Top 10 players with the highest mmr in Dota 2

TOP 10 players with the highest MMR in DotA 2 Дота

Since Valve introduced the rating system in Dota 2, many players have started to compete among themselves for the right to be the best. Every new year, craftsmen surprise us with their skill, reaching more and more peaks in the numerical values ​​of the rating. At the time of writing, there are only 10 people in the world who have reached the mark of 11k MMR. For you, we have prepared the top players with the highest numerical MMRs, and also went through the history of each of them.

11k MMR Club

This is the 1st issue in a series of articles about the first players to reach new milestones in rating points. You can view all editions by clicking on the links below.

May 12, 11:15

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The first 12k MMR was raised by T1 − 23savageIn 2023, only 24 players in the world were able to reach 12k MMRThe mark of 13k was conquered by only two players

Time goes by, and Dota 2 players continue to break MMR records. Only a little less than 10 months have passed since the previous eleven thousand milestone. Worthy of note is the fact that Abed, who was first in the race to 10,000 and 11,000 rating points, was not awarded the title of «king of the hill» for the third time. Who has the highest MMR and who was the first to reach the coveted 12k MMR? Read about all this in our new article!

TOP 10 players with the highest MMR in DotA 2


This is our second issue of a series of articles about the first players who reached new MMR marks. All editions are available via the links below.

MMR in DotA 2 is of great importance to the community. A record high rating is the ticket to esports. There are often not enough free agents who could be called to play on the team. Therefore, many teams resort to the leaderboard to find new ambitious players. The top 100 of this table have a high chance of being invited to a test period in various stakes and organizations. The leaderboard is divided into 4 main regions — America, Europe, Southeast Asia, China.

TOP 10 players with the highest MMR in DotA 2

MMR leaderboard for each region, early 2023

Not so long ago we already talked about the top players with the highest rating, it’s time for a new TOP, because last week one of the players from Southeast Asia broke a new record, reaching the milestone of 12k MMR. By asking the question: «Who has the highest MMR»? You will probably answer: «Abed». I hasten to disappoint you — the new record holder in the race up to 12k MMR is a no less promising player from the T1 team — 23savage.

TOP 10 players with the highest MMR in DotA 2

23savage 12k MMR

The uncharted mark of 12k MMR has already been reached. Judging by the pace, this year we can expect another new milestone — 13,000. From now on, every new player who joins the 12k MMR club will appear in our TOP.

Talon Esports

TOP 10 players with the highest MMR in DotA 2

Team Secret

Match Making Rating, or MMR for short, is a numerical value that reflects a player’s skill level. It is primarily used in Dota to match an opponent of equal strength in ranked games. Officially, the rating system appeared in Dota 2 in 2013, and since then, every subsequent year, enthusiasts set new records, first reaching the milestone of 9k, then 10k, and finally 11k MMR. Nowadays, high MMR helps young talented players to express themselves and break into eSports. It was the high rating number that helped some players from today’s TOP to get into a good team and earn a decent amount, both from prize tournaments and organizations’ salaries. In this article, we have collected for you the top 10 players with record high MMR.

10th place — Liquid. Taiga

The fourth position player of Team Liquid — Tommy Taiga Lee was the first in his team to reach 11k MMR.

The current Team Liquid roster has been in the current roster for almost 3.5 years. This is the longest-playing five players among all existing professional teams. Taiga is one of the strongest position 4 players, he pulled out Liquid more than once when the situation seemed completely hopeless. The match with Virtus Pro in the Leipzig major is worth a lot, when Taiga almost solo defended the falling throne by making an ultra-kill.

9th place — QCY. Quinn

Quincy crew mid is the ninth player in the world and the second in North America to reach the 11k MMR mark.

The recognition of this player was brought by the game as part of the OpTic Gaming organization in 2017-2018, during this period Quinn was better known under other pseudonyms — CC&C and CCnC. That roster consisted of quite media personalities — ppd, zai, MiSeRy, Pajkatt. After The International 2018, where the OpTic Gaming roster took 7-8th place, the team was disbanded, and the players scattered to different organizations. Quinn managed to play in four bands in a year. Since September 2019, he has been a member of the Quincy crew, which has been dominating American tournaments in recent months.

8th place — EG. Arteezy

One of the most media players of the Dota 2 pro-scene from the Evil Geniuses team — Arteezy became the eighth dotter in the world and the first in North America to reach 11k MMR.

Artisi is from Uzbekistan, now lives in Canada. He started his professional career in 2013. The first successful stack that Arteezy managed to get into was S A D B O Y S. Lineup at that time: Fear, UNiVeRsE, Arteezy, ppd, zai. I am sure you will recognize this roster, because two months after its founding in 2014, they will be signed by the American organization Evil Geniuses. In two and a half years, Artisi left for Team Secret 2 times and returned to EG 2 times. From September 2016 to this day he has been a player of Evil Geniuses. It is noteworthy that Quinn, the mid-laner of the American roster of the Quincy crew, was only 1 position behind in the rating table.

7th place — TNC. Gabby

TNC team carry Gabbi is the 7th player in the world and the 4th player in Southeast Asia to reach 11k MMR. The talented Malaysian player gained the last rating points for classic safe lane heroes.

Career of cybersport starts in 2016. For several years of performances, the player managed to light up in not the most popular teams in Southeast Asia — Acion Arena, Execration, Clutch Gamers, Team Admiral. In September 2018, Gabby joins TNC Predator. Exactly one year later, two more new players join the ranks of the team — March and kpii. The updated roster shows quite good results, earning a record high prize money for the organization in 2019. After winning the MDL Chengdu Major, where the strongest teams of that time took part, TNC guaranteed themselves almost a 100% hit at The International 2020. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the team has dipped a lot in form, perhaps the lack of motivation is to blame, because all the majors, the minors and even the International itself were cancelled. Recently, the captain himself, March, left the team. At the time of writing, there are 4 players in the roster.

6th place — EG. Cr1t

The second player from the American roster of Evil Geniuses with 11,000 MMR. He is one of the strongest and most experienced position four calipers to date. In public, Crete usually plays in the usual roaming position, but often sits on a three or goes to mid.

The finest hour of Crete began in 2015 after joining a new team at that time — Monkey Business. The roster consisted of the current stars of the DotA 2 scene: Miracle, N0tail, MoomMeander, Cr1t, Fly. Two months later, the team tag changes, from now on the players represent the new organization OG. In the 2015-2016 competitive season, OG are dominating the pro scene. Having taken three majors out of three possible, the community prophesied the victory of OG at The International 2016. Unfortunately, OG failed at the main tournament of the year, taking 9-12th place. After the unsuccessful performance of the roster, the team lost three players at once — Miracle, MoomMeander and Cr1t became free agents. A month after TI16, Krit was invited to Evil Geniuses, where he plays to this day.

5th place — T1. Karl

The TOP-5 of our list is closed by the Filipino player from the organization T1, the former mid-laner of the Geek Fam team — Karl. About a month ago, he reached 11k rating points.

After the disbandment of Geek Fam in September of this year, Karl was invited to the Zerothreetwo Dota team, but left the team three weeks later. Currently a member of the T1 organization. The Filipino player cannot boast of a rich eSports career, perhaps his finest hour will come. It is curious that Carl was able to reach the mark of 10k MMR only on September 18 of this year, and after 3 weeks, on October 9, he becomes the fifth player in a row to reach 11k.

4th place — VP. epileptick1d

Member of the former VP squad. Prodigy, and now the main Virtus Pro roster epileptick1d became the fourth player in the world who managed to break through the mark of 11 thousand MMR. It took the talented young talent a little more than two months to climb the last thousand in the rating. At the moment, he is the second player from the CIS with a record high RMM.

He started his career as a professional player relatively recently — in September 2019. At that time, a large organization from the CIS — Virtus Pro lost the players of the first and third positions. In search of a replacement, the Virtus Pro team decides to try out players from the top 100 of the leaderboard. Epileptick1d, which at that time had a rather high MMR, was taken for a test period. Together with him, another inexperienced player from the public, Epileptic’s friend Save, sat down on the fourth position. Due to unsatisfactory results, both players were sent to the reserve, and later the Virtus Pro organization announced the opening of a second youth squad — VP. Prodigy with epileptick1d and Save. Currently, the youth team is showing good results. From the latest achievements — the second place at the OGA Dota PIT, where the team lost to Team Secret in the final.

3rd place — VP. gpK

Closes the top three is another representative from the CIS and already the second Virtus Pro player on our list, who joined the 11k MMR club.

GpK for the first time seriously declared itself at the qualifications for The International 2019 as part of Vega Squadron. The team finished in third place, losing in the lower bracket to Natus Vincere, who subsequently advanced to the main stage of the tournament. The player was noticed by the Gambit organization, and after the end of TI9 a contract was signed with gpK. The roster of Gambit in the new competitive season looked like this: Dream, gpK, XSvamp1Re, Shachlo and Fng. The team’s achievements include 2nd place at ESL One Hamburg 2019, and 3rd place at ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational Singapore. The Virtus Pro team tried to lure this player into their main roster, but the organizations could not agree on the amount of the buyout. GPC really wanted to play in the VP, but could not leave the organization due to contractual obligations, so he decides on an extreme measure — going inactive. For a long time nothing was heard about this player, finally, in August 2020, the contract expired, and on November 1, gpK was signed by the VP youth team. Prodigy, now the main lineup of Virtus Pro. It is noteworthy that at the time of writing, GPC has a top 1 rating in the Americas leaderboard.

2nd place — VG. 23savage

One of the youngest and most promising esportsmen in Southeast Asia, 23savage became the second player in the race to 11000 MMR. Currently listed as a member of the organization from China — Vici Gaming.

This 18-year-old top position player has already made a name for himself, fighting for a year under the Fnatic banner. At the moment, 23savage is listed as a member of the organization from China — Vici Gaming. There are no serious achievements on the account of this player yet, let’s see how the career of a young cybersportsman will develop.

1st place — EG. Abed

The Evil Geniuses team is rightfully the record holder in terms of the number of players in the roster with 11k MMR. The midlaner from Southeast Asia managed to be the first in the world to reach the previously unknown ranking numbers. It is worth noting that this Filipino player was also the first to break the 10k MMR milestone. The most popular heroes in public are Meepo, Invoker, Ember Spirit and Shadow Fiend. Surprisingly, the win rate for Meepo out of about 500 games is 73%.

Abed’s career started in 2015, but he became famous in doter circles only a few years later, playing as part of the Fnatic team. Two years later, after a disastrous performance at TI9, Abed leaves Fnatic and becomes a free agent. Evil Geniuses, who at that time lost two players, start looking for a midlaner and offlaner. One of the most media Russian players Ramzes666 was invited to the role of the third position, Abed took the role of the central position. With the new roster, EG managed to take second place in two tournaments — ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational Singapore and DreamLeague Season 13. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Abed is unable to play from the Philippines on American servers due to high ping. The player has been inactive for the last six months.

At the time of writing, only 10 players have 11k MMR:

Will there be a new favorite in the 12k MMR race, or will Abed become the leader of the leaderboard again? We will definitely write about all this in future articles dedicated to the first players with 12k MMR.

TOP-1 — Talon. 23savage

A young and promising player who became the first in the world to reach 12k MMR. Currently a T1 team carry.

TOP 10 players with the highest MMR in DotA 2

We already wrote about this player in the last selection, because he managed to take silver in the race to the 11,000 barrier. 23savage became famous in many ways thanks to playing in the Fnatic team. After leaving the roster, due to global reshuffles, the talented player was called to Vici Gaming, however, he did not play a single official match under the flags of the Chinese team 23savage, and at the start of the DPC leagues he was left without a team at all. During the qualifiers for the Major, 23savage played a couple of games as a stand-in in the BOOM Esports organization, and later was invited to the T1 roster, which advanced to the Wild Card of the Major from the third place in the South Asian Region Top Division, and now plays for Talon.

TOP-2 — JaCkky

The former carry of the Southeast Asian team — T1, became the second player in his region and the second player in the world who managed to raise 12k MMR.

TOP 10 players with the highest MMR in DotA 2

JaCkky first appeared on the professional stage in June 2018. For almost 3 years, he managed to test himself in many little-known tier-3.4 stacks, but they paid attention to him only at the beginning of 2020, when the player began to play under the Motivate tag. trust gaming. The composition lasted less than a year and was able to demonstrate good results. Among the major achievements is the victory at BTS Pro Series Season 3: Southeast Asia and DOTA Summit 13 Online: Southeast Asia, both tournaments were held online and the participants included the strongest teams from Southeast Asia at that time. JaCkky was noticed by a large T1 organization, more famous in League of Legends player circles, which was just about to open a Dota 2 division. As part of T1, this player managed to get into the Wild-Card of the Major, finishing third in the Top Division in his region. But, shortly before the start of ONE Esports Singapore Major, Jackie was kicked from the team. His place was taken by the same 23savage.

TOP-6 — VtFaded

Malaysian-born player vtFaded managed to finish fourth among Southeast Asian players and sixth in the world in the race for 12k MMR!

TOP 10 players with the highest MMR in DotA 2

Cheng Ji Hao, better known as vtFaded, is a first and second position player from the Southeast Asian region. During his four-year career, the player played in a variety of tier-2 and tier-3 teams, without showing outstanding results. 9th-12th place at MDL Chengdu Major 2019 as part of Ehome and 17th-18th place at The International 2019 as part of Chaos Esports Club are the only achievements of the player in tier-1 tournaments. The latest vtFaded team is Team SMG with MidOne in the roster. Since August 2021, the performance of the Malaysian player could be observed in the Ragdoll team, which has just formed and has already established itself well in its native region. It is likely that we will see vtFaded as part of the new stack in the 2021-2022 DPC season.

TOP-4 — NothingToSay

Malaysian mid player from PSG team. LGD — NothingToSay was the third player in his region and the fourth player in the world to join the 12k MMR club.

TOP 10 players with the highest MMR in DotA 2

20-year-old Cheng Jin Xiang with the nickname NothingToSay is a fairly young player in the Dota 2 scene. He started his career in esports in 2018 and in 3 years managed to show up in the following teams: WarriorsGaming. Unity (with Nikobaby), Geek Fam and Ehome. At the time of this writing, he is a PSG midlaner. LGD, which made it to the group stage of the upcoming AniMajor. Achievements include victories in the DPL-CDA Professional League Season 1 and DPL-CDA Professional League Season 2 tournaments as part of Ehome, victories in China Dota2 Pro Cup Season 1, CDA-FDC Professional Championship, CDA-FDC Professional Championship Season 2 as part of PSG. LGD. The best result in international tournaments is 3rd place at ONE Esports Singapore Major 2021 with PSG. LGD.

TOP-3 — Quinn

Quincy Crew mid player Quinn, also known as CCnC, won the bronze medal in the 12k MMR race.

TOP 10 players with the highest MMR in DotA 2

Former OpTic Gaming, paiN X, Forward Gaming player Quinn Quinn Callahan is rightfully considered one of the best midlaners in North America. He has long been at the top of the regional leaderboard, and passed his last 11k MMR milestone as ninth in the world or third in North America. Quinn has been on the Quincy Crew team since September 2019, which is the second DPC season in a row in the CA region, taking 2nd place in the standings after Evil Geniuses. Unfortunately, at the ONE Esports Singapore Major, the team failed to show its maximum, finishing 9th-12th. This is due to the forced replacement of the player just before the start of the Major.

TOP-7 — Yatoro

Champion of The International 2021 as part of Team Spirit — Yatoro became the youngest owner of 12k MMR!

TOP 10 players with the highest MMR in DotA 2

Ilya Yatoro Mulyarchuk was born on March 12, 2003 and is the youngest player in the selection. The professional path of an esportsman starts in the summer of 2020, in the position of a carry in the Yellow Submarine stack. After four months of performances, all team players were signed by the Russian organization Team Spirit. They played with varying success in the region, but after replacing so bad with Mira, the team began to show good results and in the second season DPC won a place in the group stage of the Major in Kiev, losing only to Virtus Pro in a bitter struggle. Alas, at the lan tournament Team Spirit barely made it out of the group, having won in replays against Team Liquid, and then immediately flew out in the first round of the playoffs. The points earned did not allow Spirit to get a direct invite to TI10, the team again had to pass the most important test in the form of the CIS qualifiers. The final with Team Empire ended with a close score of 3:2 in favor of the Dragons, and then the scenario is already known to all Dota fans — the guys from Team Spirit sensationally become the champions of The International 2021! Yatoro, not only became one of the richest esportsmen in less than 1.5 years of his career, but also surprised with an extensive pull of carry heroes (14 heroes, 6 of which were picked twice), and set a record for the number of Rampages in the championship as part of a series of tournaments T.I. Having reached 12k MMR, Yatoro once again proved to everyone that he is rightfully considered the strongest player in the carry position this season, and possibly next.

To date, only 24 players have been able to take 12k MMR:

Although the players from Southeast Asia have been dominating in recent years, getting first to the record values ​​of the rating, sooner or later it will end. Who knows, maybe our compatriot will be the first in the race up to 13,000 MMR.

TOP-5 — gpK

Center player of the team Virtus. Pro — gpK became the first representative from the CIS with a rating of 12,000.

TOP 10 players with the highest MMR in DotA 2

Danil gpK Skutin is considered one of the best mid players in the CIS. Over the past year, gpK has gone from 10k rating to 12k, becoming third in the race to 11k MMR, and fifth in the race to 12k MMR. At a modest 19 years old, he has already managed to play for the following organizations: Vega Squadron, Gambit Esports, VP. Prodigy and Virtus. Pro, in which he plays to this day. At the main international Dota 2 tournament — The International 10 gpK as part of Virtus Pro, he stopped at 5-6th place, which is an excellent result for such a young and inexperienced team.

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