SteelSeries Kana DOTA 2 Bundle Mouse

SteelSeries Kana DOTA 2 Bundle Mouse Дота

Everything you need to win in one package. The SteelSeries Limited Edition Dota 2 Mouse Bundle is a unique gaming bundle made up of the Kana Dota2 mouse, pad and game item from SteelSeries.

The mouse is the main accessory of the set. It is designed in the colors of the well-known strategy: the upper part is occupied by a black soft touch coating, and on the back side there is a red Dota2 logo — a square with two dots and a stripe between them. The scroll wheel is also red and backlit. However, the mouse is amazing not only for its design, but also for its feature set.

Kana Dota2 is a medium sized symmetrical mouse. This means that it will be equally convenient to use both left-handed and right-handed players, adult gamers and teenagers or girls. It is great for any type of grip, be it palm, fingers or claw. The design of the mouse took place with the participation of professional e-sportsmen, therefore it was created to win.

Kana has two large side keys for fast and powerful attacks. Now you can forget about macros on the keyboard. Activate your favorite combos right from the mouse.

Custom resolution is everything for the strategy player. Only in this way can he quickly switch from combat to moving around the map. The Kana Dota2 mouse allows you to switch the resolution right during the game. And the LED indicator will always tell you which profile is currently enabled. He is also responsible for lighting the scroll wheel, it will be visible even in the darkest gaming room.

The bottom surface of Kana Dota2 is covered with a special material that ensures perfect glide. Now the movements will become not only accurate, but also fast. The material should be changed periodically so that it does not wear out.

Dedicated optical sensor ensures excellent mouse performance in all circumstances. The motion stabilization system evens out hand shake, and the sensitivity allows you to respond even to lightning-fast hand movements.

Includes Dota 2 themed mat and Kantusa the Script Sword in-game weapon.

SteelSeries Kana DOTA 2 Bundle Mouse

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Dota 2 Anime Mod Review

The Dota 2 map editor has allowed fans around the world to experiment with the world famous MOBA game. Here you have custom tower defense, autochess, and even maps where 10 players fight for each team, but among all the variety, Dota 2 Anime custom stands out very strongly.

This mod turns Dota 2 into the strategic fighting game that Otaku dreams of. Players can choose from 64 anime characters and fight to the death across a variety of maps.

SteelSeries Kana DOTA 2 Bundle Mouse

Dota 2 Anime custom characters

The entire set of characters in this customization consists of the most iconic characters from the most popular anime. You can choose Itachi from Naruto, Gon from Hunter x Hunter, and Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece, and you can also take on more classic heroes like AE86 from Initial D (yes, machine) and Guts from Berserk. Keep in mind that there are a dozen strong characters from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, including the legendary Joseph Joestar, so try not to give them to someone else.

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You can also play as some famous JRPG heroes like Noel Vermillin from Blazblue, Phoenix Wright, and a few heroes from Hyperdimension Neptunia.

While up to 10 players can play on the original map, you and your friends can team up in groups of 12 and have crazy fights.

Like all characters from the original Dota 2, Dota 2 Anime characters have a unique set of abilities that will help them in battles. Although we expected to see movements and animations copied from other Dota 2 heroes, most of the characters in this custom have completely new movements and animations that are very similar to how these characters move in the series themselves. For example, Joseph Joestar can reload his tommy gun, and Phoenix Wright strikes his opponents with magic and finds sources of power for his skills.

Unlike the classic Dota 2, Anime Mod adds a lot more items to the gameplay. When all players on the map reach level 6, the battlefield turns into a war zone. In order to win in Dota 2 Anime, you and your team need to either get the maximum number of kills possible before the opponent, or simply get more kills by the end of the match than the enemy team.

While you may feel like you already have victory in your pocket, your death can instantly bring a lagging team back into the game, with an increased bounty on your head in the form of gold and experience.

Dota 2 Anime items

In addition to anime characters, players will also encounter various items from their favorite anime series, such as Ryuko’s Red Scissor Sword and Joseph Joestar’s Hamon. While you might get confused by all of these artifacts at first, it should be fairly easy for you to stack up a few Imba item builds like Ryuko’s Red Scissor Sword and Abyssal Blade to start killing everyone and everything on the map.

Although this custom may not appeal to those who have never watched anime, Dota 2 Anime deserves attention for its interesting ideas and unusual approach to the MOBA genre. If you are an anime fan, then you should definitely take the time to play this custom game with your friends.

SteelSeries Kana DOTA 2 Bundle Mouse

for desktop

laser, 6 keys

mouse sensor resolution 3200 dpi

dota and canthus rug that almost paid for this mouse

it’s not for DotA, but for surfing the Internet

Not a convenient forward button, CPi has only 4 modes 400 800 1600 3200. I bought it as a replacement for Logitec mx518 but could not replace it.

Sword on Yarnero

I could not adjust the sensitivity for myself.

A good mouse, high-quality and practical, but with all its pluses, I will stay with my Razer Haga Hex.

Ergonomic, fits comfortably in the hand, does not cause discomfort during long-term use, it is clear that it was developed by experts.

Ideal for games like Dota 2, but for some others there is a lack of buttons, in my opinion not very convenient software.

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SteelSeries Kana DOTA 2 Bundle Mouse

Who will be the next hero in Dota 2?

If this is your first time joining us on our journey into the future, here’s what you’ve been missing out on:

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Anyway, let’s move on to our potential candidate today!

Again, we are returning to the world of Artifact with perhaps one of the most interesting characters that could make it into Dota very soon. Introducing the enigmatic Kanna, Prellex’s daughter and Shadow Priestess.

SteelSeries Kana DOTA 2 Bundle Mouse

Yes, that’s right. Kanna, born of the Forces of Light, is the commander-in-chief of the Forces of Darkness. It’s not all smooth sailing between Kanna and Prellex, so here’s what happened through Kanna’s eyes.

According to Kanna, she was born weak. In her mission to become stronger, she made a contract of sorts with the Dire Ancient to raise an army in exchange for power. With this newfound power, her only desire is to see her mother and the Light Force Ancient dead. A bit dark, but let’s not judge her.

Kanna’s connection with other Dota 2 heroes

We don’t know how Kanna’s relationship with her mother soured, but it seems to us that her hatred is mainly aimed at the Ancient Light. Many of her Artifact lines that mention the Ancient One are very hostile. She could blame both the Ancient Light One and Prellex for her miserable upbringing. Seeing how Prellex put the will of the Ancients above all else, Kanna jealously continued to rot until just sitting and watching became unbearably painful.

SteelSeries Kana DOTA 2 Bundle Mouse

Of course, maybe everything could be different. Kanna may still resent Prellex, but she has begun to look at her differently. Becoming stronger and returning to the Forces of Light to gain the approval of Prellex. On her way to power, she stumbled upon an Ancient of the Powers of Darkness, who promised great power in exchange for her loyalty.

While with the Powers of Darkness, Kanna could unknowingly lose her mind. In fact, becoming a puppet of his patron. Remember, both Ancient Ones are incredibly powerful in this world. Of course, these are all predictions, so feel free to come up with your own theories if you have them!

Whatever the reason for Kanna’s hatred of the Ancient of the Forces of Light, she would make a damn good hero. Being one of the “blue cards” in Artifact, she is also likely to become a hero whose main attribute will be Intelligence if she is transferred to Dota. Although there might be a small chance that she could also become a agility hero given her small and agile body, which is a common trait of all agility in Dota 2.

As for potential skills, Kanna has a card in the Artifact that summons a Warhound. These freaky looking hounds are quite interesting as they devour creeps in Artifact. It is possible that Kanna players will need to feed their hounds in a Dota match, eventually they will get big enough for Kanna to ride them as shown in the illustration below.

SteelSeries Kana DOTA 2 Bundle Mouse

Another ability is that Kanna can steal powers from her creeps to buff her own. Her Diabolic Conclusion card does just that in Artifact. Therefore, instead of using her own powers, Kanna borrows the energy of her allies to increase her combat power, making her a huge threat if her skill set favors using the summoning of other creatures. If her war hounds are considered units she can steal power from, Kanna could be one of the most annoying heroes to deal with. As the saying goes, strength is in quantity, not quality!

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We really hope that Valve will eventually consider adding Kanna to Dota. The simple character design and the fiery spirit of Cannes are exactly what we need this holiday season. Its history, although very limited, is also extremely interesting to refuse to expand it further. I really want to hear her remarks: how she interacts with other characters. Need more information about this hero! Please let it be Kanna, Valve!

The legendary bundle, consisting of a mouse and a pad, stylized as the interface of the popular MOBA game Dota 2, has finally appeared in our catalog. And now you can easily order the SteelSeries Kana Dota 2 mouse by adding a Qck mini gaming surface to it. Rest assured, your package will reach you faster than you can read the happy reviews on the forums.

About the mouse model and its features

Legendary and nimble Kana Dota 2 replaced the worn-out Microsoft IntelliMouse 1.1. What does the updated arsenal of your weapons include? First of all, the most accurate optical sensor of the new generation, with a setting range from 1600 to 3200 DPI. You can program any number of profiles for 6 side and main buttons, the design and location of which is thought out to the millimeter.

The Kana mouse body meets the demands of gamers of all ages, with all palm sizes. The symmetrical shape fits correctly into the claw grip of right-handers and left-handers. To paint life with bright colors and pay tribute to your beloved Dota 2, a bright red logo of the game is applied on black plastic. In the center of the mouse «ridge» there is also an additional button for changing the sensitivity. And you think that’s it?

Add to this a convenient connection interface using a 2 m USB cable with a strong braid. Lightweight — only 72g, is this mouse capable of defeating even heavyweight champions? The answer is yes, especially when a rug is offered in tandem.

About the playing surface

SteelSeries DOTA 2 QCK mini is an ultra-thin modern mouse pad. Of course, if the cover comes in a themed bundle, you will be pleased with the large and high-quality applied DotA 2 logo in bright scarlet color on a black background. The weave of the threads provides such a uniform glide that the optic in your hands becomes a deadly weapon of a killer, as well as a convenient tool for a seeker. On the reverse side there is an anti-slip coating, which completely eliminates the “rolling” of the rug on the table and your angry exclamations.

There are also pleasant surprises for those who decide to buy the SteelSeries Dota 2 bundle: a code for the unique game item Kantusa the Script Sword and a set of keys. In the test mode, the mouse and the pad were in the hands of the players Natus Vincere, SK Gaming, Fnatic, Evil Geniuse. And we trust their opinion. That is why we offer a bundle at the most reasonable price. Click, rate, add to cart and wait for delivery to your door. After all, that’s what you wanted.

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