Spirit vessel

«To oppose me is to deny death.»

Creepy figures of mocking gargoyles sit above the entrance to the Narrow Labyrinth, and the path of those who have fallen into this world forever lies under their gaze. Animals and birds, people and monsters — all creatures that die or penetrate into another world will surely bypass their post. The spirit separated from the body, having once decided to pass through the veil of death, cannot return back. But if it happens that by force or cunning some restless soul leaves hell or heaven, then the terrifying gargoyle — the incarnated form of the eternal spirit named Necro’lik — goes after the fugitive to return him. Merciless and impeccable, not subject to death and fatigue, the stone guard pursues prey without regret and without stopping, willingly destroying anyone who shelters the fugitive. The one who keeps order in the afterlife does not know peace, and although the dead are sometimes resurrected, he will find and return everyone to their place.

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Steals the target’s movement and attack speed, adding these stats to itself and nearby gargoyles.

Gargoyle Search Radius:

Movement Speed ​​Change:

Change Attack Speed:

17/15/13/11 ( )

Applies a buff to self when spell immune.

Cannot target immune enemies.

Pro blocking Visage does not get a boost.

The warmth of sunlight has never seeped into the dark and cold corridors of the Narrow Labyrinth.

The ability gains a charge every time the damage dealt to nearby heroes exceeds 100. Deals damage based on the number of charges to the selected target.

Charge Collection Radius:

Number of targets: 1 ( )

Charge Damage:

Damage per Charge: 70 ( )

Charge duration:

Add. secondary target search distance:

Blocks on hit.

Blocked on hitting both primary and secondary targets.

Collected souls of the dead break out to take another one into their flock.

The Hero creates a layered protective barrier on himself. If the hero takes damage from the player, one layer disappears and respawns after a certain amount of time.

Damage Reduction per Layer:

Max. Damage Reduction:

Min. damage threshold:

Layer Recovery Time:

Aura Delay Duration:

Armor Bonus:

Aghanim’s Shard Enhancement:

Allows the hero to use this ability. Casting will turn the wearer to stone and heal them for up to 25% of their maximum health.

Does not reduce damage or lose layers while drained.

Layers are restored as usual.

Gargoyles’ damage reduction is only disabled if the exhaustion is affecting Visage.

Armor gain is disabled by exhaustion.

Ability Draft Notes:

Gargoyle’s durable scales share the properties of stone and ghost, making it virtually immune to sword and magic.

After a short delay, the gargoyle turns to stone and falls to the ground, stunning and damaging enemies in a small area. Upon landing, she becomes invulnerable and regenerates health very quickly. After 6 sec. the gargoyle returns to normal.

This ability is not available in Ability Draft.

The hero and his gargoyles take off, become invisible and move 20% faster. When breaking invisibility with a spell or attack, the hero and gargoyles deal 25% more damage over 4 seconds. Duration 35 seconds.

Invisibility Time:

Add. movement speed:

Duration extra. Damage:

Summons two blind gargoyles to fight for the hero. Gargoyles have the Stone Form ability, which allows them to turn into stone, stunning enemies upon landing. In stone form, gargoyles are invulnerable and quickly regenerate health. For killing gargoyles, the enemy receives a significant reward.

Number of Gargoyles: 2 ( )

Gargoyle Lifespan:

Aghanim’s Scepter Upgrade:

Guardians of the Narrow Labyrinth, minions of Necro’lik, tirelessly watch over his domain.

Affects Enemies / Self

After a short delay, the nearest Gargoyle turns to stone and falls to the ground, stunning and damaging enemies in a small area. Upon landing, she becomes invulnerable and regenerates health very quickly. After 6 sec. the gargoyle returns to normal.

Add. health recovery:

Gravekeeper’s Cloak calculations

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Spirit Vessel is an item that can be bought at the Home Shop, under Support. At the same time, its assembly requires items from a secret shop.

The effect depends on the selected target. When cast on an enemy, they will lose 4% of their current health and gain 45% less health from any healing, recovery, and lifesteal. In addition, the ability deals 35 damage per second.

When cast on an ally, increases their health regeneration by 40 per second.

Lasts 8 sec.

Gains a stack every time an enemy Hero dies within 1400 AoE. The charge will receive only one item closest to the dead hero.

Charge Radius:

Ally Heal Per Second:

Enemy Damage per second:

Enemy Health Reduction per second:

Enemy Health Recovery Reduction:

Can be cast on magic immune allies. Cannot be cast on magic immune enemies. Attempts to deal damage if the effect was placed before spell immunity and when not dispelled.

Item Spirit Vessel Heal

Item Spirit Vessel Damage

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