Kinetic gems are fun little gemstones that can be equipped into certain heroes’ equipment. Equipment That you either buy or you get it after playing a game of dota if you get lucky that is. Every gem works differently on every hero, like some gems only change animation of heroes’ abilities while others change the icons or even  the walking/attacking animations of certain heroes. To use these gems first you have to buy them as they do not come with heroes’ items or your inventory. You can buy them in dota in the game store or trade them with your friends.

Even if you are not good in dota, sometimes appearances can be intimidating.

Here are the Top 15 Best Kinetic Gems for Heroes:

Основная информация. Большинство кинетических самоцветов поставляются по умолчанию для новых косметических предметов, купленных в магазине Dota 2 или распакованных в сокровищницах.

Предметы, полученные через систему торговли предметов, могут не иметь драгоценных камней по умолчанию. Товары, продаваемые на Рынке Сообщества Steam, часто лишены драгоценных камней.

Если драгоценный камень удален, этот элемент теряет все настройки, связанные с драгоценным камнем — самоцветом. Кинетические самоцветы зависят от героя и будут работать только с тем персонажами, для которого они предназначены.


Потусторонние и призматические самоцветы Dota 2

Цветные самоцветами называются призматическими драгоценными камнями. Они немного странные, так как работают только с очень специфическими предметами (несколько курьеров, призматический самоцвет dota 2 террорблейд, возможно, некоторые другие вещи).

Кинетические драгоценные камни изменяют анимацию и / или значок героя. Неважно, в какое косметическое средство вы их положите, это будет иметь тот же эффект.

Например, у Свена есть предмет, который меняет анимацию атаки. У ВК есть тот, который заставляет его совершать атаку спрыжком, когда он кричит.


Кинетические самоцветы дота 2 на Джаггернаута

Набор «Balance of the Bladekeeper» Джаггернаута включает в себя 3 кинетических самоцвета, каждый из которых изменяет анимацию и значок одной из его способностей. Лично я вынул их всех и положил на свои арканы Джаггернаута, и эффекты правильно сочетаются с эффектами арканы.

Я опробовал предмет «Fireborn Odachi» — у него есть кинетический самоцвет дота 2 juggernaut под названием «Fireborn Assault», который изменяет анимацию атаки Джаггернаута, используя две руки, а его криты заставляют его прыгать очень высоко.

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От этого тоже есть пара других эффектов, но я обнаружил, что они не очень хорошо сочетаются с тем, что у меня уже было, и имеют приоритет над другими кинетическими камнями.


Кинетические самоцветы дота 2 для героев

Итак, чтобы ответить на ваши вопросы: Я не знаю точно, что делает ваш драгоценный камень. Мы знаем, что есть на Пуджа 2 кинетических камня. Да, вы можете положить драгоценный камень в другие гнезда такого же персонажа.

В целом, я думаю, что кинетические самоцветы следует использовать чаще вместо эффектов, привязанных к косметическим предметам. Это позволило бы больше настройки вашего героя.


Кинетические самоцветы в Доте керри героев


Кинетические самоцветы дота 2 суппортов



Кинетические самоцветы дота 2 роумеров


Hand of the Prophet.

Nature Prophet’s gem changes his attack animation to a style that looks like you are slapping people from a distance. As he is a ranged hero this seems odd and funny slapping heroes like that, it is one of the oldest gems in the game and certainly of the funniest ones. You can slap along side your treants.

3) WindRanger ( Sylvan Cascade)


Run like the wind.

Windranger is a ranged hero that excels in solo killing enemy heroes and then escaping by using windrun, normal windrun looks just like blurred windranger running from enemies. While this gem gives her windrun a new animation and icon, it makes her look like she is making mirror images of herself while running, it makes you think how fast she is running to make mirror images of herself.

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These are Top 10 dota 2 best Kinetics gems that are Awesome!Let us know about your heroes and which of these you found to be the best in the comments below!

11) Tinker ( Booties of Travel)


Tinker is not only a technical hero but also has only a few pieces of equipment for him; this gem gives Tinker new boots to wear, changing his animation for teleporting. The main thing about Tinker is that you can teleport again and again, by changing the animation to the new cool one you can look at every time you teleport.

4) Slark ( Pounce of the silent Ripper)

These Chains can’t hold me down!

Slark is an agility hero that excels in hit and run tactics with his abilities allowing him to turn invulnerable to pouncing on enemies stopping them at the spot, this gem changes the animation of the pounce allowing you to catch enemies in style while flying high. New pounce animation can be seen as slark spins in the air before latching onto the enemy hero, you can style and run from your enemies as well.

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9) Timbersaw ( Timberthaw Chakram)


Color of global warming.

Timbersaw is a strength hero that excels in cutting trees increasing the global warming, his ultimate allows him to throw a large spinning saw blade that cuts all the trees in the direction, this gem gives this saw blade a new blue animation letting you to cut trees in style. This adds color to timber’s all orange abilities.

6) Sniper ( Muh Keen Gun)


This aint a sniper gun.

Sniper is a ranged hero that excels in killing enemies from afar like a sniper, his usual gun is very plain that looks like it is made of wood, this gem however makes it look like a big revolving machine gun that is heavy as sniper looks like struggling carrying it. This gem not only gives the sniper this new gun but also a new loadout, attack, run and death animation. One of the best gems you can buy for this hero.

2) Lycan ( Red Moon)


House of the Lycan.

Lycan is a strength hero that excels in pushing and chasing enemies around the map, This gem gives him a pair of new claws with changed attack animations, it makes lycan look like that he is back hand slapping people left and right, unfortunately it only applies in his normal form and not in the wolf form.

7) Pudge ( Crow’s Feet)


Got them plushies.

Pudge is a strength hero with the ability to hook enemies and allies alike, his gem is one of the few in game that actually gives him a lot of props on equipments for example A crow can be seen on pudge’s shoulder whenever he is idle or just moving around and the best prop and easter egg in game that is dendi’s plushy attached to pudge’s back, since dendi is considered to be the best pudge player this intimidates the enemies. Also this gem gives Pudge a new hook animation by lifting his foot using all his strength to hook people. It looks fun.

15) Kunka ( Tidebringer of the Divine Anchor)

The Most Powerful Wave.

Kunka’s tidebringer gem, as the name suggests, changes the attack animation of his tidebringer slash. When you equip this gem your sword starts to shine like a true pirate and whenever your tidebringer is charged the attack can be seen going as a wave instead of a sudden splash. You can style on your enemies while drinking rum and doing taunts.

13) Sven (Free to fear)


Sven’s Kinetic gems change his loadout, idle and attack animations. It makes Sven look like he is struggling to control his sword, certainly he should be as his sword is a slab of big stone. You can see him resting on it while idle and struggling to stop it after an attack. It makes Sven more realistic with his incredible power; he should be having trouble controlling it.

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10) Tusk ( Dizzying Punch!)


Who is up for a snowball fight?

Tusk is a strength hero that revolves around throwing snow at his enemies, his ultimate walrus punch allows tusk to throw an intense punch at his enemy sending them into air and damaging them, this gem gives his ultimate an animation make over by giving him a spinning punch attack while adding snow around him, plus the item looks like a boxing glove.

12) Puck ( Dreamcoil of Reminiscence)


One orb to catch them all!

Puck’s Kinetic gem gives her a beautiful pair of wings to show off but also gives her ultimate a new animation. Her ultimate dreamcoil puts a small orb in front of the puck that latches onto enemy heroes; this gem changes the animation of her ultimate. Her ultimate puts a swirly orb in front of her that latches onto enemies stopping them at the spot, this gem makes it look beautiful also making puck look good.

5) Luna ( Liveliness of Lucentyr)

Beauty of the moon.

Luna is an agility hero that rides on a black panther throwing glaives at the enemies, her gem that is basically a whole set gives her a plethora of new animations like spawn, death, attack, lucent beam, eclipse and victory. Making luna not only beautiful but also majestic. Her panther also gets a makeover which looks more intimidating than before. One of the best sets for Luna.

8) Wraith King ( Wraith spin)


Spin to win.

Wraith king is a strength hero that excels in late game with abilities like reincarnation and critical strike this hero’s potential can only be ruined by his looks that are just plain boring, before dota 2’s wraith event this hero used to be called the skeleton king with red eyes and skeleton features that looked amazing. However this gem doesn’t make him look like that but instead changes the attack animation of his critical strikes, normally he attacks from up to down when hitting critical, this gem lets the Wraith king spin and jump while hitting critical attacks, it’s quite funny and makes it look like WK is having fun.

1) Juggernaut ( Fireborn Assault)


Born from the pain of his brethrens.

Juggernaut is an agility hero that excels in farming and killing enemies with the right build. Juggernaut’s normal attack, death and spin animation looks okay but this fireborn gem makes him look so cool, his gem gives him new spawn, run, three attacks, and omnislash animations. This gem is probably the best Kinetic gem in the game that totally changes the hero’s abilities and looks.

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