Trap-rattling clockwerk builds

Trap-rattling Clockwerk builds Дота

-0.25s Battery Assault Interval

Debuff Immunity Inside Power Cogs

+75 Rocket Flare Damage

Rocket Flare True Sight

+24 Battery Assault Damage

+2 Power Cogs Hit To Kill

-3s Power Cogs Cooldown

-2s Rocket Flare Cooldown



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Rattletrap, the Clockwerk

Rattletrap descends from the same far-flung kindred as Sniper and Tinker, and like many of the Keen Folk, has offset his diminutive stature through the application of gadgetry and wit. The son of the son of a clockmaker, Rattletrap was many years apprenticed to that trade before war rode down from the mountains and swept the plains villages free of such innocent vocations. » Your new trade is battle,» his dying father told him as the village of their ancestors lay in charred and smoking ruins.

It is a poor tradesman who blames his tools, and Rattletrap was never one to make excuses. After burying his father among the ruins of their village, he set about to transform himself into the greatest tool of warfare that any world had ever seen. He vowed to never again be caught unprepared, instead using his talents to assemble a suit of powered Clockwerk armor to make the knights of other lands look like tin cans by comparison. Now Rattletrap is alive with devices, a small but deadly warrior whose skills at ambush and destruction have risen to near-automated levels of efficiency. An artisan of death, his mechanizations make short work of the unwary, heralding a new dawn in this age of warfare. What time is it? It’s Clockwerk time!

Launching himself into enemies with his grappling hookshot, Clockwerk isolates targets and blasts them apart with disorienting shrapnel. As he scouts the battlefield with his handy flares, he never has trouble finding targets to send himself toward.

Discharges high-powered shrapnel at random nearby enemy units, dealing minor magical damage and mini-stun.

Cast Point 0

Cast Backswing 0

Some of Rattletrap’s contraptions don’t quite work correctly, so detonating them proves useful as an offensive maneuver.

Forms a barrier of energized cogs around Clockwerk, trapping any units that are near. Allies in the cogs when they are created receive a magic damage barrier. Enemies outside the trap that touch a cog are knocked back, losing health and mana. Once a cog has delivered a shock, it will power down. Cogs can be destroyed by enemy attacks, but Clockwerk can destroy them with just one.

Cast Point 0.2

Cast Backswing 0.5

One of Clockwerk’s inventions of which he is most proud is the power cog—though it is sometimes despised by his allies.

Fires a global range flare that explodes over a given area, damaging enemies and providing vision for few seconds.

Cast Range Global

Cast Point 0.3

What started as a festive display has become a useful scouting and bombardment tool.

Fires a grappling device rapidly at the target location. If the hook hits a unit, Clockwerk launches himself into the target, stunning and dealing damage to everyone in a radius around the target hit. Any enemies Clockwerk collides with along the way are damaged and stunned.

Cast Range 2000/2500/3000

A somewhat unwieldy device, the Hookshot sends the otherwise clunky Clockwerk armor flying through the air.

Supercharges Clockwerks abilities: Battery Assault affects all enemies in it’s range; Clockwerk’s attack speed in Power Cogs is increased; Rocket Flares have a reduced cooldown and fire additional rockets to either side of the target; Hookshot stun radius and duration is increased. Clockwerk becomes stunned after the duration runs out.

Rattletrap understands the limitations of his armor. Just as he understands the risks of pushing past them in times of need.

Clockwerk activates a jetpack, gaining flying movement, flying vision, and bonus movement speed. Clockwerk has a severely-limited turn rate during this time and cannot attack. Jetpack is cancelled upon casting Hookshot.

Cast Backswing 0.53

Trap-rattling Clockwerk builds

Takes 1 damage from attacks, except for the caster who always destroys it in 1 hit.

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