Sqreen dota and «I really think it’s time to stop that asshole»

August 16, 11:35

— Many young players will play in BE qualifiers. Based on your experience, what advice can you give to such players regarding preparation and performance? Which of the players can be singled out as very promising?

— There is only one advice — to be a team as much as possible and listen to each other, if necessary, push your ambitions and vision, if there is a leader / authority in the team that you can follow. Often teams flock to this kind of qualifiers, because it’s hard to call them teams due to the fact that there is no consensus and course of play, especially if the season was not very successful.

— Would you like to return the meat grinder with open qualifiers for Int for everyone? And would he break in?

— The open qualifier is definitely not enough: experience already shows how OG and Wings were able to pass it earlier, and then win the tournament itself. Obviously, if there were no open qualifiers, the fate of many would be very different. The very fact that there is an opportunity to go to the main tournament of the year and win it motivates many and is a direct part of the development of the DotA 2 ecosystem.

The fact that they have now abandoned this option is very disappointing, and I hope that it will be returned in the future. If there was a suitable team, of course, I would have burst in.

The International 2023 regional qualifiers will be shown in Russian by FISSURE. Alexander «Nix» Levin, Yaroslav «NS» Kuznetsov and Timur «Travoman» Khafizov will stream the qualifiers without delay.

Disruptor is now able to kill Roshan alone! All thanks to a new talent

Furion support without stumps is a secret development of a new patch. And she is very good!

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Analyst Khaled «sQreen» El-Habbash criticized the current meta in Dota 2. The specialist posted a huge post on telegram with thoughts on the patch, the state of the game and the necessary changes.

SQreen hopes that patch 7.34 will diversify drafts a lot. In his opinion, the update should greatly affect the heroes, and not the map and other mechanics.

7.34 should be out in 2-4 weeks! Valve has changed priorities and has now begun to develop the game more due to the lack of a compendium and so on. Will the pace and action that was before finally return? When every 3-4 months there was a new patch, I had to constantly think and change priorities.

People who write that the patch was recently released and did not find much in it — you are delusional. Major and DreamLeague have already shown most of it: playoff drafts were very poor and monotonous. If you remember, the last big patch of heroes did not really touch you, since the changes were more focused on the gameplay: new formulas, objects and a map.

That’s why I’m really looking forward to the old-style patch, where many heroes will be upgraded or nerfed, so that currently forgotten characters can often enter pro drafts, and also so that they can be used in several positions.

SQreen: “Azure Ray could have been top 1 in China if Ame was on the team instead of lou”

SQreen suggested several ways to weaken the line stage in the game. He believes that the rewards for killing or the placement of characters on the map should change.

In the current Dota, laning is unrealistically important, but there are several ways out. You can make more gold and experience for kills, which will return the active meta to roaming. Or introduce triple lanes, then the heroes will be taken not just to win the laning, but first of all with the potential of ganks. Or apk the heroes that are now forgotten so that they are buffed in terms of laning.

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In particular, such as: Nightstalker, who has a very cool ult. Or Dawnbreaker, who awesomely enters teamplay Dota due to her ultimate. There is also Omniknight, who definitely needs to remove the ability to dispel the second skill. Tusk, to which at least the sigil from the shard can be returned, and not this useless garbage. In general, a lot of things can be done, and this is what Dota is great for. I hope that work is underway in this direction, and this will increase the action in games.

NAVI coach: “Has Valve really kept its promise and will now release patches more often?”

In his opinion, MOBA is too tied to last hitting creeps. He believes that the game needs more reliance on properly lined up battles.

I really think it’s time to stop this creep jerk. Last hitting in the first ten minutes shouldn’t have such an impact on the game. Wisdom runes have already been added to Dota, and in general, a bunch of active targets on the map.

I am sure that always kills, the ability to properly fight and gank should be more important than the banal swotting of creeps. If the team that makes kills and plays actively gets more than the one that afk-farms and lasts the battle, then a new era will begin (or return): top teams that can’t gank and team fight will also change.

Remember fast push strats that used to take and finish games in 15 minutes with an overdraft. When was the last time you saw someone push? Everyone understands that Dota is now generally not disposed to this, both in terms of the economy and in terms of taverns. Pushing is always ALL IN, and the towers have already been buffed a hundred times to make it harder to break and the game drags on.

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Everything new is well-forgotten old. Therefore, there really is some kind of belief that Dota will go back in that direction, and there will be many more action and cool moments than these late games and teams that we have been observing for the past few years.

Even all-rounders, why are they now rated and taken so actively? Yes, all because of their broken attack, which strengthens the lane, otherwise they are not needed at all. Here the meta will change, and generalists will fade into the background, I’m sure.

NS on patch 7.34: «It would be ideal to release the update on August 10th»

On the night of July 14, Valve released the letter patch 7.33e. The developers have changed the balance of some heroes, including Medusa and Techies. You can see all the edits here.

At the same time, Valve announced a large-scale patch 7.34. The update will be released in August before the start of The International 2023 qualifiers, which will be held online in all regions from August 17 to August 31.

Teams played by sQreen

The best heroes of patch 7.34. On whom to raise MMR in Dota 2 after the update?

Imba patch 7.34 on each role.

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