Necrophos [D2PT]

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  • is a core item on Phantom Lancer. And when combined with his numerous illusions, it allows him to rapidly deplete Necrophos’s mana, rendering Necrophos incapable of doing anything.
  • It can be difficult to single out the true Phantom Lancer among his army, giving Necrophos a hard time with aiming his ultimate.
  • Even if his illusions are defeated, Phantom Lancer can simply create more of them at his disposal with almost no issues.
  • Heroes who possess abilities that can save targets from being killed by Reaper’s Scythe: , , , , , etc.
  • Any disable, silence or mana burn is a good way to nullify Necrophos, as he is slow and has little offensive presence or self defense without his spells.
  • Illusions make it difficult for Necrophos to target his Reaper’s Scythe correctly, thus giving illusion heroes like or an edge against Necrophos.
  • Enemies that possess high defenses through magic resistance, damage reduction, or high regeneration will make it difficult to whittle their health down to get to Reaper’s Scythe’s threshold. Such heroes include (although only from behind), , , and .
  • Silences are a problem to Necrophos as he mainly relies on his abilities to survive: , , , , .
  • prevents Necrophos from getting too much health from his abilities.
  • provides an aura that reduces all heals and regen.
  • renders Ghost Shroud completely ineffective during its duration.
  • lets attackers deal magical damage, and to attack ethereal units, which can Necrophos’s Ghost Shroud, his only defense ability against him and make him weak even against heroes he naturally counters.
  • can be used to greatly reduce the damage from Reaper’s Scythe. Since Necrophos tends to use Reaper’s Scythe when his target is just below at half health, the extra magical resistance is usually enough to survive.
  • Eul’s Scepter of Divinity dispels the Ghost Shroud form and provides extra control while its upgrade can also be used on an ally during the stun of Reaper’s Scythe to save them, also allows allies to move when casted on them.
  • makes it impossible to cast Reaper’s Scythe on a target if there are no other abilities that can waste it.
  • Black King Bar ignores the damage from any of Necrophos’s abilities, especially Reaper’s Scythe.
  • Scythe of Vyse is a stronger counter than the above mentioned items, preventing not only his abilities from being cast, but also his items that could either heal him further, dispel the debuffs, or help him escape.
  • disables Heartstopper Aura, which reduces his presence in fights. But remember that already existing stacks of Hearstopper Aura still provide bonus health and mana regeneration.
  • can deal massive damage to Necrophos massive damage if he tries to use Ghost Shroud to defend himself, and when combined with Necrophos get mostly killed in only few seconds.
  • Huskar is often at low health, making him easy prey for Reaper’s Scythe.
  • Ghost Shroud prevents Huskar from stacking , and if Heartstopper Aura stacks are active, can regenerate health lost to existing stacks.
  • Carries are a prime target for his ultimate, as if timed properly, they will be killed before they can even have a noticeable effect in a teamfight, and be forced to stay out of the game longer due to the extended respawn time. Such heroes must be careful when engaging a team with Necrophos, as if they are too careless or lack proper protection, their reckless plays can be quickly and severely punished.
  • Heroes that commonly purchase Armlet of Mordiggian will be unable to use it effectively under the effects of a maxed out Heartstopper Aura.
  • Heroes that have high health but little to no magic resistance are easy prey for Necrophos, as no matter how high they build their health up, Reaper’s Scythe will kill them outright as long as they fall under a certain threshold, and Heartstopper Aura will deal the same amount of damage regardless, decaying their health the longer they stay within range. As such, Strength heroes like , or are good targets for his ultimate.
  • Heroes that have escape abilities (such as Queen of Pain, or ) can be either nullified by Reaper’s Scythe or a complimentary item for Necrophos (like Rod of Atos or Scythe of Vyse). If Necrophos is quick enough and enters range, they can quickly, if not instantly, die if they are not quick enough.
  • Heroes that have small health pools and little to no escape mechanisms are even easier prey for Necrophos. Ghost Shroud’s slow will allow him to catch him with them, and get nuked down with his abilities, even preventing retaliation due to Reaper’s Scythe’s stun. Such heroes include , , or .
  • Heroes who rely on physical damage are easily negated by Ghost Shroud: , , .
  • Axe’s initiation allows him to both catch and severely damage multiple enemies at once. ‘s pure damage quickly removes a chunk of health from nearby enemies, making Necrophos’ presence more potent.
  • Both of their ultimates are instant kills when fallen below a certain threshold of health. If the enemy team is not careful, they could be very easily wiped from the field without retaliation.
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Necrophos [D2PT]

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