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Airat «Silent» Gaziev is a professional player from Russia.

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Airat «Silent» Gaziev is a Russian professional Dota 2 player who is currently a coach of .

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Community content is available under CC BY-NC-SA unless otherwise noted.

The captain of the Eastern European Team Spirit Yaroslav «Miposhka» Naydenov and the coach of the team Airat «Silent» Gaziev in a new video blog told which matches at the Riyadh Masters 2023 they remember the most.

Silent: There are probably two memorable games. This game was very important with 9Pandas, which we cameback with mega-creeps. To be honest, it was perhaps the most important game even in a sense. It seems to me that when a team comes back, it tempers it more, gives faith in each other and generally somehow positively affects the team. I even remember that in some team where I played for a long time — probably Team Empire — we cameback such a game, and then online, maybe we had a streak of 20 games. Something stuck in my head. It was such a boost.

Riyadh Masters 2023 was held from July 19 to 30 in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, as part of the Gamers8 festival. The prize fund of the championship amounted to 15 million US dollars.

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Silencer is a ranged hero whose main attribute is . This hero is the only hero that steals intelligence when killing an enemy. Theft of intelligence is an integral part of the hero. Causes the enemy hero to lose health for a fairly short amount of time, but it increases with each ability used and pauses when the target is silenced. curses the enemy, dealing damage and silences whenever the enemy uses an ability. If he did not use any skills, then after the expiration of the curse, he will receive damage, as well as silence. The upgrade allows you to cast the spell in an area. Glaives of Wisdom deals additional pure damage in direct proportion to Silencer’s Intellect. The hero’s special ability, , allows you to silence all enemy units for a few seconds. Its precise application can be used to save one of your team, start a battle, or disrupt an enemy advance.

Part of the seventh and final generation of carefully planned breeding, Nortrom was bred by the ancient order of Aeol Dryas to become the greatest magician the world has ever seen. He was what the prophecy had spoken of: the culmination of two hundred years of careful breeding, a combat mage who would bring glory to the order and doom to its sworn enemies, the Knights of the Shroud. He grew up with other young mages in a military town hidden among the hills of the Khazhadal Wastes, and the tutors waited for Northrom’s abilities to manifest themselves. The rest of the students were already honing their skills with fire, ice or spells, and Northrom remained silent and mediocre, unable even to cast the evil eye. The day of the final trials drew near, but he never found his calling. With disgust, the mentors scolded him, and the children ridiculed him. “You are not a magician,” the head of the order proclaimed. Still, Northrom did not back down. He appeared on the day of the exam and boldly confronted the young magicians who mocked him. And then his mentors learned a valuable lesson: the absence of magic can be the best of all magic. The young magicians could not utter a word, and Northrom won one duel after another until he was alone on the battlefield. The prophecy has been fulfilled. It is he who is the greatest mage of the Eol Dryas order.

Curses enemy Heroes in an area, dealing damage over time and slowing their movement speed. Each ability cast by the victim increases the duration of the effect. The slow and damage are doubled if the target is silenced.

DPS: 16/24/32/40 ( )

Movement Speed ​​Slow: 9%/12%/15%/18% ( )

Silence Multiplier:

Slow persists and deals damage if debuff was placed before spell immunity and when not dispelled.

Northrom’s lack of spells worries not so much himself as his enemies.

The hero imbues glaives with his wisdom, causing them to deal additional damage based on the wearer’s intelligence and temporarily steal the target’s intelligence with each attack.

Cast Range: 600 ( )

Permanent Intelligence Bonus: 2 ( )

Intelligence to Damage: 15%/35%/55%/75% ( )

Attack Kickback Damage:

Aghanim’s Shard Upgrade:

Attacks with this effect bounce 1 time on the nearest enemy for 50% attack damage. Bounce Range: 600. Also increases Intelligence Steal per kill by 2.

When avoided by the main target, attacks do not bounce. When avoided by the secondary target, the creature is not counted, so the attack can instantly recoil if the creature is next to it again. Bounces that are avoided still count towards all bounces.

Illusions do not steal intellect. While the status effect is copied by illusions, stolen intelligence is not.

Although Northrome is not strong in traditional spells, selection has given him incomprehensible wisdom, which he uses in physical combat.

Charms the target, causing them to take damage after a while and be silenced. Also gives an overview of the target. The enchantment will work earlier if the victim uses the ability. Deals additional damage based on the difference in intelligence with the target.

Intelligence difference multiplier: 1.5/2/2.5/3 ( Lua error in Module:Calculate on line 39: in expression «1.5+».)

Base Debuff Duration:

Aghanim’s Scepter Upgrade:

Allows you to cast this ability in an area.

Does not attempt to damage or silence if the initial debuff was placed before spell immunity and when not dispelled. Silence persists if debuff was placed before spell immunity and when not dispelled.

Locked on cast. Not blocked when upgraded.

Northrom guarantees that the magic words spoken by his enemies will be the last.

The hero muffles all sounds on the battlefield, preventing enemies from using abilities.

130/115/100 ( )

A blow to the ground — and the sounds of magic subside: Northrom fulfills his destiny.

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