, then the combination may be different.

We’ve said many times that Pak is generally not very dependent on artifacts, but having good items will make the game easier for you. Therefore, all the free time between fights and at the moments when your ult is on cooldown is best spent on farming. For example, you can increase your Nuke potential and deal more damage to a single target, and the Scythe of Vyse artifact will give you an excellent opportunity to additionally control single enemies. In other words, every minute you spend in the game should be put to good use. You either actively participate in the life of the team, or farm in your free time and increase your potential for upcoming fights.

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