Santa Dota and big santa interview about salaries, pranks with kuro, toxicity and the invention of lost


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Santa dota and big santa interview about salaries, pranks with Kuro, toxicity and the invention of Lost

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December 22, 2020, 22:12

Santa’s big interview — about salaries, playing with Kuro, toxicity and Lost’s invention

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today, 02:53B8 lost to Wildcard and fell into the lower bracket of The International qualifier. V-Tune kept a twig in inventory in all three games

today, 02:31 Dota released «Tenth Anniversary Celebration». Added a golden model for the Torturer

yesterday at 22:58 Maelstorm: “The B8 match will be delayed, which is bad news for Dandy. Every hour his debt to Fannik grows”

yesterday, 22:22Sunlight is dissatisfied with the format of the qualifiers for The International 2023: “People are playing Bo1 for elimination. What a shame.”

yesterday, 22:10 and Kappa released a collection of clothes. Norbert and Fng took part in a photo shoot

yesterday, 21:46Storm doubts Dendi’s skill: «I’m embarrassed by the actor in mid at B8, but V-Tune can pickle»

yesterday at 21:22 Solo played 91 matches in public in 8 days — 26 of them on cores. He changed his nickname to mm is beautiful

yesterday, 20:00 Schedule of TI12 qualifiers in North America. August 17th. B8 vs Wildcard Gaming

yesterday, 19:40 Ramzes666 trolls his own appearance in the photo: «Ufoboss 🤡»

yesterday, 19:06 FISSURE and Okko announced their cooperation. The service will show all matches of the qualifiers for The International 2023

July 8, 21:56

Santa shared his opinion about the possible disqualification of Ivan «Pure» Moskalenko.

The analyst is sure that the player will be disqualified.

Is that Rostik or Lena Golovach? Guess Doter by emoji!

“There is a saying: “Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times is a pattern.” The man is already the second joint, because of which he substituted his team. If Pure played in solo disciplines, then it would be a different story, since it would only substitute itself. Here his transgression is more serious. He needs to grow up, no matter how strange it sounds, and think about his actions in advance.

Pure’s career now depends on Valve. According to the regulations, the player was to be suspended for five years, but in case of extenuating or aggravating circumstances, the period can be changed. We’ve had a relapse. Though the act is different, but the essence is the same. Rules are rules, and I don’t think Valve will give any concessions. Most likely, he will be banned from tournaments from the company.

How will this affect his career? He can try himself as a streamer. It is not a fact that he will succeed, because not every player can be a streamer, and vice versa. Anyway, good luck to Pure. In this situation, one can only feel sorry for him. I can’t imagine how much hate he got right now. The player is good, except for all the disciplinary offenses,” Alexander “Santa” Koltan shared his opinion.

Previously, Pure watched Nix’s stream during a pause in the match against Tundra — BetBoom received a forfeit loss in the match. Later it became known that Azure Ray refuses to play with BetBoom if Pure plays for the team. As a result, Pure was disqualified from the major in Bali, he was replaced by Resolut1on. With a stand-in, BetBoom lost to Azure Ray and left the tournament.

9Pandas is the best team in the region. We say thank you to every panda

«BetBoom didn’t deserve an invite to Int». This quote expired after 6 hours

Analyst, streamer and former professional player Alexander «Santa» Koltan explained why team captains in Dota 2 experience more stress than ordinary players, spoke about toxicity in the game, and also talked about nostalgia for competitive Dota.

About Dota and captains

It’s in the nature of Dota that the game is very toxic. When you play and win, it’s good; when you lose, it’s bad. But when you lose as a captain, you experience incredible excitement and get even more toxicity: you lost, your pick lost, your decisions didn’t work accordingly. And before the organization you are to blame. When you lose like a regular player, it’s one thing, but the captain is stressed, as if he’s taking the rap for three.

All this results in the fact that a person is trying to find a way out of this situation, one way or another. He tries to make other drafts — it doesn’t work, he tries to call in the game — it doesn’t work. There is only one thing left: to look for the problem not in yourself, but in other players. You can find a flaw in everyone, but not everyone will allow you to point them out.

About why he rarely streams Dota

And the point is that in youth it was necessary to grow. I played tournaments and was so toxic that after the tournament people could just cry. We lost the game, and there is a person just crying, and I just said something during the game. I don’t even remember what exactly.

I used to be a good player but a bad person. And now it’s the other way around! And everything suits me.

About competition nostalgia

Just the other day I was streaming anime, a dude comes to the stream and says: “Santa, you took the top 5 of Inta, you were a legend. And now you are sitting watching anime — is this what you were striving for? Look what you’ve become.» Of course, this hurts, it’s a shame to listen to this. I want to play back. But there is a saying: «You can’t step into the same river twice.» And it’s the same with esports.

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Analyst, streamer and former professional player Alexander «Santa» Koltan spoke on his personal Telegram channel about how he managed to lose 50 kilograms.

The most frequently asked question on the stream: «San, how did you lose weight so much?». It’s time to give a detailed answer. So, I dropped 50kg. My maximum weight was 120kg+ with a height of 178cm. At some point, I just stopped weighing myself. Now around 75kg. Dropped in 5 years. No methods, no guides, drugs, let alone surgeries. I did not have a goal to lose weight, I wanted to become better in a complex way: mentally, spiritually and physically.

I love role-playing games. At the end of many of them, depending on your actions and decisions, you either end up with a good or a bad ending. One day it dawned on me that I would only go bad if I continued to live the way I lived. I began to change, slowly, at my own pace, so as not to break loose. I had similar attempts before, but for a long time I was not enough.

Gradually I replaced bad habits with good ones. The most important step was the complete rejection of alcohol. I filled the resulting vacuum with Chinese tea. This miraculous drink literally saved me, giving me a powerful motivational and energy boost, which is so necessary at the start. I replaced computer games with sports. Mindless soul-searching for mindful meditation. Series on books. Andrey Kurpatov’s book «The Red Pill» helped me a lot. She opened my eyes to many things about my brain and nervous system. I realized that I was not as bad a person as I thought I was and not as hopeless as I thought.

My diet has also changed. First, I removed flour and sweets, then sauces and even spices. The fresher the food, the less likely you are to overeat, and the less you want to eat in general. I began to think about what enters my body, and before that I lived according to the principle «Everything is useful that it got into my mouth.» Once a week, I gave myself a cheat meal to make my nervous system feel better. When I ate something harmful and tasty, it was a real oral orgasm, and before that I took such food for granted.

At first, the sport was at home: push-ups, abs, an exercise bike, then I added running, then a gym with a trainer, as soon as I realized that my body was ready. I worked very hard with the coach, I got a good specialist. Now I do it myself and I can not live without physical education.

I also understood how the dopamine system works. In a nutshell, having abandoned everything that is harmful that a person likes, then he will not die, but, on the contrary, will be reborn. The main thing is to do it gradually and keep in mind that the darkest night is before dawn. The brain will sooner or later begin to find joy and pleasure where it never dared to think before, in simple banal things, such as walking, meditating, reading books, chatting with friends without alcohol. Now any activity that pumps me also brings pleasure. The feeling of growth is the best feeling.

Before, when I set myself a specific goal — to lose weight, I didn’t succeed, there was always a rollback. For almost my entire life, I have dreamed of losing weight, but once I stopped caring about my weight, I succeeded. The law of meanness, not otherwise. I don’t even consider this an achievement, I had no other choice. I see it as work on the bugs. I drove myself into this hole, and pulled myself out of it. As soon as I realized that the true beauty is inside and began to pump this inside, the appearance also pumped as a bonus. Physics is the easiest to download, spirit and mind are much more difficult.

In fact, I myself became the main character of my role-playing game, because it got me so drawn in, and I began to upgrade myself in all possible ways, gradually getting high from it. At first it was hard, I don’t argue, especially physical education, the first 20 kg of water is unthinkably difficult to lose when the body is not yet accustomed to physical exertion. But tea gave me the very necessary impulse at the start, and meditation helped me stay on the path, realizing the path I had traveled. Now I can firmly say that I am happy, because I am getting better every day, even if by a little, even by a little, but I am moving forward.

Earlier, Coltan on his personal channel in Telegram expressed his opinion about update 7.32e, which was released on March 7 in Dota 2.

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