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Welcome to the Dota 1 Wiki! 😀 This page is for all who still love to play Dota 1 in Warcraft 3 and Reforged.

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Everyone knows that the first Dota was based on Warcraft 3. This strategy was so good that it was able to inspire Icefrog, Guinzo and a dozen other ambitious modders to create a new genre in the world of video games.

Let’s remember what the units from Warcraft looked like and try to understand why they became the prototypes for DotA heroes 16 years ago.


The Alliance hero Muradin Bronzebeard became the model for Zeus. He had nothing in common with the hero from DotA. In the game, the dwarf king behaved like a real Sven — he stunned enemies and tore them apart with the help of superhuman strength.

Wow Dota and Dota 1 Wiki


Blademaster from WC3 was even cooler than Juggernaut: in addition to crits and Blade Fury, he could create illusions and go invisible.

Wow Dota and Dota 1 Wiki


The leader of the Battle Ax clan named Grom Badass is one of the most colorful characters in the Warcraft universe. Ax inherited from him not only a brutal appearance, but also a bad character. The hero really knows how to bully — there is no escape from Taunt even with BKB.

Wow Dota and Dota 1 Wiki


Daelin Proudmoore — Admiral of the Alliance and father of the sorceress Jaina (Crystal Maiden). Sea air benefits even virtual people — for 16 years, the admiral has become much prettier.

Wow Dota and Dota 1 Wiki


Bloodseeker’s model was an ordinary shaman from the Horde. Well, you know, one of those who love blood, fights and female tears — just like the hooligans from your yard. Having become the hero of DotA, he practically did not change. Unless he changed his skin color and refused a fur coat.

Wow Dota and Dota 1 Wiki

Bounty Hunter

If in DotA BH looks like an evil bald cat, then in WC3 he was the hero of a mysterious Draenei tribe named Akama.

Wow Dota and Dota 1 Wiki


Some of the DotA characters are more fortunate than others. Omnic was created on the basis of the main character of WC3 — Prince Arthas. It’s funny that Omninknight in Dota 2 looks more like the paladin Uther, who was the prince’s mentor.

Wow Dota and Dota 1 Wiki

Crystal Maiden

Charming Jaina Proudmoore hasn’t changed much in all this time. Unless she decided on the elements and began to dress according to the weather.

Wow Dota and Dota 1 Wiki

Dragon Knight

A typical example of a suspicious promotion. Was an ordinary captain of the guard — became a Dragon Knight.

Wow Dota and Dota 1 Wiki


Approximately the same story happened with Sven. Previously, Rogue Knight, along with a dozen of his brothers, dutifully waited for death at the hands of Illidan in the Frozen Throne campaign. And now he makes rampages in public.

Wow Dota and Dota 1 Wiki

Night Stalker

But Balanar lost a lot in his individuality. Previously, he was a powerful demon of the Burning Legion, and in the second pillbox, not only his expressive appearance was taken away from the hero, but also his last shirt.

Wow Dota and Dota 1 Wiki


In Warcraft, Clockwerk was not even a full-fledged unit. The very cars that Tinker releases when casting his 3rd ability are actually an army of little Clockworks. Like if you didn’t know about it. Repost if you play Tinker.

Wow Dota and Dota 1 Wiki

Lone Druid

In the Night Elf campaign, the druid could freely transform into a bear and back. It looks like the creators of DotA considered that a lonely man needs a friend and came up with an additional bear for him.

Wow Dota and Dota 1 Wiki

Skywraith Mage

Wow Dota and Dota 1 Wiki


The prototype for the Warlock was the powerful warlock Guldan, because of which the intricate history of the Warcraft universe began. And the golem was generally a separate unit, which was called by the hero of the Undead army.

Wow Dota and Dota 1 Wiki

To distinguish the following characters, you need to try very hard.

Illidan Stormrage on steroids and in demonic form (with big horns and a long blade) — became the prototype for Terrorblade.

Wow Dota and Dota 1 Wiki

Illidan Stormrage, who devoted his life to hunting demons (with twin blades and elven ears) became the basis for the creation of the Anti-Mage.

Wow Dota and Dota 1 Wiki

А Иллидан Ярость Бури, который любит аниме, бить крипов и играет за Team Spirit (с добрыми глазами и человеческими ушами) – выглядит примерно так. Вроде разобрались.

Wow Dota and Dota 1 Wiki

А завершить нашу ностальгическую подборку хотелось бы хорошей песней. На сцене – демон Маннорох, более известный игрокам в доту как Питлорд.

Is Dota 1 playable in Warcraft 3 Reforged?

Many players had concerns that the custom maps would not be playable in a good way in Warcraft 3 Reforged. But Blizzard made a good job and even if there is a big discussion about the custom games, created with the world editor in Warcraft 3 Reforged, the good message is, the maps are playable.

In general, it’s simple: Everything is the same in Warcraft 3 and Reforged, only the graphics look different, that means the units, items, and all game elements are the same. The only difference is the visual style.

This is the theory, but in reality, the new Warcraft 3 Reforged engine is a completely new one and bugs can arise which could cause serious problems. But I am sure Blizzard will eliminate all of the bugs, and Dota 1 is already playable. Just try it out! 😉

Here is a screenshot of an active Dota 1 match in Warcraft 3 Reforged:

Wow Dota and Dota 1 Wiki

Here I zoomed in and played Pandaren Brewmaster:

Wow Dota and Dota 1 Wiki

This is how Roshan looks in Dota 1 Reforged. 😀

Wow Dota and Dota 1 Wiki

Why do so many people still play Dota 1 instead of Dota 2?

Warcraft 3 Dota is a phenomenon in gaming history, with just being a little mod, a little map inside another game, it became popular worldwide.

What is Dota 1?

First of all, let’s clarify what Dota 1 is: Dota stands for Defense of the Ancients and is a Warcraft 3 custom map that has been greated with the WC3 world editor. Dota 1 is a MOBA game – MOBA stands for multiplayer online battle arena.

Wow Dota and Dota 1 Wiki

In Dota, ten players join the game, everyone chooses an unique hero and they play 5 vs 5 until one team takes the lead!

How can I play Dota 1 Today? (2020)

Can you still play Dota 1 today? Yes, you can. If you still love Dota 1 in Warcraft 3, there is nothing that should stop you. 😉 It is quite old but was always stable and the balancing is nice if you choose the correct Dota map version.

Wow Dota and Dota 1 Wiki

Another great thing is, that the graphics are quite outdated on the one hand, but on the other hand now all who want to have a better graphic can buy WC3 Reforged. But even with having the option to play the better graphics of Reforged, I stick to the old graphics because I love it, it’s clean, it’s smooth, everything is accurate and you won’t get lost on your screen. 😀

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