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Team Secret — профессиональная киберспортивная команда, выступающая в дисциплинах Dota 2, Age of Empires 2, PUBG Mobile, Rainbow Six Siege.

Team Secret is an esports team based in Europe formed in 2014, best known for their Dota 2 team.


On February 25 Team Secret acquired the roster of Erased; Roberto Lima «Sad» de Souza, Matheus «math» Gonçalves, Olímpio «nxghtt» Torres. September 19 math was removed from the starting lineup. October 8th Danilo «kv1» Michelini joined.

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27 августа 2016 года представлен состав на новый сезон: Пе «MP» Ноа, Йеик «MidOne» Най Чжэн, Ли «Forev» Сандон, Клемент «Puppey» Иванов, Йохан «pieliedie» Астром.

В ноябре 2016 года команду покидает Ли «Forev» Сандон, и на замену корейцу приходит немец Морис «KheZu» Гутман.

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4 мая 2017 года команду покинул Йохан «pieliedie» Астром на его место пришел Язиед «YapzOr» Жарадат.

11 сентября 2018 года команду покинули Маркус «Ace» Хёлгард и Адриан «Fata» Тринкс. На их место пришли Михаил «Nisha» Янковски и Людвиг «zai» Уолберг.

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* Форма показывает насколько хороши текущие показатели игроков команды (последние 15 игр), относительно их средних показателей (последние 50 игр)

Before the beginning of the new year, Fly was removed from the team and later N0tail also left the team. In a shocking move, Arteezy and zai departed their team, Evil Geniuses, and joined Team Secret. The new squad made their debut at the Dota 2 Asia Championships, the largest tournament outside of The International, with $3,000,000 USD prize pool. The team went on to crush the group stages, going 15-0. However, in the playoffs they eventually fell short of the top spot, after losing in the Lower Bracket Finals to their new rivals Evil Geniuses, who went on to win the event.

After their explosive debut, the team lay low for a time and returned to the stage in May. In the lead up to The International 2015, Team Secret went on a tear through international LANs, winning four LANs back-to-back. In two finals, The Summit and ESL One Frankfurt, they faced off against Evil Geniuses and were able to take their revenge twice. Team Secret was the undisputed best team in the world and a clear favorite for this year’s International.

However, at The International, disaster befell the roster. After a strong group stage, Team Secret were immediately dropped down to the Lower Bracket by EHOME. After barely beating Invictus Gaming, the team took a disappointingly early exit from the tournament after losing to, finishing 7-8th. In the wake of this defeat, it was revealed that the tournament favorites were having multiple internal issues.

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After Natus Vincere and Fnatic both underperformed at The International 2014, two key members of the two organizations, Kuroky and N0tail, respectively, had an idea for a team that was run by the players, not beholden to any esports organization. Kuroky brought on his friend and teammate on Na’Vi, Puppey, while N0tail brought on his friend and teammate, Fly. They rounded out their roster with Alliance midlaner s4, whose team similarly underperformed at TI4. The roster made their public debut in the qualifiers for Star Ladder Star Series Season 10.

In 2021, Team secret added Fredo and Jumper after Bigetron Esports bought JangS and uHigh. To fill uHigh’s spot, Team Secret also decided to bought Xash from Gbe. Rex also moved from Team Secret and joined Resurgence Malaysia.

The Major champions soon after traveled to Croatia for Dota Pit, where they were astonishingly eliminated after the first round. After this event, in a move that shocked the Dota 2 scene, Team Secret kicked Misery and w33 and replaced them with prodigal son Arteezy, who returned to Evil Geniuses after TI5, and this time he brought along EG veteran UNiVeRsE.

One more Major, the Manila Major, would round out the season before The International 2016. Despite the seeming upgrade in their positions, Team Secret was unable to connect to their success at the Shanghai Major. After poor results at ESL One Manila and EPICENTER, Secret took an early exit from the Manila Major, finishing in last place without winning a single series.

As a result, UNiVeRsE left the team after the Manila Major to rejoin EG. In return, BuLba would transfer from EG to fill the vacant spot, along with EG carry Aui_2000 who would be the official substitute and coach for Team Secret. Making these changes so close to The International meant that the team would not be eligible for a direct invite to the main event nor the regional qualifiers and thus would be forced to go through the open qualifier, a brutal gauntlet of Bo1 single elimination matches. The team held strong: not only did they easily win the first open qualifier spot, but they also managed to take the first spot in the regional qualifier.

At the International, the hastily gathered squad completely fell flat. After finishing in the bottom four in their group, they were set to go up against LGD Gaming in the first round of the Lower Bracket in a Bo1 elimination match. In a hard fought, 69 minute match, Secret eventually fell and exited TI6 in the last place. It would be the second year in a row that Team Secret disappoints at TI.

At the KL Major, Team Secret were hailed as one of the favorites. After topping their group easily, the team went on to tear through the Upper Bracket, only dropping one game to in the Upper Bracket Finals. Unfortunately for Secret, VP took their revenge in the Grand Finals in a nail-biting five-game series, where Secret were able to take a 2–1 lead but were unable to secure a final victory to take home the Major Championship.

With the shuffle, the team achieved a couple major tournament wins, notably The Chongqing Major and the MDL Disneyland Paris Major. Team Secret had 14,400 points in the ranking of the professional season Dota 2 from Valve and occupy the very first place in it with Puppey being voted as the MDL MVP.
They played 8 games on the last day MDL Disneyland Paris Major winning through the upper bracket and coming to win the finals in style. Zai was a major factor in making space with his Mars for Nisha and MidOne. Nisha had the most last hits at 35 min in the tournament. Team Secret would go on to win the finals in a very convincing manner with a results of 3–1 over Team Liquid.


In the post-TI shuffle, Secret once again switched players on two positions: the two newcomers of the previous season, Ace and FATA-, were replaced by Polish carry Nisha and zai, who once again returned to Team Secret after his 2015 stint on the team. The new DPC season was marked by far less Majors and Minors and also meant that every team would have to go through qualifiers.

Once again, Team Secret established themselves at the top of the European scene, when they took the first seed in the qualifier for the first Major. But before traveling to the Kuala Lumpur Major, Secret also established themselves as one of the top teams in the world when they achieved LAN victories in Singapore, at the PVP Esports Championship, and in Hamburg, at ESL One Hamburg.

At the KL Major, Team Secret were hailed as one of the favorites. After topping their group easily, the team went on to tear through the Upper Bracket, only dropping one game to in the Upper Bracket Finals. Unfortunately, VP took their revenge on Secret in the Grand Finals in a nail-biting five game series, where Secret were able to take a 2-1 lead but were unable to secure a final victory to take home the Major Championship.

A mere two weeks after the Major, the qualifier for the second Major of the season were about to start. Team Secret once again would take the top seed in the European qualifier. Team Secret achieved good results in their group, and then proceeded to run over the Upper Bracket, besting Team Liquid and EHOME, before losing 2-1 to VP in the Upper Bracket Finals. Team Secret would return with a vengeance after besting Evil Geniuses in the Lower Bracket Finals to secure another major grand final against VP, where this time Team Secret emerged victorious with a 3-1 victory against their CIS rivals.

Состав Secret

«Мои нервы стоят дороже, чем поездка на мейджор». Путь Дахао: HellRaisers

Дахао-игрока мы можем больше не увидеть.

As a result, all members of the team left except Puppey, who went on to rebuild the team for the upcoming season. Despite the controversy, he was able to attract international superstars and veterans in EternalEnvy, Misery, and pieliedie and rounded out the new squad with Romanian pubstar w33. Despite the dramatic changes to the roster, Puppey managed to start off the new season almost the way it ended before TI5, with a second place finish at ESL One New York and a victories at MLG World Finals and the Nanyang Championships.

With the Frankfurt Major, the first ever Valve Major, looming on the horizon, Secret once again was seen as the heavy favorites. The tournament could not have gone more according to their plan, as Secret stomped their way through the Upper Bracket straight to the Grand Finals. However, there they were bested by the surprise of the tournament, OG, headed by former Team Secret members Fly and N0tail, who had made an incredible lower bracket run.

With the new year beginning, preparations for the Shanghai Major, the second Major of the season, were in full swing. This time around, however, Team Secret were not looking as hot as before the Frankfurt Major. Early exits at WCA 2015, StarSeries, and MDL Winter, prospects for the Major looked bleak. But history would repeat itself and Team Secret once again was able to once again stomp their way through the Upper Bracket straight to the Grand Finals and this time, up against former Secret member Kuroky’s Team Liquid, they wouldn’t let victory be taken away from them.

In 2016, the team also expanded into other games, sponsoring all-female Counter Strike: Global Offensive team WeRunThisPlace, who won the ladies’ event at the IEM World Championship, and Korean Street Fighter pro gamer Lee Chung Gon (Poongko).

The new squad would instantly go on to dominate the European qualifier scene, easily qualifying for the first three LAN tournaments of the new DPC system, two Minors and one Major. While their results at the two Minors were middling, it was at the Major, ESL One Hamburg, where the team would become a strong contender for a direct invite to The International 2018. They were able to eliminate TI champions Team Liquid in the semi-finals and achieved second place behind

A few months later, Team Secret gained the top spot of the DPC after sweeping Team Liquid in the Grand Finals of the second Major of the season, DreamLeague Season 8, dropping only a single map the entire event. Despite not being able to repeat this achievement for the rest of the season, Team Secret easily defended their top eight spot in the DPC rankings and thus their direct invite to TI8. The only other LAN victory that the team achieved was a victory at a Minor, with DreamLeague Season 9. Another notable achievement was their fourth place finish at the final and largest Major before TI8, at the Supermajor, where they were only beaten by the top two teams of the tournament, Team Liquid and

At The International 2018, Team Secret managed to achieve their best placement since their inception in 2014, with a 5-6th place finish. After securing a spot in the Upper Bracket, they were immediately dropped down to the Lower Bracket by perennial rivals Evil Geniuses. In the Lower Bracket, Team Secret was responsible for sending two teams home before themselves getting defeated at the hands of Team Liquid.

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