Visage dota

Visage dota Дота

Hidden ability guide.

How does Visage manage to be so fat and impenetrable? This is all thanks to the damage reduction from the passive. Gravekeeper’s Cloak is one of the most mysterious abilities in Dota. It has not changed conceptually since the first Dota, and has been in its current form since patch 7.00. But to be honest, even I never fully understood how it works at all. And how it is displayed visually, I generally found out just the other day!

User Adrian recently released a video on his channel in which he analyzed the ability in detail. The YouTuber went over how the damage reduction works, showed how the passive works against certain spells, and shared some tips on how to neutralize its effectiveness.

Level 3 Sonic Wave deals 550 true damage. But Visage with level 4 Gravekeeper’s Cloak will take only 110 damage.

Visage dota

Seriously? Why so few? Let’s understand how it works.

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Not enough ratings

Makeup from scratch

Detailed make-up guide for people who don’t have a lot of experience with this pen.

What you need for a comfortable game on Visage

First, assign the functions «Select a hero», «Select all other units», and «Select all your units» to the keys that are convenient for you. Optionally, you can assign one controlled group for the creep from the dominator, but you can do without it.

Where better to pick makeup

Visage is a hero that depends on the amount of experience much more than other heroes, so we go either to mid or solo hard against a very passive double.

And so, let’s start with what make-up is afraid of. First, any illusionists. Secondly, fat heroes that can kill birds: Ax, Centaur Warruner, Specter, Kunkka. Thirdly, just strong heroes against visage: Broodmother, Enchantress, Clinkz, Meepo, a competent Templar Assassin player.

How to stand on mid

To begin with, put one thought into your head — make-up up to level 6 CANNOT WIN MFA. Remember that you came to the mid for the exp, try harder to block the creeps, don’t be afraid to bring them under your tower, if you can’t last hit the creeps, then on cd let’s poke the opponent. But after the appearance of the sixth level, a real apocalypse begins, because the birds have SO MUCH damage that no one will survive it. And so, you and I are strategists, we will not immediately ult and run under t2 for a frag at 6 minutes. We will try harder to block the creeps so that our opponent goes down from his ladder to the river, there we will fine him, so to speak. I must say that by level 6, in any case, you should have a blight stone in your inventory (stone from a medal for 300), then the chance of killing will be much greater. As soon as the enemy went down to the river, wait until he comes up to finish off the creep, when he comes up, immediately ult and give the first one, if there is a medal, you throw it. It is important to ult before the first skill, otherwise the birds will spawn without the buff. When the slow action comes to an end, try to outrun the fleeing enemy with gargoyles and stun with a gargoyle, poke with a hero, stun again with a gargoyle, and only then throw the second one. If the enemy didn’t die, don’t worry, you now have free farm in the mid lane. You go to other lanes either up to level 10, when the enemy heroes have little hp, or after 12, when the birds will be the second level of pumping.

Make-up skill build solves something only up to level 8-9, then there is almost no difference. By level 6, you can have three build options: 2-1-2-1, 3-0-2-1, 2-2-1-1. Let’s consider all the upgrades separately: 2-1-2-1 — standard upgrade, which allows you not to sag on the mid lane in terms of HP. At the first level, we always download the first spell, it allows you to almost guaranteed to take away the long-range creep from the opponent, because by reducing the attack speed, the hit animation will become noticeably slower, after the last hit of the long-range creep, we will definitely give a couple of jabs at great speed. We take 2 skill only on the fifth and only in order to have enough damage on the sixth, very rarely 2 spell is taken at level 2 to bring down the clarity of such heroes as Zeus or Skymage. 3-0-2-1 — Rare pumping, which is used against heroes that we can’t kill in the mid lane, for example, against the mid alchemist. 2-2-1-1 — A more aggressive version of the first leveling, used against heroes that can throw all sorts of nasty things at you before dying, for example, against the huskar or skymage. It can also be used in a very active game against thin heroes, such as lina, sf, zeus. After level 6, start from the situation, if you get hit hard — max the passive, if there is not enough damage — max the second one.

And so, the most difficult part in the game for visage begins — to choose the right items. I advise you to experiment with different builds, in any case, you will choose the build yourself according to your playing style. Here are my two main builds: Build 1: The enemies have thin heroes and the team wants to fast-push. If you have heroes who start fighting and pushing early, then this build can be useful. In the starting purchase, we take a basil (Sage’s mask + Ring of protection) and two branches, we ask supports for two tangos. We are trying to farm Headdress and Gloves of haste as quickly as possible. After that, we buy ourselves Bight stone and Chaimail, dismantle the basil and collect the medal. Next, we finish the dominator. After that, we look at the situation on the map, if everything is fine, then we take Pipe of insight and Assault Cuirass, these items will greatly strengthen both the birds and the team. If everything is bad and you can’t fight, then we go to farm, try to catch lone supports. If you need control, for example, you are playing against a storm, you can take athos, it will give a lot of important stats for visualization and allow you to catch a target from a long distance. If you have enough control, and the enemies have little magic, then instead of a pipe, take a solar, it will give you stats and increase the damage of birds. You can’t drag out the game with such a build, coordinate your team, break all t1 and t2 towers, take roshan and finish. The game should not last more than 30 minutes, otherwise your slots will lose their validity. Build 2: Makeup killer. A late build that is designed for playing against counter picks, or if you have too greedy cores, for example, an anti-mage. Starting purchase: 2 Mantle of intelligence, 1 Circlet, 1 twig, 1 faerie fire. We collect 2 null talisman for ourselves, take a Blight stone, a boot, a medal, make phases, then either Orchid malevolence or Solar crest. If you took a solar first, then buy an orchid, or vice versa. Next, we have a choice between an aganim and a nullfire. If the enemies have heroes that kill birds, then take a nullifier, in combination with a bloodthorn you will have time to kill one or two heroes before the birds die. Such a make-up in the late game can also result in damage from the hand by buying mcb + mjolnir.

Here I will describe some tricks and tricks when playing as a visage. Let’s start with the most interesting: visage can plant familiars in ax ax or wyvern ult, for this you just need to click on the hero’s skill. The second trick is killing Roshan with a bug. This was true until patch 7.20, when tier 1 birds had normal damage. The essence of the abuza was to bring familiars from the back of the rosh pita and aggro roshan so that the bird stood on the rosh pita texture, and roshan rested his head against the wall, then it was necessary to carefully bring the second bird and start hitting the roshan. You can do this even now, for example, if you were kicked out of the lane by 2-3 heroes, or you are playing against a counter-pick, and all other lanes are also lost. While the birds are hitting roshan, don’t forget to throw the first spell on jungle creeps on cd, this will greatly speed up the killing of roshi. You can see more details about this bug here: Also try not to ult more than 2 times until level 12, learn how to save birds, remember that the passive works on them too, good luck you in mastering this hero.

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The guardian of the Narrow Labyrinth, Visage, broke into the battle of the ancients, and in this guide I will tell you what this winged guard is capable of.

Visage, as a nuker, of course, is afraid of all kinds of silences — Drow Ranger, Bloodseeker, Riki, Silencer, Death Prophet, Earth Spirit. Strong nukers like Pudge, Lina, Lion, Outworld Devourer, Tinker will simply smash him against the wall due to Visage’s lack of escapes. Medusa and Gyrocopter, who have an AoE attack, will take your familiars apart in a couple of seconds. And taking into account the latest patch, your familiars will suffer from any magical procast, so against any Underlord, Zeus, Queen of Pain, Disruptor, you should not pick Visage at all.

Visage dota

Summon Familiars is your ultimate and main power. You summon two gargoyles that fight by your side and deal a lot of damage. At first glance, the skill seems to be very lethal, but here, as elsewhere, there are some nuances. After a recent update, all abilities work on Gargoyles (with the exception of Pudge’s Meat Hook). But when within 900 radius of Visage, who is not taking damage, they become invulnerable. Also, your familiars have the Stone Form ability, using which they turn into stone, stun nearby enemy units, become invulnerable and quickly restore their health. Try to control your gargoyles even after death, as enemies get 100 gold for killing them.

Skill build Visage

Download Grave Chill at the first level. This will allow you to both get away from unexpected ganks and help your allies get early kills. Next, max out your nuke as quickly as possible (levels 2, 3, 5 and 7), since together with gargoyles this skill is your main weapon. At level 4, upgrade Gravekeeper’s Cloak to make up for the low health a little, and max it out to level 11 (8, 9, 11). And starting from level 13, finish pumping 1 ability. Ultimate at levels 6, 12 and 18.

Visage guide will show you how to effectively upgrade talents. At level 10, both talents are very good. If you’re playing as a position 4 support, your best bet is cast range. But in the role of a midlaner, 20 additional damage will bring more benefit. What to choose at level 15 is your decision. The 40% extra XP talent will allow you to return to the game after a bad start, and Soul Assumption’s double attack will significantly increase your dps. Level 20 — additional damage from Soul Assumption will give a good up to your already powerful nuke, and additional speed for gargoyles will allow you to quickly take them out of the fights in danger or vice versa, catch up with the enemy to give him a stun. Well, at level 25 it is obvious that it is more profitable to take +1 gargoyle. Together with Aghanim’s Scepter, you will have 4 of them.

How to play Visage

The most optimal role in the current patch for Visage, in my opinion, is the mid-laner. You will get a fast level, you will be able to get the ultimate before the enemy carry in order to start preventing him from farming. For the first 5 minutes of the game, your task is to farm the middle lane, last hit and deny as many creeps as possible, control the runes. If your supports come to gank you, you can get some sweet kills.

After receiving the ultimate, go ganking yourself to quickly push the first enemy towers on the lanes and shift the advantage on the map towards your team. Your abilities allow you to constantly be in any battles without spending a lot of time farming. Be sure to learn how to control your familiars in order to give stuns in time and not drain them, giving the enemy 200 gold.

Throughout the history of Dota 2, Visage has established himself as a support hero, so you can also safely go offline, that is, stack creeps in the jungle and interfere with the enemy in every way on all lanes. And also go to the lane with a carry, last hit your creeps and prevent your opponents from farming.

Visage dota

Guide to Visage in battle

The most important thing is to make sure that your gargoyles have full health before the fight (and keep an eye on your barrier charges, of course). At the very beginning of the fight, throw the first ability on the most dangerous enemy hero (most likely it will be either a late carry or a strong nuker). This will allow your team to kill him faster due to lack of movement speed, and give you extra speed to get to the rest of the enemies. On CD, use your nuke as soon as 5-6 charges build up. Don’t forget that your familiars can disable nearby enemies, so feel free to use their Stone Form.

What to collect for Visage

The final purchase will look something like this:

Visage guide has come to an end. Visage is a powerful support that can kill even a strong carry at the early stage of the game and increase the advantage of his team.

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Visage dota


— even one level of this ability allows you to create just a huge difference between the enemy and Visage. When used, we greatly reduce the movement speed of the enemy and this fact will greatly help with the initial killing of enemies. This ability is good to use with stunning Familiars. Later, the skill does not lose its relevance at all, although it will not work on enemies with immunity to magic. The fact is that the skill allows you to greatly reduce the attack speed of the enemy and thus, for example, you can significantly reduce the combat potential of the enemy carry. Leveling up the skill only increases the duration of the slow and reduces the cooldown, but the slow itself remains the same. In this regard, most often the ability is pumped at the beginning of the game only by one, and for a long time 3 seconds of slowdown will be more than enough. Slow effects can be removed with a cleanse, and the ability can also be completely blocked by an artifact. In conclusion, I would like to note that the bonus to movement speed that Visage receives does not depend on the enemy’s lost speed. That is, 32% of the movement speed bonus is calculated from the speed of our hero.

— first of all, you need to understand what kind of souls they are and where they come from. It’s very simple, when our allies receive more than 110 damage within a radius of 1375, the icon of the typed soul appears above us. In this case, the soul charge lasts only 6 seconds and then disappears. In other words, you cannot, for example, accumulate the maximum number of souls and then wait for the right moment. If you want to deal a large amount of damage, then you need to act quickly and not yawn. At max level and at max stacks, the ability can deal 410 magic damage. The number is really good. In addition, the range of the ability is 900 and the enemy will not be able to dodge the flying projectile. At the initial stage of the game, it is very difficult to accumulate a large number of souls, since usually both teams exchange only rare pokes and rarely go on a decisive attack. But this situation changes dramatically when it comes to team battles. In this case, the souls accumulate instantly and we can immediately deal a large amount of damage. With all this, the cooldown of the ability is only 4 seconds. That is, during a team battle, we will be able to use the ability more than once. Unfortunately, the skill does not deal damage to spell immune enemies and it will be blocked by the artifact. The good news is that increasing the skill level reduces high mana costs, although more often than not, increasing the level of the ability, on the contrary, increases this indicator.

— a very strong passive that greatly increases our hero’s survivability. At max level and with 4 barrier layers, Visage will have a bonus of 24 armor and 82% magic resistance. Of course, it will not be easy for the enemy to break through such an amount of armor and magic resistance. Unfortunately, any damage from an enemy hero, more than 15 units, immediately removes one layer of armor. That is, we have such a good defense bonus only from the first blow, and with each new blow we will already receive more and more damage. In any case, the skill helps a lot at the beginning of the battle, as we can absorb some damage and survive. In addition, the skill is passive and each new layer of armor appears after 3 seconds. The passive shows itself especially well against enemies that have a low attack speed or some powerful skills that the enemy rarely uses. The good news is that armor layers disappear only when receiving damage from enemy heroes. That is, we will have good protection against creeps or neutral monsters. The passive can be completely disabled with the help of an artifact. If any illusions spawn on Visage’s side, they only gain the magic resistance bonus from the passive. Physical protection will remain unchanged.

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Now let’s talk about sad things. The ability has two significant disadvantages. Firstly, familiars need to be able to control and accurately use the Stone Form ability. That is, the player will need good micro-control skills. Secondly, for killing each gargoyle, the enemy will receive 100 gold and 41 experience. This is quite a lot and in no case should you give familiars to the enemy. That is, we seem to have very strong creatures, but which can die very quickly and give an advantage to the enemy. This makes playing as Visage even more responsible. In some cases, you can even use an ult to re-summon all the gargoyles and thereby save the lives of familiars that are about to die.

Initial purchase

If we take Visage as a support, then in this case, first of all, we need to take care of our team. If, for example, the second support is not able to buy a courier or wards, then feel free to take these items and simply add consumables. If one of the allies buys a courier and maybe even wards, then in this case you can have more consumables and think about some inexpensive starting items, for example or . If you plan to play more or less aggressively and try to kill the enemy on the lane, then in this case, in addition to consumables for health regen (at least Tango), take with you or . Visage skills consume a lot of mana and you simply cannot do without an additional source of mana recovery.

Main subjects

— basically in the article we are talking about Visage as a support and in this regard, Tranquils are the most optimal choice of boots. This choice is due to the fact that, in general, the hero has enough protection, but with health regen, everything is not as sweet as we would like. In addition, Visage often plays very aggressively at the beginning, constantly harassing the enemy, and in this case, health losses are inevitable. Tranquils also give a very good movement speed bonus, that is, we can quickly move between lanes and, if necessary, help other allies. In particular, boots will be relevant if you are planning some early ganks. If in the future you plan to buy Meka, then in this case it would be a good choice. That is, in the end, we will be able to combine Meka with these boots and get an incredibly useful artifact. If we all play not as a classic support, but buy some items for damage or, for example, play on the center, then in this case .

Medallion of Courage — a magnificent artifact that allows you to increase the defense of the hero or reduce the defense of the enemy during an attack. Usually the locket is bought as an intermediate item and eventually upgraded to . This artifact can already be used not only to reduce the characteristics of the enemy, but also to increase the survival of allies. In general, the item is very flexible and useful to have in a team, especially against enemies with high physical damage.

— Aghanim is bought in the overwhelming majority of cases, but by itself not the first artifact. That is, we first take some simpler items, and then we begin to slowly collect gold for Aghanim. Let me remind you that Aghanim allows you to summon three gargoyles instead of two. This way we will be able to deal more damage and we will be able to additionally stun enemies for another 1.5 seconds.

— a magic wand is an excellent, and most importantly, inexpensive item that allows you to slightly increase the main characteristics of the hero. By accumulating charges of a magic wand, you can constantly restore health and mana. The artifact will perform very well in team fights and small skirmishes, as in this case the charges will accumulate very quickly.

Situational items

— if the second support is not going to take Meka, but the team obviously needs the item, then you can safely start collecting the artifact. It definitely won’t be bad. The main thing is to decide on this in advance and, for example, instead of Tranquil at the beginning of the game, buy Arcana.

Scythe of Vyse — in Visage’s arsenal of control skills, there is only a slowdown and a very unreliable stun of gagools. In order to have more confident control of the enemy, you can buy this artifact. For example, we can first turn the enemy into a little animal, and then systematically stun with familiars. In terms of control, Scythe of Vyse is one of the best artifacts and only a high price can stop you from buying it often.

Eul’s Scepter of Divinity is a very interesting item that allows you to increase the enemy’s movement speed and provides excellent mana regen. Active use of the item can significantly increase Visage’s survivability. Also, Eul’s Scepter of Divinity can be used when playing against enemies with «silence», as after landing we will remove negative effects from ourselves. You can also cast Eul on an enemy as a more reliable crowd control effect. With a little practice, you can use the gargoyle to stun at the same time as the enemy lands.

Rod of Atos — Athos is also bought as an additional source of control, or rather a powerful slowdown. Of course, this type of control is not as reliable as, for example, Scythe of Vyse, but Athos is cheaper. In addition, we increase the maximum amount of health, which can be very useful in some situations.

— Orchid is rarely used, as it is a very situational item, but it is always worth remembering about it, as it is a great item against various magicians or mobile heroes. It is especially good to use this item if we are not playing as a support and at the same time we are playing a very aggressive game with frequent ganks.

— Of the protective items, the Cuirass is a very interesting choice for Visage. When combined with a passive, you can get a very good defense bonus, and the stolen attack speed will be combined with the additional speed that the item gives. Most often, the item is used when we are trying to deal damage with Visage, and not just support. Of course, this is not the only defensive item that will suit this hero. Of the interesting items, for example, note, and. All these artifacts can be safely used in some situations.

In general, you can use a huge number of items for Visage, but you always need to consider how useful they will be in the current game. For example, you can safely buy Drum of Endurance, Urn of Shadows, and even .

Examples of consecutive purchases of items

The first option is good to use when playing in the safe lane as a standard support. The assembly provides for the smooth development of the game.

Starting purchase

The last item is given as an example. Of course, there may be some items for protection or some other artifact for control.

Final assembly

The second option is best used when you plan to start moving between lanes almost from the very beginning of the game and constantly look for opportunities to gank. A distinctive feature of this assembly is high mobility and good control of the enemy.

Gem of True Sight can be taken as the last slot to actively deward the enemy’s territory and thereby prevent the enemy from seeing the map, increasing the ganking potential.

Option 3

The last option involves buying a Meka, but it also applies when playing in the safe lane as a support.

A medal is taken very early here, but if necessary, you can safely start with boots.

Do not rush to improve the Arcana and Meka for as long as possible, you can do without it.

Visage has almost no AOE damage in his arsenal. Unless familiars can deal damage on landing and stun enemies, but the skill of gargoyles is very unreliable. Thus, it is extremely difficult for Visage to resist illusionists and other heroes that summon creatures. For example, you can point to: , , , , , and so on. In addition, you should avoid encounters with heroes who have powerful control skills. Still, Visage cannot stand under the blows for a long time and no passive in this case will help us. It makes no sense to list heroes with control, there are a lot of them and you just need to remember about them. Among the enemies that can stand in a support position, the most dangerous can be: , , , and .

In addition to the enemies described above, I would like to draw your attention to heroes with high damage, which have a clear advantage and some of them can deal with familiars very well: , , , , , and . And separately, you can specify several heroes who usually stand on a complex line, but also represent dangerous opponents: , , , and .

The most optimal position for Visage is the easy line. It is also possible to play on the complex lane due to the peculiarities of skills and even play on the mid lane, but I would definitely not recommend these positions to a novice player. Visage’s abilities kind of push us to the fact that it’s better to play in the lane with allies. At the beginning of the game, we most likely won’t have enough slowdown from and base damage to kill the enemy, and it’s better to carry out all our attacks together with allies. In addition, it is worth remembering that the mana costs for using Visage’s skills are very high. If you already use, for example, a slowdown in a combo with , then this should lead to the death of the enemy, or at least to the fact that he is forced to stand behind the tower for a long time or fly home for regen. By the way, the ability will be well charged precisely in the case when we are on the line with other allied heroes. If Visage is not the only support in the team and the second support is better suited for playing on the lane, then in this case we boldly go to the taps and try to earn some money on it. Otherwise, we just stand on the lane, constantly trying to harass the opponent and finishing off our creeps so that the lane does not start pushing ahead of time. In general, at the beginning of the game, we stand in the lane like most supports. Be sure to buy wards whenever possible and at least control the runes in the first half of the game. A good overview is important not only for us, but for the whole team. Gargoyles in the future will still not provide us with good map control due to a small view, so it is better to rely on well-placed wards in this matter.

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Serious changes in playstyle start already from level 6, or rather, when we first pump the ult. Look closely to see if your ally can stand on his own in the lane and farm, or if he still needs help. If the ally manages, then we start to monitor other lanes and look for opportunities for ganking. Keep a Town Portal Scroll with you at all times, as it’s a really quick way to quickly move to another lane and help out your allies. If we are standard on the safe lane, then we can try to go to the central lane, but this should not be done explicitly. To get started, just stand next to the line in the forest, make bends, double spawn neutrals, control the rune. If the enemy does not react to your absence, then you can try to attack the enemy. At the same time, be sure to warn your ally about your approach, as we will definitely need help. During a gank, we only need to slow down the enemy and land twice (alternately) with birds to stun. If the ally has normal control skills, then it is better to first make a few attacks with birds while they have good damage, and then turn them to stone, at the same time stunning the enemy. Perhaps the most difficult thing in all this is precisely the management of familiars and the competent use of their skill, which has a delay before use. If you learn this simple trick, then you can literally take the initiative into your own hands and start helping your allies a lot. Visage is good because, in principle, it is not very dependent on mana and ganks can suit you very often. In the first half of the game, we still won’t be able to constantly implement skill damage, as the enemy will try to immediately run away. That is, we will spend mana only on slowing down, and the skill of gargoyles does not spend mana at all. Of course, ganks should be arranged only if there is a real prospect of killing the enemy. If, for example, the opponent is very mobile or plays cautiously, then frequent movements between lanes can cause you to start to fall far behind in experience and gold. If there are no options to gank, it’s best to just stay close to your original lane and look for farming opportunities there. Try to keep your health at the maximum level. Although we have an excellent passive, it will really help just a few hits, and then we will start to die as quickly as other supports. In addition, we have no way to quickly escape (also affects the reduced initial movement speed).

If teams start to get together and arrange some kind of battles, then it’s even good for Visage. After all, now we will definitely be able to deal maximum damage with the help, and gargoyles will be able to stun several enemies at once. During any team fight, don’t rush to get ahead, and especially don’t send the birds forward, as they can die incredibly quickly. If there are any initiators in the team, then let them go ahead and just wait for the right moment to send the birds forward. Most often, familiars will only be required to stun, and we will inflict damage only when the gargoyles rise and begin to finish off half-dead enemies. However, they still need to be controlled. Remember that for killing familiars, the enemy can get a lot of gold and when dying, the enemy will definitely try to kill at least one gargoyle. The slow in team fights is preferably used on the enemy carry, as in this case we can significantly reduce the attack speed of the enemy and thereby reduce his combat potential. And once again, do not repeat the most common mistake and do not climb forward. Visage’s good survivability applies only to the first hits and in the future we can die very quickly. It is best to stand aside and calmly use all your skills. If the battle starts to drag out, then it’s even good for us, because the reload is very fast and we can deal a lot of damage in total.

It may seem that Visage is an easy hero, but this is certainly not the case. The main skills of the hero are really simple and easy to deal with, but managing familiars will require you to have good micro control skills. The slightest mistake will lead to the death of gargoyles and feeding the enemy. In some situations, Visage can really greatly affect the outcome of the battle and even deal a ton of damage, but it will take a lot of time to train and it’s not a fact that you will end up playing this hero. For a novice player, I would not recommend this hero, since choosing a Visage can be risky and instead of helping allies, you will only give the enemy extra gold.

What is Gravekeeper’s Cloak?

This is Visage’s third ability, it’s passive. The description of the ability reads: “The hero creates a layered protective barrier on himself. If the hero takes damage from another player, one layer disappears and respawns after a certain amount of time.» Damage can be anything: from an attack, an ability, or controlled creatures.

Have you noticed four pebbles flying around Visage? These are Gravekeeper’s Cloak layers. As soon as you pump the ability, you immediately get four layers.

Visage dota

When Visage takes damage that exceeds the minimum threshold of 40 after all reductions (after blocking damage or resisting magic — that’s why Pipe and Breastplate fit so well on the hero), then one protective layer falls off. This works with all damage types: physical, magical, and pure.

Layers recover after 6/5/4/3 seconds independently of each other. The cooldown is not affected by cooldown reduction (like Arcane Rune or Octarine Core). Using Refresher also does not restore all layers instantly.

How to counter Gravekeeper’s Cloak?

Drain of any kind, such as hitting with Silver Edge, disables damage reduction from Gravekeeper’s Cloak. For the duration of the debilitating effect, Visage appears to have no ability layers. At the same time, the layers themselves do not disappear anywhere and immediately after the end of the break, they will reduce damage as usual.

Damage over time works great against Visage’s passive. Doom with his Scorching Earth, or Viper with all four of his abilities will remove layers of the ability very quickly. In addition, both Doom with the level 25 talent and Netherotoxin inflict debilitating, which is detailed in the previous paragraph.

Never try to Bury Visage if he has 4 layers of passive. Instead, try to deal damage over time first to knock down layers of Gravekeeper’s Cloak, and only after that use powerful abilities like Laguna Blade, Assassinate or Finger of Death.

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How does Gravekeeper’s Cloak damage reduction work?

Take Timbersaw from Timber Chain Level 1. The ability deals 70 true damage. Also take Visage from Gravekeeper’s Cloak level 1. Level 1 Gravekeeper’s Cloak grants 8% damage reduction per layer and has four layers at once.

Timber hits Visage with his second ability and his 70 true damage is reduced by 32%. Visage takes 48 damage and one layer of Gravekeeper’s Cloak is gone.

Visage dota

Timber then hits Visage (who already has 3 layers of passive) with Timber Chain again. This time, damage will be reduced by 24%, Visage will take 54 damage, and another layer of Gravekeeper’s Cloak will disappear.

The ability also works on Familiars if they are within 900 radius of the hero, but does not affect other creatures under control. When the Gargoyle takes damage, the Gravekeeper’s Cloak layer is not removed from the hero. This means that Gargoyle damage reduction works constantly, as long as the hero himself has layers of the ability.

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