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For whom is the product suitable for solo arbitrage specialists or a team?

Suitable for both. From the team functionality, it is still possible to send profiles, but the stable version will have full-fledged work in teams, also with very powerful functionality

Why Ultimate Orb?

Ultimate Orb — designed specifically for affiliates, taking into account all their needs.

After seeing the product itself, you will answer this question yourself. Unparalleled user experience thanks to a very powerful interface and a new anti-detect technology that no one else had before

Ultimate Orb is a breakthrough in the history of anti-detect browsers, despite the fact that the product is in alpha testing, it is already quite stable. Not to try it will be your biggest mistake, especially since now you can get the product for free just by writing to the support

Ultimate Orb is a new era in browser anti-detection. Antidetect browser is one of the main tools in traffic arbitration, which is necessary for every media buyer. Almost half of the success of traffic flow depends on its stability and functionality.

In this review, we’re going to take a look at a newly developed antique, the Ultimate Orb, which won the hearts of its beta testers from the very beginning. What makes it special and why do we consider it the best product on the market? Read below 🙂

The success of browser anti-detection depends on two things: its effectiveness and convenience for a particular affiliate. It happens that antique does its job well, but it is so inconvenient and impractical that it is easier for affiliates to choose a more expensive or worse option, but work comfortably. And it happens the other way around — the browser is as convenient and comfortable as possible, but it does not cope with its main function.

Today we will talk about the new Ultimate Orb antidetect browser. The creators say that this is not just an antique, but a «perfect mechanism» that will change the approach to work.

Our goal is to see what Ultimate Orb is like and also run it through popular checkers to make sure it works.

There is no 100% perfect antique. At different periods of time, the same antidetect browser will fire in front of advertising sites or work perfectly.

The advantage of Ultimate Orb is that real user fingerprints are used for work, which means that the chance of getting banned is significantly reduced. In addition, developers understand that a 100% unique trace does not exist and adhere to this principle in the implementation of browser anti-detection functions.

As for convenience, Ultimate Orb can be rated 4.5-5 points out of 5. The interface is very simple, user-friendly and convenient. You can automate a number of actions, it is very easy to manage a large number of tabs. When the browser leaves beta, it will be 100% convenient for many affiliates.

What do you need to know about Ultimate Orb before you get started?

Ultimate Orb is a new generation anti-detection browser that can be used in traffic arbitration, SMM and multi-accounting. Antique has workspaces for convenience and separation of projects, and the principle of operation is based on the use of real prints, and not the generation of new ones.

Why is using real prints a plus and not a minus? Arbitrators who have been working for a long time know that there are no 100% unique devices. Certain fingerprints match even on different computers that are located in opposite parts of the world. But many antiques make the digital footprint too unique. This causes antispam systems to trigger even more on accounts created from such profiles. Consequently, affiliates get banned more often, profiles fly out for various checks, time and money are wasted.

Ultimate Orb has thought of this — when you create a new account, you look like a real person to the system, and not a user who hides his identity.

Ultimate Orb Tariffs

Ultimate Orb antidetect browser has two plans: free and PRO. As part of the free plan, you can create an unlimited number of workspaces, work with two profiles, use free configurations, real prints, and set up substitutions.

In the PRO tariff you have access to:

The cost of the tariff depends on the period for which you buy a subscription. For example, if you buy a subscription for a day, you pay $20 per day, if you buy for a month, the cost of a day drops to $3.3 per day, and if you buy for 3 years, you pay $2.1 per day. When buying for a period of six months or more, you get access to a private chat with the developer, priority problem solving and early access to updates.

It is possible to work in a team, then subscription to antiques will be even cheaper. Ultimate Orb is currently in beta testing, so the subscription price is 33% lower than it will be after release.

When you first launch the browser, you are greeted with such an authorization window — convenient and concise 🙂

After a quick registration, we are met by a very helpful guide, you immediately understand what is where and what it is for — must-haves for beginners

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I did not insert all the training here, everyone will be able to appreciate it by downloading the browser. I do not advise you to skip it, it is very useful, right from the very beginning the browser showed itself. Go ahead.

Control panel interface

The interface is very simple and clear, everything is signed because of this, it is immediately clear where you will go by clicking on this or that button

SettingsThe browser has a wide range of settings, from security settings to customizing the appearance of the browser, you can change the color theme of the interface (light, dark), also change the quality of the interface, and you can set the default page scale

Spaces — virtual desktops for working with profiles. Profile Hub is a really cool thing for managing profiles. All profiles are in one place, you can see running and stopped. And by clicking on the “tabs” icon, you can see a visual preview of the pages. You can also mass start and stop profiles

Create and customize profiles

Creating a perfectly tuned profile is within the range of 1 to 9 clicks. This is approximately 3 to 13 seconds. The rest of the time can be spent on more useful things. And such finest profile settings allow you to configure everything your heart desires) It is impossible not to notice that the sites inside the profile load very quickly, it’s hard not to say this, since many popular antiquities slow down a little.

From above, we have already shown the interface of the panel, where it was clear that there are hubs, namely: configurations, connections, profile data — this is all a lot of information that is difficult to systematize.

Let’s consider each one separately: Config Hub All the configs that you used get into the config hub, they can be easily used later when creating new profiles. You can also find a pool with free configs here.

Connection Hub Similar to the previous hub, all used connections are located here and can be easily used later. Also here, if desired, you can create a connection manually.

Data center There are Cookies and other data in the data center, you can view everything using different profiles, it is very convenient to work with them here, you can both export and import

The loader is generally very cool, with validation, I have never seen anything like this before

HistoryOddly enough, the browser has a history that you can even export if you wish.

Ultimate orb

BookmarksIt’s impossible not to say that there are bookmarks in the browser)

Most of the known hotkeys for the browser are standard, but if you wish, you can easily change them, and you can also assign a keyboard shortcut for each section, this will greatly help to facilitate the work and speed it up.

Every time we mention anti-detect browsers somewhere, we do not miss the opportunity to tell how important and necessary a tool in traffic arbitration is, in fact, everyone needs it. Given that the antidetect is the main assistant in the work, a lot depends on its quality, stability and functionality, in particular, the direct success of the advertising campaign itself.

In our material, we will talk about the young, but already managed to earn a lot of good reviews, the Ultimate Orb anti-detect browser. What are its features, advantages and disadvantages, how much will it cost to use and how to get started as soon as possible — all this and much more in our today’s review.

Why does an affiliate marketer need an anti-detect browser?

It doesn’t matter which anti-detect browser you prefer to use (by the way, there are really a lot of them, whether you listen to our recommendations is up to you, we strongly recommend trusting only proven tools) the goals and functions that will be performed with its help , will be identical:

Why pay attention to Ultimate Orb?

Everyone is used to the way popular anti-detects look like — this is a kind of shell that copies browser windows, as if you were running many portable browsers. Orb is a completely different solution, which makes it quite unique — all work with profiles takes place in tabs without copying windows, which is incredibly convenient.

Ultimate orb

The browser was designed and launched specifically for affiliates and has a huge number of cool features, literally, to cover all your needs.

In fact, in order not to be unfounded, we advise you to try, but once you immerse yourself in the work, and the interface, technologies used and support make it convenient, you will no longer want to leave.

At the time of writing our review, two different tariffs are available:

The PRO version will cost the user $100 and includes exactly 30 days of use. If you wish, you can buy several months of use at once, receiving an additional discount. You can pay for the tool in several ways, for example: PayPal (problems with accounts from Russia are possible), MasterCard, Visa, Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies.


When using the service, you can change user fingerprints, which makes your work even more secure. So you can choose a ready-made set (device, desired characteristics, and so on) and use it in your work.

Ultimate Orb is also unique in terms of substitutions. The developers themselves call it the “MultiSig Browser”, emphasizing the difference between the technology used and the noise that is used in conventional antidetects. Here you will get only natural prints with the right uniqueness, which is not available in any other solution. Of course, this has a positive effect on the results of work.

You can check the uniqueness (which should not be 100% or “No data”) on such popular checkers as: https://browserleaks.com/canvashttps://pixelscan.net/frequency

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Ultimate orb


Ultimate Orb allows you to use absolutely any kind of connection with a multithreaded format. In addition, he can create chains of connections.

Teamwork VS solo referee

Ultimate Orb is suitable both for team work and for a single arbitrator. The functionality available for teams is still scarce — sending profiles to other users is available, but over time, the developers promise to expand this range.

Ultimate Orb Features

Follow the simple built-in instructions to install the browser and complete the registration. When you open the browser for the first time, you will be presented with a short guide on how to use the tool. For beginners, it will certainly help to figure out where and what is located.


You shouldn’t have any problems using the interface, even if you decide to skip the tutorial. Everything is signed and it is immediately clear where to go when you press a button. In addition, most of the blocks have a tooltip (a question in a circle), so if you do not understand the purpose of the function, just click there.

The developer also uploads tutorial videos to youtube. As the product website says, it only takes 15 minutes to work like a pro. The videos are in English, but there are Russian subtitles. In general, everything is absolutely clear.

Browser and profile settings

When using Ultimate Orb, you can set absolutely everything so that your work is as convenient as possible. Starting with security settings and adaptation of the browser interface and ending with detailed profile settings when creating them.

In most cases, you do not need to enter anything at all, except for the profile name and connection data — by default, the browser suggests using the correct configuration.

New profiles are created and adjusted very quickly, and narrower settings allow you to work out the profile in detail if necessary.


Spaces are virtual workspaces where all work with profiles takes place. Profile Control is the main profile management desktop inside Space.

All created profiles, running and paused, are available here. The main workspace for working with profiles contains a number of useful features — in particular, the unequivocal advantage of Ultimate Orb is the possibility of bulk actions.

This greatly speeds up routine work: — Mass start and stop of profiles — Mass check of connections

— Bulk IP Change — Bulk Assign Connections — Bulk Wipe Profile Data — Bulk Clone — Bulk Export Cookies — Bulk Upload Profiles — Bulk Pin Profiles

There is also a convenient system for filtering profiles by a variety of parameters, search, various sorting (for example, you can sort profiles both by creation date and by frequency or time of use), the ability to display favorite and most popular profiles.


In summary, we definitely recommend trying it, especially if you work with a large number of accounts. It’s a wonderful experience!

Config/Connection Hub(s)

In Config HUB you can find all the configs you used earlier in the “Config history” section. Free configs from the pool (Config pool) are also available here. Search and convenient filters are available, which will allow you to select the required configuration in a few clicks. When creating or editing profiles, you can use either a new config or any of the previously used ones.

In the Connection HUB (proxy manager) sections “Connection history” are available, in which all previously used connections are saved, as well as “My connections” — a workspace for importing connections with their subsequent quick use when creating new profiles or editing already existing. This is an incredibly convenient thing — in addition to the possibility of bulk importing connections from a file, it allows you to check hundreds of connections in one click, remove invalid proxies so that they do not accumulate. In addition, massive functions are available to the user, such as checking all connections and automatically deleting invalid entries. Cool!

Data Center

This section contains all data, including Cookies, you can view them separately for each profile using search and convenient sorting. In addition, data can be exported or imported. From our point of view, this is the most powerful engine for working with data among any similar products on the market. All for your convenience.

Ultimate orb

Ultimate Orb is really more than an antidetect (the developer’s advertising slogan). It clearly outperforms its competitors in the browser antidetect market in a number of ways. There is really noticeable attention to detail and an abundance of unique things.

The first thing that should be noted and what we have said several times is the convenience and ease of use. The correct uniqueness of substitutions, Magic import, Spaces, Hubs, the presence of history, bookmarks and tabs without copying windows certainly adds to the advantages of Ultimate Orb, since half of these tools are not available from competitive antidetects.

We believe that if you have been looking for a new anti-detect browser for a long time that will cover all your needs and also help in your work, then Ultimate Orb is one of the best tools on the market!

Discount promo code

Especially for our readers, we have prepared a promotional code «traffink», which will give a 10% discount on the first purchase or renewal of any tariff in the Ultimate ORB antidetect browser.


We are the first on the market to use only real device fingerprints without noise. Plus unprecedented interface functionality. Everyone uses only a wrapper to manage Chrome windows. We have a completely custom solution.

What will happen after the completion of alpha testing?

At the moment, the service is absolutely free, as it is at the stage of testing and improvement. The keys are distributed absolutely free of charge to everyone upon request.

After alpha testing, a commercial version is planned to be released. It will be a stable beta and will be sold at a discount. And after the beta, they promise to make prices quite affordable. We are sure that the price will not be higher than the market prices already familiar to you. And the beta itself will end only when the service is brought to the ideal.

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I’ll tell you a little about useful features

Smart tabsWhen several profiles are open, you can double-click on the colored bar to close and open them, you can also drag them between each other — it looks very cool and works beautifully)

Quick search for pages When tabs are open, there is a down arrow near the system buttons in the upper right, it opens a convenient menu with tabs and search — you can search for open pages very quickly

Checking Ultimate Orb in checkers

We’ve done several anti-detection tests on the Ultimate Orb browser to make sure it’s reliable. The results will be below.

Let’s note right away that we used free proxies that come with antique, so services can fire them during the test.

What is an antidetect browser for in general?

Antidetect Browser is a program that allows you to mask information about your browser and device by replacing a real digital fingerprint with the one you set up in Antidetect Browser. With the help of browser antidetect, you can register and work with a large number of accounts in one place and without bans.

Ultimate Orb browser antidetect review

Immediately after the launch, you will need to create an account:

Specify mail, nickname, agree with the rules:

After that, you need to verify your mail, the letter may end up in the Spam folder:

The last step is to set the password:

At the first launch, you will be offered to take a tutorial — it will help you get familiar with the interface and understand all the main functions. The training is quite detailed and understandable — they will show you all the necessary elements and tell you about the basic settings.

Immediately after you will be taken to the main page of the anti-detect browser. Let’s take a closer look at what’s here.

In the very left corner there is a menu button .

If you click on it, a navigation bar will appear in the left center.

Bookmarks — here you can bookmark sites to use them on profiles.

There is a filter by profiles, you can search for a bookmark by keywords, add a new bookmark or group bookmarks by folders.

History — the history of visited sites from all profiles.

It is possible to display history by profiles, search by keywords or export in .txt format. You can remove selected sites if you don’t want them to appear.

Downloads — the history of your downloads. There is a profile filter and keyword search.

Hotkeys — a list of all hotkeys and commands for quick anticom management.

Help Center — training, FAQ, version history, support. You can re-train at any time, see which versions were published and when, or write to support. Technical support works around the clock and responds promptly.

For convenience, we will duplicate the contacts of Ultimate Orb antique technical support:

Settings — all settings that are available to the user. You can adjust browser antidetect performance, enable two-factor authentication, select a default search engine, configure network, downloads, and more.

You can also renew your subscription in advance, the time will be automatically added to the remaining time.

You can create an unlimited number of spaces and profiles inside, and switch using a hotkey or two clicks.

Another button is to create a profile.

By clicking on it, you will be taken to the settings window, where you can configure all the prints and run the profile for work.

On the right is the search button for open tabs. If several profiles are running at the same time, you can find and open the desired page in just two clicks:

Creating a profile in Ultimate Orb

Let’s take a closer look at how profiles are created to work with Ultimate Orb. We press the button

and select «Create profile». There are four subsections in the opened window:

In the “General” section, you need to specify the name of the profile, you can add tags for convenience, change the color of the profile. In «Connection» you can connect a proxy. Connection types available:

You can import proxies in bulk, check the connection and remove invalid ones — all with one button. If you click on the two arrows to the right of the proxy, you can get to the Connect Hub:

Here are all your proxies, as well as connection history:

In the «Configuration» section, you can configure the fingerprint. To do this, click on the gear and monitor icon on the right, and then select the appropriate configuration from the available list.

You can import cookies in the Data & Settings section. There are two formats available: netscape and json. After creating the profile, click «Save and Run».

Launched profiles are displayed at the top of the antique:

If you double-click on a profile, then the tabs within this profile will be grouped and will not be displayed on the panel:

To launch inactive profiles, you need to go to the workspace and click on the green button:

There is a mass management of profiles — select the ones you need by checking the boxes next to them. A control panel will appear at the bottom: you can run profiles, pause, disable, check proxy connection, connect to proxy and perform other actions:

For example, with just one click you can export cokies or delete all data. You can clone profiles or hide tabs.

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