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Roman «Resolut1on» Fominok — professional Dota 2 player.

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The news that Roman Resolut1on Fominok will replace Ivan Pure Moskalenko in the BetBoom Team at The Berlin Major 2023 caused an extremely negative reaction both in the Ukrainian and Russian Dota 2 communities. Recall that the BetBoom carry will miss the major, because failed to get a visa to Germany.

Ukrainian commentator Mikhail Olsior Zverev was disappointed that his compatriot was trying to sit on two chairs. First, the player takes part in Danil Dendi Ishutin’s show match and supports the Ukrainian charity platform United24, and then agrees to play for the Russian team instead of the cybersportsman, who «jokingly» drew the Latin letter Z on the mini-map, symbolizing support for the Russian war in Ukraine.

«I personally don’t plan to support Roman at any tournament in the future, I can’t perceive him as a Ukrainian e-sportsman either. Everything he said in support of Ukraine, the flags painted on his cheeks are devalued at 0,» Olsior wrote in his blog in Telegram.

The Russian Dota 2 community was also dissatisfied with the invitation of Resolut1on to BetBoom, as it calls for donating money to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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Community content is available under CC BY-NC-SA unless otherwise noted.


16 hours ago

Tar Bomb Multishot

-8s Strafe Cooldown

+40 Strafe Attack Speed

+250 Death Pact Health

+1 Death Pact Charge

+75 Attack Range

-4s Skeleton Walk Cooldown

+15 Tar Bomb Bonus Attack Damage


17 hours ago


17 hours ago

Static Link Steals Attack Speed

Creates A Second Plasma Field Delayed By 0.8s

—0.10s Eye of the Storm Strike Interval

+5 Static Link Damage Steal

+30 Plasma Field Damage


18 hours ago




19 hours ago

+1 Multishot Wave

+12% Marksmanship Chance

-4s Gust Cooldown

+25% Multishot Damage

-8s Multishot Cooldown

Gust Reveals Invisible Units

+15 Frost Arrow Damage

+15% Gust Self Movement Speed


2 days ago


3 days ago

Vendetta Unobstructed Pathing

300 Mind Flare Radius

+130 Impale Damage

+0.45s Spiked Carapace Stun Duration

+0.75x Mind Flare Intelligence Multiplier

+0.5s Spiked Carapace Reflect Duration

+0.2s Impale Stun Duration

+6% Spell Amplification




3 days ago

+30% Haunt Illusion Damage

+12% Spectral Dagger Slow/Bonus

+80 Spectral Dagger Damage

+12 Desolate Damage

+5 All Stats

-4s Spectral Dagger Cooldown

-8s Snowball Cooldown

12% Chance Walrus Punch

+75% Walrus Punch Crit

-6s Ice Shards Cooldown

+120 Snowball Damage

+0.5s Walrus Punch Stun Duration

+25 Tag Team Damage

35% Sand Storm Slow and Blind

+5 Epicenter Pulses

+100/25 Base/Incremental Radius of Epicenter

-2s Burrowstrike Cooldown

+120 Caustic Finale Damage

+125 Sand Storm Radius

+0.4s Burrowstrike Stun

+20 Sand Storm Damage Per Second




4 days ago

+6 Mortimer Kisses Launched

Lil’ Shredder Uses 100% of Your Attack Damage

+60 Mortimer Kisses Impact Damage

3x Lil’ Shredder Multishot

-4s Firesnap Cookie Cooldown

+2 Lil’ Shredder attacks

Firesnap Cookie Restores 125 Health

+70 Scatterblast Damage

+240 Fireblast Damage

17% Fireblast chance on attack

+25 Bloodlust AS

-1s Fireblast Cooldown

+16 Ignite DPS

-50s Dark Ascension Cooldown

+100 Hunter In The Night Attack Speed

-5s Crippling Fear Cooldown

+25% Hunter in the Night Status Resistance

+35 Dark Ascension Damage

+8s Dark Ascension Duration

+50 Void Damage


4 days ago


4 days ago

+3s Fiend’s Grip Duration

+250 Brain Sap Damage/Heal

+30 Movement Speed

-3s Nightmare Cooldown

+5% Fiend’s Grip Max Mana Drain

+13 Enfeeble Damage Per Second

+20% Enfeeble Cast Range Reduction

-3s Brain Sap Cooldown

+200/+10 Hand of God Heal/Heal Over Time

Hand of God applies a Strong Dispel

+1200 Holy Persuasion Minimum Health

-30s Hand of God Cooldown

-14% Penitence Slow

+12 Holy Persuasion Damage

-2s Holy Persuasion Teleport Delay

Penitence Deals 225 Damage

+1000 True Form and Spirit Bear Health

-0.1 Spirit Bear Base Attack Time

0 Entangling Claws Cooldown

-50%s True Form Cooldown

+8 Spirit Bear Armor

-8s Savage Roar Cooldown

+25 Spirit Bear Movement Speed




6 days ago

+200 Sonic Wave Damage

-2s Blink Cooldown

-40s Sonic Wave Cooldown

+100 Scream of Pain Damage

+30 Attack Speed

-0.7s Shadow Strike Damage Interval




8 days ago

Split Shot Uses Modifiers

+1.7 Mana Shield Damage per Mana

+1.5s Stone Gaze Duration

+2 Mystic Snake Bounces

-3s Mystic Snake Cooldown

-10% Split Shot Damage Penalty

+5% Stone Gaze Bonus Physical Damage

+15% Mystic Snake Turn and Movement Speed Slow


8 days ago

Attack Tethered Ally’s Target

+400 Health to Tethered Units

-25s Relocate Cooldown

+0.2% Overcharge Max HP Regen Bonus

+55 Spirits Hero Damage

+6% Tether Movement Speed

+15 Attack Damage to Tethered Units

+15% Tether Enemy Move/Attack Slow

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