Should I play malefice dota on Enigma?

Should I play malefice dota on Enigma? Дота

Should I play malefice dota on Enigma?

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Eidolons restore hit points after multiplying.

Dota 2 — Enigma :: Job or Game

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Focuses Enigma’s hatred on a target, causing it to take damage and become repeatedly stunned for multiple instances.

Cast Range 600

Cast Point 0.3

Cast Backswing 0.6

Strange gravities pull at the core of those who would oppose you, holding them in place.

Splits a unit into malevolent aspects of itself, all under Enigma’s control. Repeated successful attacks cause them to multiply again; when this happens, the eidolons have their health restored.

Cast Range 700

Cast Backswing 0.7

Enigma is capable of drawing aspects of himself from other dimensions—the result is a trio of dark eidolons that hunt the corporeal plane.

Steeps an area in dark resonance, damaging enemy units based on their current HP.

Cast Point 0.1

A section of the world slowly descends into the void.

Summons a vortex that sucks in nearby enemy units. Enemies by affected Black Hole cannot move, attack, or cast spells.

Cast Range 275

The ground trembles as Enigma channels his ultimate vortex of destruction, a singularity with the power to end worlds.

Not enough ratings

How to play Enigma correctly?

In this guide, I would like to talk about such an interesting hero as Enigma and explain how to play it.

Introduction and characteristics of the hero

Enigma is an excellent jungler, initiator and disabler, as well as a good pusher. The main attribute is intelligence. Has 500 xp, 260 mana, 4 armor, 46 damage and 300 movement speed at level 1. Among the advantages of the characteristics, one can single out a decent amount of mana, good armor (armor) and movement speed, as well as a large increase in intelligence (3.4); of the minuses — slow attack speed, a small amount of dexterity and its increase (14 + 1). It should also be said that Enigma is a man (confirmation of this can be found in the history of the hero). Even professional players, commentators and analysts confuse the gender of Enigma. Be careful and don’t make these mistakes!

The first ability — Malefice — stuns the enemy every 2 seconds for 1 second and deals 90 damage (stun and damage values ​​are indicated for the maximum pumped ability). Cooldown — 15 sec. Cast on enemy heroes and units, does not pass through the mage. immunity. You can shoot down the link for stronger allies abilities.

The second ability — Demonic Convertion — creates 3 eidalons from the creep. It is this ability that makes Enigma an excellent forester. 6 successful attacks will allow the Eidalons to multiply and fully restore health, but only once per cast. Duration and cooldown — 35 sec. The ability has a mana cost of 170. , which takes up more than half of your mana at level 1.

The third ability — Midnight Pulse — AoE ability (area 550) that deals damage to enemies as a percentage of their maximum health, which means it damages fat heroes very well. Damage goes through the mage. resistance. Duration — 11 sec; cooldown — 35 sec. The ability destroys trees in the damage radius, so don’t forget to use it to find the enemy manipulating in the trees!

The fourth ability — Black Hole — AOE disable that pierces the mage. immunity. Area of ​​effect — 420, duration — 4 sec, cooldown — 160 sec at the last level. Deals periodic damage. Upgrade from Aganim’s Scepter — adds damage from the 3rd ability of the current level.

How to play and what to collect?

Friends and Enemies

It will not be difficult for an Invoker to give his procast to enemies located in the BH.

Gyrocopter with the help of the 3rd skill and ult will break the faces of all enemies.

Sven will break everyone’s faces even faster than the Gyrocopter.

Screed, wall and BH — Well, what could be better!

Now no one will run away from Sfa’s ult!

Good allies for Enigma are other heroes who need to hit the target with their spells; who can easily kill everyone under his ult; which will allow Enigma to hit enemies with her ult.

Beastmaster and Doom’s ults pierce BKB and make Enigma useless in a fight.

Wyvern’s ult pierces BKB and forces allies to attack us.

Bane also didn’t give a damn about BKB, and besides, it burns mana, you bastard!

Frantic farm Anti-mage is a storm of all mages, and a mini-stun from the ult pierces BKB.

Well, the most terrible enemy of Enigma is some kind of repulsed moron who does not really know how to play it.

Actually, that’s all I wanted to tell about this wonderful hero. Take Enigma, learn how to play it and tear up publics, ratings and asses of enemies with beautiful Blackholes!

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Should I play malefice dota on Enigma?


— this ability is the key for Enigma at the initial stage of the game, as it allows you to calmly farm the jungle, gaining gold and experience. You can turn an enemy creep, an allied creep, or a neutral monster into Eidalons. If the skill is applied to an enemy target, then Enigma gains experience and gold, as for killing that target. Enigma can instantly destroy not all monsters. The exceptions are all large neutrals (that is, above level 5), as well as Ancient monsters. Also, with the help of this skill, you cannot destroy: bear, gargoyles, golems, hawk or wild boar, pandas and warriors called with the help of an artifact. An important feature of the called eidalons is that after the 6th shot they begin to breed. Thus, if you, for example, farm the jungle with the help of these creatures, then you need to correctly distribute the damage between them and the hero in such a way that each eidalon makes 6 shots and another one appears in its place. For good, you need to properly control these small summoned creatures and they should die, so to speak, from old age, and not from the damage received. Each eidalon at the maximum level has the following characteristics: health — 240, armor — 5, magic resistance — 50%, minimum damage 43. In general, the eidalons are able to deliver very good damage, especially when there are 6 of them. If, for example, Enigma uses his stun, and then directs all the edalons at the enemy, then they can spoil the life of the enemy very much. And if you do all this under the influence of an ult, then there is a high probability that Enigma will calmly deal with the enemy alone. Judge for yourself, 6 eidalons give out at least 250 damage for their salvo (excluding enemy defense). Of course, at the very beginning of the game, this skill is used exclusively for farming. If you are in a lane with Eidalons, then it should be a decisive attack. You need to understand that the enemy can quickly kill the Eidalons and get a reward for them in the form of gold and experience. Under no circumstances should this be allowed.

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Initial purchase

To begin with, it is worth saying that Enigma is a support and if there is no one in your team to buy a courier ( ) or wards ( ), then you should do it without hesitation. Of course, most often the composition of the team is selected in such a way that Enigma would not have to buy a courier, but at least at the beginning of the game it is worth taking wards, and both types. Regular wards will secure our farm and protect allies, while sentries will be needed to destroy enemy wards that block the spawning of neutral creeps.

Enigma doesn’t even need consumables for health regen to properly farm Enigma forest, but still I would advise you to take it. A couple of times at the beginning of the game, you will most likely have to tank neutrals a little while your Eidalons will breed, and entering the lane can lead to loss of health. It is much more important to take with all the free money at the start of the purchase, since summoning eidalons spends a lot of mana, and you still need to live before the purchase. In principle, when starting a purchase, you can take a mask to speed up the purchase of the ring. The remaining money is better spent on.

Main subjects

To begin with, we will look at the main items for the Lancer, which are used most often.

— of course, Dagger is one of the key artifacts for Enigma and this item is bought in most cases. The fact is that in Enigma’s arsenal there is simply no way to quickly reduce the distance to the enemy and, in general, the hero is not at all mobile, and in order to use the ult well, you need the effect of surprise and the ability to quickly join the fight. It is with the help of Dagger that Enigma rushes into the fight and then uses his ultimate.

Black King Bar — you should understand that the use of the ult can be easily knocked down by any control effect. In order to avoid this and most often realize the ult completely, BKB is very well suited. In addition, the artifact will increase the maximum health reserve and increase the hero’s survivability due to invulnerability to magic.

— this ring is very well suited for the initial stage of the game, as it allows you to use skills more often. Calling eidalons consumes a huge amount of mana, and without additional regen, you can very quickly be left without mana, in which case you will have to waste time and return to the fountain.

— Tranquils are often used by supports, as they allow you to quickly restore health and allow you to quickly move between lanes. For Enigma, these boots are also very well suited due to his play style.

Situational Items

Boots of Travel — sometimes for Enigma at the beginning of the game they buy only simple Boots of Speed ​​boots and do not improve them for a long time. Thus, for example, you can quickly buy a Dagger, and later improve the boots immediately to Travels. This tactic is suitable in those situations when you know for sure that you will not receive a lot of damage and, for example, you will not need a regen from you.

— Continuing the topic of boots, we should definitely mention the Arcana, which can also be purchased for Enigma. These boots will increase your maximum mana and give you the ability to regenerate mana for yourself and your allies. It is especially important to buy these boots if you take Meka. In this case, later both of these items can be combined into and get an incredibly useful artifact for the team.

— Linka can be bought as a standalone artifact or even as an addition to BKB. In this case, it will be possible to protect the hero not only from most control skills, but even from those that pierce immunity to magic. Of course, taking a link is only against certain enemies with powerful control.

— Enigma is primarily a support hero, and if there is no one in your team to buy a Mek, then it’s better for you to do it. The artifact will increase the survivability of your allies in team battles. In some cases, Meca can even save your life.

— we have already talked about Aghanim before. Here I will only repeat that with the help of Aghanim you can increase the damage of the ultimate, but you should buy this item only after you have all the necessary artifacts. Aghanim should be considered just as an improvement to the ult, and not as a main item.

— Refresher is very good for heroes with very powerful initiating skills. Enigma in this case is no exception. If you manage to successfully use your ult the first time, then later on you can quickly activate the Refresher and press the ult again. In this case, a group of enemies will be controlled in total for 8 seconds, and during this time even the most armless allies will calmly finish off all enemies.

— Force staff is basically a good artifact and it is useful to have at least one per team. It is best to buy this artifact in cases where the enemy team has a lot of control skills or there are some trap skills. In this case, you will be able to push your allies out of traps or take them out of the enemy’s focus.

— the main advantage of Octarine for Enigma is that the artifact allows you to reduce the cooldown of skills, which means that we can use the ult more often. In addition, the artifact increases the maximum supply of mana and health, as well as their regeneration. During the fight Enigma will be able to restore some of his health and will live longer due to good AOE damage.

Examples of consecutive purchases of items

The first option assumes that Enigma acts as a key support and acquires a lot of artifacts for his team. The assembly also provides for the fact that in the end we get Enigma with good survival.

Starting purchase

The second option is suitable for those situations when you see that the game develops very slowly or when at the beginning of the game you manage to make a couple of successful exits from the forest. In this case, you can buy an early Midas Hand of Midas and then start buying all the necessary artifacts as quickly as possible. Of course, Midas can not be used, but simply systematically buy key artifacts.

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Option 3

The last variant includes all necessary artifacts and in principle can be used in most situations.

If you know for sure that you will be able to constantly implement the ult very early and no one will be able to knock it down, then in this case it is better to buy Aghanim first, and wait a bit with the purchase of BKB.

Enigma is not some hard counter against some heroes. By itself, the hero is designed for team battles, and with the successful use of the ult, it doesn’t matter who was on the enemy team, since all enemies will be under the action of the funnel and will die calmly at the hands of your allies. It is more important to talk about what can prevent us from properly implementing the ult.

It is very important for Enigma to see his enemies in order to make the most of his ultimate, but there are a number of heroes who can be somewhere far away and at the same time quickly start to join the fight. These include: and. In principle, one can also include here. The problem with these heroes is that they can knock out Dagger’s action and Enigma just won’t be able to jump into the fray. Spectra and Furion can even appear next to Enigma and quickly kill you. Of course, these are not some tough counter-heroes, but you still need to remember about such comrades.

Most often, at the beginning of the battle, Enigma hides somewhere near his team and waits for the moment to attack. It is very important for Enigma that the opposing team does not see his position. There are a number of heroes who provide good vision for their team with their abilities and are able to spot the location of Enigma in advance and inform their allies in time. These characters include , , , or .

In general, Enigma does not really like it when the enemy team has a lot of heroes with a large supply of health. In other words, you should avoid situations where there are a lot of enforcers in the enemy team, especially if they have the ability to counter initiate. The exception is situations when the enemy team has only melee heroes. In this case, Enigma, on the contrary, has more opportunities to use the ult, since such commands are usually very crowded. Otherwise, with a competent game, Enigma can quite easily play against most heroes. You just need to be able to correctly choose a position, and in this case, the enemies will see you only when you suddenly appear out of nowhere and use your skills.

In conclusion, I would also like to say that at the initial stage of the game for Enigma, the worst enemies may not be enemy heroes, but well-placed wards that block the appearance of neutral creeps. That is why when playing as Enigma, it is worth running to the river as soon as possible and not allowing enemy heroes to enter your forest and calmly place wards. It is good to buy at the starting purchase. This way you will be able to dewarp the spawn of neutral creeps and subsequently farm it calmly. If the opponents do not let you farm in the early game, then this can greatly spoil the game.

Good allies for Enigma are heroes with normal AOE damage or control. In general, it is desirable to take Enigma in conjunction with some other initiator. The fact is that Engima’s ult is very powerful, but it is simply impossible to make mistakes when using it, since a very large recharge will go on. It is better to let one of the allies start the battle first, and then adjust to his actions. If his initiation goes well, then you are already bursting in with your ult. Good allies in this case are heroes: , , , , , (it can also continue control after Enigma) or . If it is you who is the key initiator of the fight, then good allies with normal AOE damage can be: , , Queen of Pain , , or . In general, this list can be continued for a long time, since in the world of Dota there are a huge number of heroes who can just do a ton of damage to a group of immobilized enemies, and given that Enigma’s ult pulls heroes a little more, even more opportunities for combinations open up. Even if the enemy wants to, he simply will not be able to ban or pick all possible good allies for Enigma.

When playing as Enigma, you need to remember that he is primarily a support hero and, accordingly, he acts in general, like all supports. Buys relevant items and takes certain actions. If you’re new to supports, be sure to check out How to Play Support.

In most cases, Enigma starts the game from the forest. On the lane, this hero has nothing to do, and there will be little sense from him there. The ability to farm the jungle is determined by the use of the skill. If you start destroying neutral camps near the center lane, then in this case you can use the skill not on neutrals, but on an allied ranged creep. In this way, you will help your midlaner, since the enemy on the mid lane will miss one creep and this will noticeably slow down his development. You will calmly go with eidalons to the forest and start farming. It is important to note that in the first seconds of farming, you must definitely keep an eye on your little eidalons, because after the 6th attack they multiply and instead of three there will be six of them. That is, you first expose one eidalon under attack, then take it away and substitute another, or you yourself receive part of the damage. Don’t forget that when there are a lot of units next to neutral creeps, they start using their skills. The Hell Bear will start clapping and dealing damage around him, and the Big Troll will use his Magic Orb. As soon as you clear one camp of neutrals, you need to immediately move to the next. Eidalons live long enough that they can be used to clear multiple camps at once. The ability to farm the jungle gives Enigma an incredible advantage over other supports, as the hero can quickly buy key artifacts and for this he does not even need to participate in battles. It is definitely worth constantly using wards and updating them in key places. Enigma is pretty vulnerable to ganks. The hero has a small supply of health and there is no way to quickly run away from the enemy. All you can use is the stun, but it will only help against a single target and only in a specific situation. At the start of the game, try to reach your forest as soon as possible and control the river. This way you will be able to notice the enemies that are heading into your jungle with the aim of blocking the spawn of neutrals. If this happens, then you need to immediately buy sentry wards and unlock camps. Otherwise, the farming speed will drop significantly.

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Be sure to keep an eye on all the lanes on the map and especially on the lane where your carry hero stands with one support. A common mistake is that Enigma sits in its forest for a very long time and does not come out of it. For the initial attack, Enigma has a more or less normal stun and a crowd of eidalons that can deal a lot of damage. If you see that the enemy is acting very boldly on the lane, then you can clean up one neutral camp, for example, accumulate 6 eidalons and, with the support of your allies, calmly kill the enemy. Even without using her ult, Enigma can deal good damage. The most important thing is to properly control the eidalons.

In the first half of the game, Enigma generally plays more passively, farming and looking for small ganks. In principle, you can even use the ult on a single target, but on the condition that you definitely kill the enemy and this is some kind of key target, for example, an enemy carry. Later, of course, you will not have such a luxury as using an ult on one target. You should definitely immediately study the composition of the enemy team and, in particular, highlight those heroes who can bring down the effect of the ult. If the enemy team has a lot of control skills, but they do not break through immunity to magic, then we can easily buy BKB. If among the enemies there are enemies with powerful control that breaks through magical immunity, then in this case, Linka should probably be taken as the first protective item. In other words, the order and name of your artifacts should be based solely on the situation on the map and the composition of the enemy team. Most often, before BKB or Linky, of course, Dagger is bought, since in fact this is our only way to quickly break into the fight and instantly use the ult. We have already talked about other artifacts before, so I will not repeat myself here. Proper use of the Dagger in combination with the ultimate is the key to playing Enigma. In particular, it will be great if you learn how to use Dagger + + quickly. In order to shorten the time between all these skills and items, it’s good to use shift. That is, you can pre-set a sequence of actions, and in this case, your skills after Dagger will work as quickly as possible.

Starting from the middle of the game, Enigma no longer sits all the time in his forest, but constantly moves next to his team, but tries to be unnoticed by the enemy team. In general, when playing Enigma, it is very important to learn how to position the hero correctly. Before starting any serious fight, you should stay in the shadows, hide behind trees, obstacles, or simply stand in the fog of war. It is also good to use wards more often and destroy enemy wards. If the enemy does not see you for most of the game, then you are doing everything right. In addition to the ability to act imperceptibly, you need to be able to see the most optimal moment for the jump. For example, there are situations when Enigma waits for a very long time and even loses 1-2 of its allies before jumping. Of course, you do not need to wait until the last moment, since there may not be a good moment, and your presence in battle can have a good effect on the outcome of the battle. Even a banal use of the skill allows you to deal very good total damage. However, most often a good Enigma play is determined by a couple of successful bursts with the use of an ult. Do not try to hook all five enemies, sometimes even 3-4 enemies are more than enough to turn the battle in your favor in a matter of seconds. The most important thing is to make sure that key enemies fall under the influence of the ult, that is, carries, powerful magicians, or some kind of initiators. If there are some tanks left outside the ult, or supports that don’t decide anything, then it’s not scary. You can get them later.

One of Enigma’s advantages is that due to his Eidalons, the hero can even push enemy lanes quite well. In other words, if your team has an appropriate composition and plans to actively push, then Enigma will fit very well into such a strategy. The most important thing is to control your eidalons and not give them to the enemy, as this is an extra farm for the enemy. Accordingly, if there are no options for pushing, then we simply take a defensive position and wait for a good moment to attack. For Enigma in general, long sieges are not very profitable, and even more so you should not take part in the destruction of the tower. Your auto-attacks will be of little use. The exception is when you have just killed the entire enemy team. The ideal development of the situation for Enigma is a successful fight somewhere on a forest path and the subsequent demolition of one of the sides of the enemy or even the destruction of the last structure of the enemy.

Due to all its positive qualities, Enigma is very often used by professional players in serious matches. The hero is certainly very strong and can earn victory for his team even in the most difficult situations. Playing Enigma is very difficult, and in order to achieve good results, you will have to play more than one hundred fights in order to at least roughly understand how to act as this hero and what he is capable of. Of course, for a novice player, I would not recommend Enigma. In addition, at a low rating, players usually play very poorly in a team, and for Enigma it is very important that the team act in a coordinated manner and react to his actions with lightning speed.

Enigma, the Consumer of Worlds

Nothing is known of Enigma’s background. There are only stories and legends, most of them apocryphal, passed down through the ages. In truth, Enigma is a mystery for whom the only true biography is description: he is a universal force, a consumer of worlds. He is a being of the void, at times corporeal, other times ethereal. A beast between the planes.

There are stories that say he was once a great alchemist who tried to unlock the secrets of the universe and was cursed for his arrogance. Other legends tell that he is an ancient being of strange gravity, the abyss personified—a twisted voice from out the original darkness, before the first light in the universe. And there are older legends that say he is the first collapsed star, a black hole grown complicated and sentient—his motivations unknowable, his power inexorable, a force of destruction unleashed upon existence itself.

Widely feared for his ultimate ability, Enigma can summon a black hole capable of entrapping enemy forces, so that allies can then destroy them. An ever-present contingent of eidolons at his side, he pummels foes with ranged attacks.

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