Update 7.34. new hero mechanics, lone druid rework, and more

Veil of Discord got a second life after patch 7.23. The item began to increase the damage from abilities, and did not reduce the resistance to magic, as before; this meant that spells with physical and pure (hello, Blood Rite) damage also worked. Along with this, Ring of Basilius replaced Helm of Iron Will in Veil’s component list — a more useful item for casters. In patch 7.27, Veil removed 5 from each attribute, increased cooldown and cut off 2% spell amplification, but at the same time they removed 500 gold from the price of the recipe. Now Veil is top for the money: for only 1525 coins, the hero gets a significant effect for the early stage, as well as useful stats and mana regen, which were on the lane even before Veil appeared.

Veil of Discord is still a very specific item for certain heroes, but in some strategies now it seems like an imbeit — just look at Secret’s offlane Bloodseeker. Let’s understand how and when the Veil works on the Omega League.

Heroes and assembly

Veil of Discord from 7.23 to 7.26 inclusive in the pro scene most often gathered on Puck, Phoenix, Sand King (when he was in the meta) and Jakiro. At the Omega League, Bloodseeker made him talk about the item, but other offlaners also take Veil — Sand King, Phoenix, occasionally Venomancer. Veil is also sometimes picked up on Jakiro, and outside of Europe Veil is still popular on mid Puck. Alliance went crazy, and in the series against EG in the losers bracket, they forced s4 to buy Veil on Abaddon and Ax.

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If a player decides to collect Veil of Discord, then it will be most effective to rush an item — you can only take Magic Stick/Wand and Boots of Speed ​​before it (the exception is mid Puck, which get Power Treads to the Veil). However, no one buys Crown or Ring of Basilius/Sage Mask with starting money, although Masks are extremely cheap now (175 coins), and Crown was taken at the beginning on Phoenix a month ago, when Meteor Hammer was brewed for the hero in every game.

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Naturally, Veil of Discord is taken for more than one hero in the team. As a rule, in the pro scene, they try to adjust the picks to get more ability damage if there is a hero with a potential Veil in the draft.

One of the most popular heroes right now is Tiny. The gem is great for drafting with Veil of Discord, as its magical proc and no 18% buff does a lot of damage. Leshrac has been showing up more frequently in Omega League in recent days, another hero that deals massive spell damage even without the Veil. Also with Veil of Discord, Jakiro (who doesn’t want to collect an item if someone can do it faster) or any Spirit looks great.

From the less popular heroes under Veil — Invoker, Timbersaw, Visage (Matumbaman once independently collected an item on this hero), Elder Titan, Witch Doctor and others. There are many options, in fact.


To understand the effect of Veil of Discord, you need to do mathematical calculations.

With the offline Bloodseeker, everything is pretty clear. I already gave a link to the text about this hero, so I’ll say it briefly: Blood Rite level 4 (that is, at lvl 8-9 Bloodseeker) under Veil of Discord deals 354 pure damage in AOE every 12 seconds — this is without Bloodrage, which increases damage even more by 15-30% depending on the level of pumping. A pack of Bloodseeker will almost push for Blood Rite under Veil — there will be 1-2 hits left for each melee creep (again, depending on Bloodrage).

Casting Tiny with Avalanche and Toss level 4 (no talent for +80 Avalanche damage at 15) deals 1290 magic damage; if the target is under Veil, then 1522 damage. Leshrac with Pulse Nova (ult) level one will deal 200 more damage over 11 seconds, and Diabolic Edict level 4 will sell 316 more damage to a single target — thanks to spell amp instead of reducing magic resistance. Burrowstrike level 4 damage from Sand King is 330, and Epicenter level 2 damage is 1132, that is, a total of 1460 magical AOE damage. Let’s add here the increased damage from Sandstorm. The bonus will be Caustic Finale’s increased damage for farming and pushing. Puck takes an extra 100 damage when casting Illusory Orb and level 4 Wanin Rift — that’s without the 12% spell damage talent. And without Dreamcoil.

In the meantime, I remind you that Veil of Discord costs 1.5k gold, appears early, is very convenient to collect, gives stats and aura of mana regen.


In the end, it’s worth taking a look at Veil of Discord’s tournament statistics.

Since the release of 7.23, Veil’s win rate has been staggering at various tournaments: at Dreamleague Season 13 (major in Leipzig) it was 41%, but if it was collected up to 15 minutes inclusive (31 cases out of 51), the win rate was already 55% . On ESL One LA Online, the overall win rate was also low (42%), but it rose above 50% only if Veil was going to 14 minutes, which is very early in that meta.

Omega League is also a good tournament for Veil. The overall win rate is 56%, with a build at 15 minutes and earlier — 60%. At the same time, now Veil is rushed more often (due to the low cost), so the item appears much earlier — this is especially important for Bloodseeker.

In the Cumulative column — the total number of purchases of the item by a certain minute, as well as the percentage of Veil wins if purchased by this minute. These numbers are what matter most.

The popularity of Veil of Discord in the Omega League can be determined by comparing the frequency of occurrence of this item with others. So the Veil is bought more often than Satanic, Orchid Malevolence, Assault Cuirass, Lotus Orb, Heaven’s Halberd and Spirit Vessel. Slightly ahead of her MKB, Eye of Skadi and Vanguard. Other popular artifacts for the team — Mekansm, Pipe of Insight, Vladmir’s Offering — are collected noticeably more often than Veil (the first — twice, the second and third — by 15%), but they are needed in almost every game.

All statistics in this part are from datdota.com.

The International 2023 Qual. 08:06. Completed

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Sand King Gomez

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Gamers8 2023. 13:49. Completed

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Update 7.34. New Hero Mechanics, Lone Druid Rework, and More

October 29, 2018, 13:39


In this Zeus guide, we will learn how to play as a powerful nuker — the god of thunder and lightning, with a unique ultimate that kills the enemy anywhere on the map — Zeus.

Who counters Zeus.

A nuker without an escape is afraid of silence, and Zeus is no exception (Silencer, Death Prophet, Earth Spirit, Techies, Skywrath Mage, Doom, Puck, Drow Ranger, Disruptor are heroes with silence that perfectly counter Zeus). In addition, strong carries with a disable or slow are a serious threat (Slark, Sven, Wraith King, Phantom Assassin, Riki, Drow Ranger, Night Stalker and others). Anti-Mage, Nyx Assassin, Pugna are the heroes that pose a serious threat to absolutely all nukers.

And finally. Ultimate! Zeus hits the face of all enemies on the map, except for those who are invisible, but reveals invisibility. The ultimate makes Zeus an excellent damage dealer in fights. You can press ult when the enemy is running away from you and he has few lives, but you can’t catch up with him. Zeus can help the team from anywhere on the map thanks to this ability.

Zeus skill build.

Leveling is based on obtaining a bolt (second skill) of maximum leveling to level 7. This way you will inflict maximum damage at the beginning of the game. It is also worth pumping the first and third ones by one for harassing enemies in the lane. This Zeus guide shows the basic leveling scheme, it can change depending on the situation.

Zeus is a very vulnerable hero at the early stage of the game, but +6 to armor will strengthen him well against unpleasant physical. damage dealers. At level 15, the choice of talent depends on the game. Against fat enemy characters, pump an additional 1% damage from the passive, and in all other cases, +40 movement speed will be more useful. At level 20, I most often take a talent for +0.5 seconds. stun from Lightning Bolt, which will make this ability a full-fledged stun. At level 25, a good choice for safe casting in fights is the +200 cast range talent.

How to play Zeus

With Zeus, you can go to mid, or you can go to support carry in the lane. But of course, Zeus reveals his full potential in the mid lane, so let’s go to the mid lane. The initial purchase is:

. Such a purchase will help you get a fast jar

. Play aggressively in the lane, don’t let your opponent farm, constantly harass him with the first and second skill, drink a can and don’t forget to check the runes. But don’t get too bold, don’t get close to the enemy, especially if it’s a pudge or some hero with a stun. They will quickly send you to the tavern because Zeus is very thin at the beginning of the game. And as soon as you get level 7, go gank to your allies!

Guide to Zeus in battle.

In battle, behave as carefully as possible, do not rush into a fight and start taking damage. Your task is to stand close to all the actions and give all your skills to this farce.

Also don’t forget to give your ultimate to help your allies even when you are far away from them.

What to collect for Zeus.

1) From slippers choose Arcane Boots

2) On the second slot, Zeus needs to collect an item that will give him mobility. It could be Blink Dagger

or Force Staff

Scythe of Vyse — A late game disable is essential and hex is a great choice! It will also give intelligence — the main attribute of Zeus.

At the end of the game, the purchase will look something like this:

Zeus Dota 2 guide has come to an end. In conclusion, I would like to say that the hero is not difficult and suitable for beginners. A good nuker, deals a huge amount of damage to enemies, an interesting character for a fan. Also the best character to calibrate MMR. Happy rampages guys!

Update 7.34. New Hero Mechanics, Lone Druid Rework, and More

DotA 2 pack guide — Puck

In this bastard on the pack, we’ll talk about the pack — Puck. Despite his cute appearance, this is a very vile creature, a certain dragon who God knows how many centuries from birth and he wants to destroy the whole world!

Who counters Puck

Park is afraid of two things — silence and a strong disable. Therefore, the heroes countering it will be the same: Silencer, Disruptor, Doom, Shadow Shaman, Lion, Batrider, Beastmaster, Pudge, Drow Ranger, Enigma, Magnus, Bane, Chaos Knight, Kunkka, Bloodseeker, Anti-Mage, Meepo, Skywrath Mage, Necrophos. As usual, control from all these heroes can be avoided by buying Black King Bar or Linken’s Sphere, but you still have to live to see them.

Ultimate is good because it is relevant at all stages of the game. Despite the low damage, the binding gives a microstun, you can shoot down the enemy anything, and when he tries to run away, a good stun will fly into him. Don’t be afraid to give an ultimate to one or two enemies if it gets you a frag. But the more enemies you have tied, the better of course for your team. The cooldown of the ultimate is quite small, which allows you to catch spree opponents very often.

Skill build Puck.

The emphasis in pumping Puck’s abilities should be done on the first skill, since it is the main skill for both damage and escape (in combination with shift). Next is maxi silence, which increases its duration with a new level. And at the very end, when you already have Blink Dagger in your inventory, you can also download Shift. It is worth postponing the pumping of the first talents to level 15-16, since they will not give you particularly strong bonuses.

Of the level 10 talents, you should choose +10 to intelligence (considering that you will be pumping this talent only at level 15), since by this time you should not have problems with survivability. From the level 15 talents I most often choose +8% spell damage, which with the purchase of Aghanim’s Scepter and Veil of Discord makes Pakak a powerful killer. At level 20, the choice of talent depends on the situation in the game. If the opponents have a lot of procast, which interferes with both you and your team, then it’s best to take -5 sec. recharge of the second ability. And in other games, the best option would be to upgrade the talent by +40% to the speed and distance of Illusory Orb. At level 25, the most coveted talent of all Packs is +420 gold per minute. But if you really have no problems with gold, then it would be simply awesome to take the talent to auto-attack all opponents associated with Dream Coil once every 0.6 seconds. With even one Mjollnir for this talent, you can deal a huge amount of damage to enemies.

Tactics of playing for Puck.

. Such a purchase will allow you to buy a bottle very quickly

. Pak is a great mid player, one of the best, so we’re going mid. We harass and humiliate the enemy in the lane, for a character like Pak this will not be difficult. Your task is to prevent the enemy from farming and farm for blink as quickly as possible

Let’s talk about this cool ability: this skill gives you a powerful advantage. There are many ways to use this skill.

1) You can dodge stuns, nukes and any heresy that enemies want to destroy us with. Look carefully at the enemy and as soon as he is about to throw something at you, press shift. Outcome: The enemy messed up and wasted mana 🙂

2) Often there is a situation when you exchange blows with an opponent. You will have an advantage if you miss one of his hits by pressing shift.

3) When the shift is pumped to the maximum, you are elusive, and even in the thick of things, when five people hit you, press shift, wait 3 seconds (this is the blink rollback time after the blow) and quickly blink away. The fact is that the shift duration is 3.25, and the blink rollback is exactly 3 seconds. A couple of workouts and you will succeed!

Pack guide, how to fight and participate in fights:

The first way: Jump on the enemies from the blink and press the second skill, so they won’t be able to focus you. Then we throw the first one through the enemies in the direction in which we want to leave, press the shift and follow

The second way: Throw the first skill at the enemies, teleport to it, press the second skill, go into shift and blink

from there to a safe distance.

What to collect pacu.

1) From the boot, the best option would be to buy

Power Threads. Despite the fact that Puck is very mana dependent, you will have a Bottle in your early purchase

Black King Bar is a defensive item against silences and disables. If the disables are single and directed, then it’s better to buy yourself a Linken’s Sphere

Shiva’s Guard — a lot of armor and intelligence, as well as a strong slowdown in the attack speed and movement of opponents. An excellent item combined with your initiation potential.

The final purchase will look something like this:

This is just an effective purchase option, suggest your builds in the comments!

Puck’s guide turned out to be quite informative. The hero is one of my favorites, he is very mobile and almost unkillable in direct hands. The hero is not suitable for beginners, so practice and only practice! You will succeed!

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