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Description of SteelSeries Rival Dota 2

SteelSeries Rival Dota 2 stats:

The shape of Rival 100 Dota 2 is exactly like the classic Rival. The main difference is the game logo and the color scheme of the device, which is fully consistent with the game. The case is asymmetric, that is, the mouse is designed for right-handers. Contrasting colors — black and red — are chosen for decoration. There are no decorative elements, so the mouse looks expensive and stylish. Soft-touch plastic is used for the construction, rubberized inserts are provided on the sides, which provide a strong grip.

The Rival 100 has six programmable keys. On the back are the usual left and right buttons, the dpi switch key and scrolling. On the left are two more keys. On the bottom there are four legs with a Teflon coating, a sensor is located in the center. One of the features of the mouse — two areas of illumination, independent of each other — wheel and logo. By default, the backlight glows with colors specific to the game. It can be changed through Engine 3. In the program, you can set the usual mouse commands and any key combination, register macros, etc.

She is great at work. Thanks to its ergonomic shape and high-quality body materials, the mouse fits perfectly in your hand. Rubberized inserts guarantee reliable grip — during long battles, the hand does not slip. The gadget feels great on almost different surfaces. The number of keys is enough for any game, and the ability to create macros will be useful to every gamer. Speed ​​and accuracy are uncompromising.


SteelSeries Rival 100 Dota 2 is a successful continuation of the series. The company managed to make the famous rodent even more interesting. Bright design, carefully thought-out form design, impeccable build quality will appeal to every gamer. A nice bonus to the mouse will be a code for a unique weapon in a computer game. The Pale Edge sword is a special blade that all Dota fans dream about. It was created specifically for the mouse and you can only get it bundled with it. The gadget will already appear on sale, so now we are accepting orders and we provide each player with the opportunity to buy a mouse at a super attractive price.

SteelSeries is the market leader in peripheral equipment. Its products are in demand and loved in the gaming community. A special place in the catalog is occupied by samples stylized as computer games. They stand out with their special colours, scope of supply and modern design. V2 Dota 2 Edition from the Siberia series is just such a headset.

Headset Overview: Design

Siberia V2 Dota 2 Edition USB has a non-removable cable that is connected on the left, next to it there is a retractable microphone, supplemented with a noise reduction system — the user’s voice will always be heard above the rest of the noise. The red and yellow colors of the images below show the volume of the processed signal. The headset is considered acoustically closed, as artificial leather is used for the ear pads. You will not hear any extra sounds. Inside is the Memory Foam material well known from other SteelSeries products. It easily adapts to you and provides incredible usability.

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The headset is connected to a laptop or computer via the USB connector. It has an audio card, the operation of which is configured from a PC. You can set individual settings and save them to multiple profiles. In addition, the headphones are endowed with a remote control — it turns off the microphone and adjusts the volume.

The headset easily sits on your head — even during a protracted battle, you will not feel tired. Don’t leave them on your neck. Due to the specific arc, the bowls will put pressure on the throat. The sound can be called adequate for headsets of this price category — 50 mm drivers are responsible for this, clearly playing notes of all frequencies. Headphones SS Dota 2 Edition can also be selected for playing songs, but miracles will not happen — the sound clearly lacks volume. For watching movies and for toys, the headset is perfect. It conveys explosions and other effects well. Soundproofing is made at the highest level.

Headphones will definitely appeal to fans of the game of the same name. The bright red and black shades chosen for the design are of interest. Specifications make it possible to attribute the headset to the middle class. In games, it shows itself with dignity, but for melodies this is not the best option.

There is only one drawback — incompatibility with tablets and phones. But it is compensated by numerous pluses:

You can buy SteelSeries Siberia V2 Dota 2 Edition headphones on the website of the Cyberlife store. We guarantee attractive prices, a variety of accessories and favorable purchase conditions.

SteelSeries Rival Dota2 wired mouse in black and red is a favorite among Dota 2 team game fans.
Rival Dota2 is equipped with two zones of illumination, using the software interface, a gamer can choose from a 16.8 million palette of colors he likes, as well as choose a profile color for a specific player. Four brightness levels and three backlight modes (Steady, ColorShift, Breathe) will help you adapt the device to your gaming needs. The asymmetric body is designed for comfortable control of the Rival with the right hand, and the material of the working surface is made of plastic.
SteelSeries Rival Dota2 with a maximum resolution of 6500dpi has six programmable keys. At the top are the standard right and left buttons, DPI level control buttons and a scroll wheel.
Steel Series Engine 3 software allows you to have full control and maximum personalization of the device, taking into account individual gaming preferences.

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Dota 2 Limited Edition Item

Mythic Weapon «Infernal Gaze of Doom» scorches enemies to death. This mighty sword is a «genuine» item that is prized by collectors.

Compatible with SteelSeries Engine 3

Customize CPI, polling rate, buttons, and lighting with the intuitive SteelSeries Engine 3 software. Change the Rival configuration to your preference and play your way.

— Rubberized side pads

✓ Real photos, ✓ Full store warranty, ✓ Delivery throughout Russia and the CIS, ✓ Mice available in our Store, ✓ A real store of gaming devices.

Programmable buttons

Make your Dota 2 hero perform lightning attacks with macros. Record and save your most frequently used commands on the SteelSeries Rival’s six buttons.

Premium Game Sensor

Move around the map and attack your opponents with lightning speed using a great, sensitive sensor optimized for games. It delivers up to 200 inches per second (IPS) tracking speed with 50G acceleration, wide hand movements with pixel-perfect precision, will increase your efficiency in any battle.

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