the film «monkey king dot 2» is based on a film about the character of monkey king

Recently, the well-known Dota2 received significant changes in the structure of the game (patch). She received an almost updated look.

A new hero appeared — carry — Monkey King. Its strength increases with the level and the number of items to collect.


The zone where the hero has a superpower ability (ultimate) and the third spell has a delay, so help or a surprise attack is needed. You need to hide on a tree and surprise the patient by jumping on it using the second skill.

Then cast an ult (use powerful spells) and then suspend it with the help of the third ability, then finish off the victim from your hand.


Tree Dance — this ability allows the hero to move, jump through the trees. Gives good mobility.

Primal Spring

Primal Spring — This is an integral part of the Tree Dance ability. When jumping from a tree, the hero deals damage and slows those who fall into his attack zone (range).

Boundless Strike

Boundless Strike — the hero Monkey Klng strikes the ground with his staff at a long distance, stunning and dealing devastating damage to all enemies hit by the staff.

Jingy Mastery

Jingy Mastery — Killer passive ability.


Mischief — The ability to transform. To outwit the enemy.

Wukong’s Command

Wukong’s Command — Self clone ability.


Beware of heroes who can push us out of range of our ult (the last fourth ability of the hero in the game, at level 6).

Itembuild (buildup)

Phase Boots (Phase) — boots for the hero’s carry. Increase armor and damage.

Power Treads (PT) is an alternative to Phase Boots. These boots have additional attack speed

Maelstrom (Maelshtopm) and Mjollnir (Mjolnir) — this item is designed more for farming than for fighting. If you see that the enemy is playing cautiously, then it is better to buy Maelstrom.

Diffuzy Blade (Diffuse) — Increases our dps very much + allows you to slow down the target, so that it will not go anywhere from us.

Black King Bar (BKB) — This item is a must for Monkey King in any game, as it is very vulnerable against magic damage, and especially against disables .

Skull Basher (Basher) and Abyssal Blade (Abyssal) — if you don’t want opponents to run away from you in the late game, then this item is required. Abyssal Blade gives a chance to stun the enemy, Abyssal will immobilize the enemy target.

Butterfly (Butterfly) is a sought-after item with the agility stat. Gives an abyss of damage, as well as a chance to dodge an enemy attack. When used, it increases our movement speed for a short period of time, but removes the chance of avoiding an attack.

Monkey King Bar (MKB) – a required item if there are characters with a chance to dodge in the enemy team.

+ Hero Pros +

The most important thing is more practice. Experiments. Analyze and notice how to fix bugs or some game plots. This is necessary for success in the game on Monkey King and on any other hero. In this guide (guide) only significant moments of the game and tips are described. They will help you sort out some of the details and raise your level on the Manley King character.

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