Wispa Dota 2 Guide — Io

Wispa Dota 2 Guide - Io Дота

A completely inconspicuous «pipe» in DotA 2, with its modest bonuses like 9% health regeneration for a very solid (especially for supports!) 3500 gold, is an artifact that, under certain conditions, is able to win the game.

It’s all about the frenzied (30%) bonus to magic damage resistance, which, moreover, is sprayed on everyone around. Basically, this means that even the weakest carry under the tutelage of a support with pipe gets a huge boost in survivability due to the regeneration bonus and the 3x reduction in enemy magic damage.

There is, however, the other side of the coin. For example, Pipe of Insight is corny hard to assemble. Moreover, one of its components — Headdress, does not cause any complaints and usually appears on supports in the first 10 minutes, but there are problems with Hood of Defiance — the need to buy expensive Ring of Health and Cloack affects. And the pipe recipe itself in DotA costs as much as 800 gold — an immodest amount.

Another nuance is that the importance of the pipe keeps decreasing with each new update. Some spells translate into physical damage — and that’s it, the pipe becomes useless. In my opinion, it is Pipe of Insight that is currently the main contender for a serious fix — otherwise we will soon forget that it was once important in Dota 2.

As for the hero pool, it’s up to the supports. In general, Pipe looks great on Witch Doctor, Enigma, and Jakiro, and on any other, in general, support – it’s important to proceed from the earning potential and the set of perks that enemy heroes have.

How to collect an artifact

Wispa Dota 2 Guide - Io

Here, in the wisp guide, we will talk about a character that is usually puzzling for beginners. In this guide, I will clarify what kind of animal it is and we will learn how to play it — Io.

For beginners: this character used to be called Wisp, and then they just changed the name to Io. Wisp sounds a lot nicer to me than Ai-o.

Who counters Io

If Wisp is very good against sluggish heroes, then against mobile heroes and heroes with strong disables he will not be able to do anything — Kunkka, Bane, Nature’s Prophet, Lycan, Naga Siren, Broodmother, Enchantress, Alchemist, Luna, Dark Seer , Pugna, Terrorblade, Enigma, Razor, Drow Ranger, Huskar, Brewmaster, Vengeful Spirit, Jakiro, Tinker, Earth Spirit, Clinkz, Lina. Io is a very thin hero that is easy to kill once you get to him. But in skillful hands, Wisp can run away from any danger and still effectively continue to heal and save his allies.

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Binds Io to an ally, increasing movement speed. And when Io restores mana or health, the tethered hero also restores them with a 50% increase! This is very cool and makes wisp a strong support.

Interesting use: You can save your ass with this ability, as you can pull to an ally from a distance of 700. If you are trapped and an ally is running near you, pull to him.

Io’s main ability, which makes him very mobile. With the help of it, Wisp flies to any point on the map with carry, they kill any character there and return back. You can also, on the contrary, save your ally by flying to him, contacting him, and flying back.

Skill Build Io

The bundle gives everything you need, while remaining pumped by one, so it makes no sense to max it out. We focus on the second and third abilities. This way you will deal maximum damage from the early minutes of the game.

This Wisp guide offers the most basic and most efficient leveling scheme.

Initial purchase: You can buy a couple of twigs

. but the most important thing is to buy wards and kuru

Io’s main task is to constantly strain the opponents in the lane, preventing them from approaching the creeps. Beat them with your hand and use spirits for this

Guide to wisp in battle: Let’s talk about how to properly gank with Wisp. First, bind yourself to an ally and go anywhere on the map after the enemy with your ultimate

Choose Arcane Boots from boots

, which will then move to

Then we take the urn

, will allow you to heal yourself and allies. Next we collect mekanizm

, it is simply necessary for Wisp. Don’t forget to use it in fights and heal allies. Today and Aghanim

on Wisp is not bad, especially with talents for strengthening spirits. Therefore, this subject should not be neglected.

If you are lucky enough to drag out the game and have extra money, then consider the following items:

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Heart of Tarrasque — if it’s really bad, then Tarasque will help you survive. In addition, the frenzied regeneration out of combat will also work on an ally connected to you.

The final purchase will be something like this:

Guide to Wisp has come to an end. Io is a complex character and in order to play him well, you will need to practice. But a competent Io in the team will immediately lead the team to victory.

Death is coming, and its name is Necrophos. Guide to Necrophos, aka Necrolyte, the bearer of the plague, who is ready to infect all life in his path. Can you prove that you can control this deadly weapon?

Wispa Dota 2 Guide - Io

Who counters Necrophos

The strength of Necrophos is in his spells, so you should be afraid of comrades with silence or Orchid Malevolence

(Skywrath Mage, Riki, Night Stalker, Death Prophet, Earth Spirit, Drow Ranger, Puck, Doom, this includes those heroes that Orchid is most often bought on — Clinkz, Storm Spirit, Invoker, Broodmother). Heroes that reveal their potential in the late game — carries (Anti-mage, Wraith King, Phantom Lancer and the like) can also become a serious threat to you. And also a separate category are heroes that deprive enemies of mana — the same Anti-Mage, Riki with Diffusal Blade

Necrophos’ ultimate — Reaper’s Scythe is an ability hated by many players. It shackles an enemy hero, dealing damage based on the amount of health the hero lacks after 1.5 seconds. If a hero dies while under the effect of this ability, the kill goes to Necrophos, and the respawn time of the dead is increased by 10/20/30 seconds. And if the plague bearer deigned to buy Aghanim’s Scepter

, opponents will receive a scythe in the face even more often. And yes, the ultimate can be used on heroes under spell immunity, however, if their bkb under Reaper’s Scythe has not ended, they will not receive damage. All for the glory of the Great Plague!

Skill build Necrophos

Since Necrophos can be built both as a support and as a core hero, the Necrophos guide gives two options for the optimal skill build for him.

Core hero (nuker/carry):

Despite the fact that Necrophos can be both a support and a core, at level 10, the +40 damage talent will be good for both roles. It will help you farm creeps and deal more damage in fights while all abilities are on cooldown. At level 15, both talents are useful, but because of the small movement speed, I take the +30 movement speed talent for the necra. The level 20 talent for +80 attack speed will help you fight more effectively. And at level 25, it’s better to take -1.5 sec. Death Pulse cooldown. An extra heal and damage never hurts.

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How to play Necrophos

Depending on the role played, the tactics of playing for Necrophos are slightly different. A support’s starting purchase must consist of a courier

, 1-2 wards

, Healing Salve

and 1-2 Iron Branch

Wispa Dota 2 Guide - Io

Starting purchase of Necrophos-nuker – Null Talisman

. The task at the beginning of the game is to farm 1-2 main items and start spreading the plague among the enemies. The main income of a nuker is based on killing and destroying enemy towers. But do not forget about the usefulness of the ultimate — if there is an opportunity to finish off some enemy support from your hand, then there is no point in spending the ult on it, because the high mana cost and high cooldown on early lvls can play a cruel joke on you.

Guide to Necrophos in battle

Support — helps, nuker — kills. In a fight, you should always stick to your role, especially the Necrophos support. If a support hero runs to finish off a wounded enemy, forgetting about his team, then this game can be considered lost. Always watch the health of your allies in fights and cast Death Pulse on CD

. In late fights, always catch the most dangerous enemy and cast an ult on him. This will give your team an advantage and allow you to finish the fight in your favor.

What to collect for Necrophos

I will describe in detail each of the items that can be bought on Necrophos.

At the end of the game, the purchase will be something like this:

Guide to Necrophos has come to an end. The universe trembles at the sound of the footsteps of the Plaguebringer, the great Necrophos. Are you worthy of submitting to your will?

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