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I know that. However, when I try to swap a party member or myself with a non-fortified enemy, or a corpse, or a neutral/allied NPC, or any combination of these, it doesn’t work either. I actually decided to un-memorize the spell because when I actually wanted to use it — which wasn’t often — the targets weren’t swappable, most of the time for no reason, making the spell completely and utterly useless.

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Yes, exactly. It’s not about fortification.

I’d like to know this too. Sometimes I can’t swap positions even with my own characters, and then the enemy will use it and switch places with the same person I was denied. It’s really strange.

Nether swap target an item or person then target another item or person, they swap. That is what its supposed to do

Yeah I can realise that. Sometimes it’s working, sometimes it’s not. Targets are in visibility range, and not with anti-teleport buffs but still can’t be trageted. It’s bugged more than it’s working for me.

Only thing I can think of getting in the way is fortify or entangled. Maybe petrified, if that even effects it.

Look for the **grounded** effect also.

There’s a few mobs who are deliberately flagged as non-teleportable.

Sometimes when my target or destination target are too close to another thing such as an enemy or another companion it doesnt work. there’s a minimum space requirment i guess

You’re not alone in this. I kinda gave up on it as it wasn’t dependable. Like you said, it’s not even clear why or when you can’t use it

I really can’t see why i cant’t do netehr swap to some mobs, when I can teleport same mobs. It’s clearly a bug for me. Or at least not clear ui for that spell. So i removed it from memory for later patch

I think its because of the relative size of characters and netherswap wanting a specific amount of space to be cast? For instance, Dwarves are wide so you can’t swap them into small-ish spaces. Same with lizard and whatnot. It’s very stupid and makes netherswap nearly useless.

And since enemies always put their backs to a wall (scared of my rogue much?), it means there’s no space for the swap half the time. That’s the conclusion i’ve come to anyway.

Yeah I gave up on that spell pretty quick. Targets are always out of sight despite being in a complete open field.

I realize this thread is over a year old, but since it’s been necro’d, you cannot swap an item with a living being either. So swapping yourself with an oild barrel wouldn’t work, for example.

Didnt work for me since DE, gave up on it since then.

With Teleport, the spell caster needs line of sight to what is being teleported, and to the destination.

With Nether Swap, the two things being exchanged need line of sight to each other, and the caster needs line of sight to them both.

With Nether Swap think of the two who exchange positions as having to have a clear path to fly straight towards their new position.

Whereas Teleport lifts them up into the air and drops them in a new position.

I also realize this is an old thread. I am having a similar issue. I just used nether swap to swap loic the immaculate and a voidling in one fight. the game had a glitch and I had to redo the fight and now it wont let me. The only difference I think is the deathfog. If I target each target it is ok but on the second selection it says cannot swap selected targets.

also you can not swap summons since they are souls

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I heard removing it and adding it back to skill list works.

I think the skill is bugged. For me it works sometimes. Seems like 50/50. Sometimes i’m on a high ledge, want to nether swap some enemy tank there (they don’t have fortify buff) but still i can’t do it. It says can’t see target. I have tried so many times, sometimes on my compaions but same message «can’t see my target» even though i can see them, no obstacles between us nor between the ones i try to swap. I hava noticed that many skills don’t always work. If you antropy an enemy that has opportunity talent and walk past them triggering the opprotunity attack, antropy debuff disappears. Executioner talent doesn’t always work. Sometimes you get 2 ap sometimes you dont. ( I know it procs only once per round)Sometimes i magically get all my actions point back after using them. Sometimes 1 ap skills cost 3 ap. Like the sleep «grenade» skill from scoundrel. Multiple times when i use that skill first it costs 3 ap.

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Thanks I’ll try that next time & see if it works.

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I was trying to swap a Magister & wondered if it was because they can’t be swapped or whether it was just the surface I was on had bugged? It was wooden platform next to a water’s edge. I’ve not had the other issues you’ve mentioned, but I’ll keep an eye out now, thanks.

This. I tried this and it works now where previously it didn’t work in exactly the same circumstances.

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